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Football Players Wages is Too High

jocky king

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I'm a long life MANCHESTER UNITED FC supporter since I was 5 yrs old following my late father footsteps, I used to work with John O Shea's father Jim for thirty years til he retired 3 years ago.. When I read the paper this morning that Ronaldo will earn £55 per minute( even he will get it as he sleeps) in Real Madrid, It make me sad and sick because all the football fans in Europe will have to bear the brunt of the high prices in tickets and SKY an ESPN and the other TV rights to see him and the high profile players in England ,Spain, Italy play... I,ve been a paying member of SKy sports for over 10 years... By the way I look now, It is all money controlled football now.. Last ten years, I have seen only three richest clubs win the premiership title, United, Gunners and Chelsea and Liverpool will always have a chance in the next decades..Years ago, Ipswich, Nottingham Forest Aston Villa and etc had nothing in the bank when they won the League and I thought it was very fair and good for the football sense.. I'm pulling out the membership of SKY sport on monday in protest of crazy players wages... I'm sure there will be a lot of football fans sickened when they saw the paper this morning of Ronaldo getting his £55 a minute wages and so are lots of high profile players.... Years ago there used to a lot of clubs fighting for the title now we only see the same 4 since SKY sport took over the Premiership rights and that will continue to happen for forseeable future such like Real Madrid and Barcelona had for decades...Real Real sad for the football world..

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As long as someones prepared to pay it, its not to high.

Thats capitalism. Unregulated capitalism has helped turn football into the greatest game on the planet and greatly push forward its development.

I do someones wonder if one day it will go to far though. And maybe thats already happened.


It would be nice to see clubs having some kind of wage cap. 90% of revenue or something, and being encouraged to put some money back into developing young local players.


I think maybe one of the reasons Real Madrid has gone this crazy is because of the success of Barca. They are trying to take the spotlight away from them.


One knock and they could be paying £55 a minute to keep the bench warm for 8 months.

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I think maybe one of the reasons Real Madrid has gone this crazy is because of the success of Barca. They are trying to take the spotlight away from them.




Spot on the treble Barca won was unpresidented in Spanish football.

Real had to react - their fans would have being baying for blood had they not done something.

Now with these signings they will have record subscriptions for season tickets and extra generated revenue from TV rights, its not the same as England they individual clubs negotiate their own deals.

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Money has been destroying the competitive element for the last 20 years or so. Of course the top players pay is obscene but I blame the mega rich clubs who want success yesterday. Stars are overpaid in all the top global sports.


Next season in the Champions League it will be a case of roll out the usual suspects.

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I am American, as most of you know and the american sports are just out of control. Atheletes are getting insance amounts of money to play an effin sport. Really? Drive up ticket prices? Really? WTF.


Over $100M /year. Really? Pisses me off! :D



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Are they greedy accepting anything offered to them? --- NO

Do the deserve these type of settlements? --- No


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As long as people keep watching football the wages will keep increasing, footballs a business now unlike many years ago, look at all the foreign investors taking over premiership clubs, they aint doing it because there a life long fan of the team its just business, it really makes no difference to my life how much players get paid now, except feeling fucking jealous of the bastards! we could never even dream of earning that kind of dosh so yeh it pisses people off that they get it for playing a game we wish we could play.

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