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Thai teacher, 2 police officers killed in south


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Thai teacher, 2 police officers killed in south


Wednesday, June 17


YALA, Thailand (AFP) - - A Buddhist female teacher has been shot dead and two policemen have been killed by a bomb in Thailand's south as suspected Muslim separatists step up an anti-government insurgency, police have said.



Gunmen opened fire on the 56-year-old elementary school teacher in troubled Yala province as she rode to work on her motorcycle, in the latest attack against the education establishment in the region, they said.


Shortly afterwards, a bomb hidden in a motorcycle exploded outside a police station in neighbouring Pattani province, killing one policeman immediately, while a second died from his injuries later in hospital, police said.


Two other policemen were wounded in the explosion, they said.


The attacks come amid a recent surge in violence in the Muslim-majority region bordering Malaysia, where more than 3,700 people have been killed during a bitter five-year insurgency.


The female victim was the 117th teacher shot dead since the unrest began in the volatile provinces of Yala, Narathiwat and Pattani in January 2004, said Boonsom Thongsriplai, head of a southern teachers' confederation.


Schools and teachers are frequent targets of attacks in the south because militants see the education system as an effort by Bangkok to impose Buddhist Thai culture on the mainly ethnic Malay region.


The insurgents also target other civilians -- Buddhist and Muslim alike -- as well as security forces.


Thailand's government is struggling to curb the recent spike in violence, which included a bloody attack on a mosque in which gunmen shot dead 11 people during evening prayers last week.


Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva admitted he was concerned by the recent worsening of the unrest but said he was confident the right government policy was in place.


"I am worried over the ongoing violence," Abhisit told reporters.


"It will take time to restore peace in the south and I don't know how long... The government is going in the right direction and will not change its policy or resort to violent means," he said.


On Sunday Abhisit raised the possibility of making the south a special administrative zone as a political solution to the unrest but he ruled out granting any form of autonomy.


The southern region was an autonomous Malay Muslim sultanate until Thailand annexed it in 1902, provoking decades of tension.



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LOL...after my last trip to BKK, i wasnt sure if i was in Riyahd or Bangkok...just waiting for the problems to begin (a whole other kind of boom-boom), and thats why i wont ever be going back there. If the same happens in Pattaya (i see it trending that way), it wont take me long to pick my bride and never return there either...i dont see the reason why they bring their berka clad women to fun town, doesnt make any sense...alcohol and sex doesnt seem to be what they should be looking for given their beliefs...but maybe i got it all wrong, who knows.


Before I get flamed, i have nothing against peaceful muslims (or any other peace loving folks), but in life, i play the odds and odds are that eventually this group will try and impose their philosophy of life on everyone around them, and they usually do so in an explosive/violent way.


And, while I find any religious group trying to impose their particular brand of god-worship on others no less objectionable, other groups tend to use non-violent methods from my observations...again, could be wrong, who knows.


Thanks for posting this article, I was unaware of this situation...and i guess in this specific instance, it could be argued that the Thais should not have annexed the area back in 1902...only asking for trouble with any folks that dont want to be annexed...as they have discovered.


Dam, i just wish we could all just learn to let each other live as we each choose, and not impose our beliefs on others...including us Yanks, as has been stated many times, one man's liberation force is another man's invader...one man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist...just sad.


But i think we can all agree that folks who strap bombs to themselves or their cars and blow up innocent folks just trying to make their way through life are scum.


Cheers, Alex

Edited by Alex the Hedonist
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Alex, This has being going on for years in both Southern Thailand and the Southern Philippines.


Yep, i read that, thats why i referenced the annexation in 1902.


cheers, alex

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Yeah, sad situation down there. And the exact reason I am a BKK and Patts fan. I did my first 5 ror 6 trips to Thailand down there, while working on a start up job in Malaysia, on the East coast. Took only 3 hours drive to go from one of the most strict Muslim states in Malaysia to Heaven, across the bridge at Sungai Kolok. Some very great times had down there.


Job got done, I left Malaysia. Next trip into the area, had heard about all the troubles, and decided to land in BKK instead of Malaysia. Never been back down there. A friend of mine lost a good lady friend, owner of a little beer bar down there on one of the first bombs that went off in Kolok around 6 or 7 years ago.


I wish things could settle down, but I have driven along the Thai / Malay border near there, and talked with some of the folks on the Malaysia side. I doubt it will ever end peacefully. The Malays have relatives and families on both sides, and do not like the idea that half their family got annexed. People down there have long memories.


I was also in BKK on New Years Eve the year they had all the little pipe bombs go off. Scary for a few min. Actually saw a little flash and a bit of smoke from one of them. Got me a BF right away, and went to my room to make my own fun for the rest of the night.

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