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Will you scare?


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In my first trip to pattaya, I had lot feelings within me. Its first time to pattaya and long time target.


I had planned a 5 days stay in pattaya. I was enjoying the nightlife and party. suddenly on the third day, I started getting boils on my palm and fingers. I am not good at diagnoising anything by myself. So I got scared, I felt like lost everything. I was not able to enjoy rest of my stay in pattaya.


After my return, the first thingwht I have done was to do a complete medical check up. All the results were fine. Its just an alergy to the new environment and food.


What you guys might have thought if you would have got some symptoms on your first trip?



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I can imagine how that would feel, I'm planning my first trip. Glad you're ok! I think though if it appeared on my hands I wouldn't jump to conclusions until I had seen a doctor.

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I got scared regarding symptoms but that was about a fortnight after I got and the only condition I could match the symptoms to were HIV.


I have continually tested negative though so it's a bit of a mystery...


I am being positive and seeing it as a good thing but I have found many cases of people being infected but not testing positive despite what all the main authorities say on the window period


Maybe I got it but am immune and my immune system won



This is a good article that queries the 'conclusive' HIV test theory



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