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Wednesday Night is Party Night at Club Misty's!

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jack daniels esq

Is that JC with the short gray hair in the background?


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Hi Paul,


In early June I made my first trip to Misty's and I must say I enjoyed it the most of any gogos. The girls are beautiful and fun :Think1: . Also you took the time one evening to great me personally. Don't discount this, In pattaya, I find it rare that an owner and/or manager takes the time to greet the clients, so those of you who do warrant a return in my book!


Questions for you 1) I will arrive in Pattaya on Wed Aug 19 around 11:30-12 pm. Will the Wed night specials still be in effect?

2) On the Misty's web site, a VIP airport pickup is listed, is this still an offering? if so what are the details and how do I make a reservation. I replied to the admin on the website and got no response....



thanks chris


see you in 10 days


also when i was in pattaya last time I took all my lunches at the PBG, and i saw you there, do you have an ownership stake there?

I had the opposite experience when I went there once in August 2009. First, I told the mamasan that i would buy her a lady drink and then the next thing I was charged about 470 baht for her 'lady drink'. I was the only customer in there. When i got my final tab, they even tried to charge me at least an extra 200 baht on the total. The owner basically called myself and another member on another forum liars (indirectly that is) on the bad experiences that we had there. He tried to tell me that it would be impossible to overcharge me because it's all in their computer. If it was "all in their computer", then why was my bar tab being written out in hand writing? Each time that I ordered a drink/lady drink for the girls, it came on it's own tab. I was then told that the owner was always there. Wrong, he wasn't there the night that I was there.



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