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Alan lad

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Well i have made a few changes ,like the girls have to work .


After asking guys what we can do to make things better ,the way service took care of our guests was the biggest problem .So we made a few changes ,like the 3 top girls taking orders get 100 bt or 50 bt or 20 bt .


BUT they did not like the down side which was the last 2 or girls with the least number of orders/check bin did not get tips that night.As such we have lost 3 girls ,the odd part was these were the girls not working and were not likly to get tips.


Anyway its funny how some girls will leave rather than work harder to keep there jobs ,even in times when there not work around to go too .


SO WE ARE NOW LOOKING FOR A FEW GIRLS TO WORK SERVICE ,ANYONE HOWING OF A GIRL WHO MIGHT FIT IN WITH OUR TEAM please text me on 0840049436 .The girl needs to be youngish good looking and speak some english



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Applying Jack Welch management principles to a go-go, eh.

Good on you, hope it works for you.


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i know of 3,

what is monthly wage and average tips

<strong class='bbc'></strong><br /><br />I don't want you to swallow it all,just some of it<br /><br />I'll spray the rest on your face and tits

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well...hope it doesnt backfire....cuz if they are constantly buggin customers for drinks, it may be a huge minus...at least in my book.


but, that said...i could put on a skirt and sling a few drinks, but im afraid i might drive away customers since i dont shave my legs! I do have nice man-boobs though!


Cheers, Alex

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Have been going to Patts now quite a bit over the last 5 years or so and can not remember even walking into this bar altho I am sure at one stage, probably inebriated, one of my mates living there would have taken me.

Your bar seems to have good recognition on this site and you seem to be trying hard to make it a good experience. Think next trip, hopefully end of this month, I will stick my head in and stay for a few and see if I can feel the charm.

BTW, would be happy to screen the applicants for the job..free of charge of course.

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What happened to the service girl 'fern' She was a dancer for a couple of years with you and then last year December saw her and she was working service (according to her because she was responsible and it was like a promotion :) ). But, I haven't seen her since December.


She was quite a looker in her day.

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hi guys


Hi el mate Fern is a great girl and as far as i know she is with a guy ,doing there best of making a go of it .


Green mate wages -5000 to 5500 plus tips are around 100 (normal trading its about 220 tip ) but bars are all down a bit .Then the girls are also paid 50 bt per drink this adds up as most girls get 3-6 drinks per night .


Will this make the girls hassle guys more NO its is worked on the service they give not the amount of drinks they get .


W mate look forward to seeing you some time


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