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Question on Pattaya Bay Resort


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I have just recently noticed that PBR is right behind the Avenue Mall. It is only a short walk to the mall. Hence, it is not necessary to take a long route to access the main roads like it was before. Along with the free WI Fi in room, monthly discounts and everything else, this would seem to make the PBR ideal. However, I am wondering whether the access to Second Road is as easy when the mall is closed during the night. Can you still go through the mall to get to the PBR? If not, then you have to go a very long way around, which makes staying there not very attractive from my perspective. Some of the mongers who have stayed there should be able to answer this question about night ly access from Second Road..

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The access is always open through the Avenue. They have no mechanism to close it. Usually you will see a security guard around but they don't stop people gong through and only mention it as a safety issue.


Also PBR has a free taxi service. They will take you to Second Road from where you can walk to Walking Street. The will also take you to the junction with Soi Bahkao. If you talk to them nicely they will take you around to Soi Diana Inn.

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Thanks for this important information. One major drawback I have heard about the PBR is construction noise. I noticed all the projects when I was there yesterday. I will check back with the Addicts board on this issue when I start to make my travel plans next March.

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Construction noise has not been an issue on my 5 stays there over the last 18 months, HOWEVER as i was leaving in April they were clearing the waste ground in front of the hotel, looks like may be building there soon if they have not started by now, which WOULD IMHO affect PBR.


I have also now found that the hotel is much more busy and internally noisy than it has been, and also even though i had paid for a late checkout in a deluxe room, was told 4 hrs before leaving i had check out NOW, this was changed to a move to a standard room after i went down to reception and discussed it with them, ( remember i had already booked and PAID for a late checkout in a deluxe room) now if i had been told this when i checked in 3 weeks before or even a day or 2 before would not have been a big problem, but 4 Hrs before just got me a bit wound up. so for these reasons i will not be staying there in August when i am next in town.

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You can get through the mall on foot 24 hrs a day and through the car park on a bike or in a car free 24 hrs as well. Construction noise is not too bad as traffic noise so should not be a problem unless you are a very light sleeper.

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I have just booked the PBR for 3 nights end July BUT just read on their website it is for single or double occupancy AND IF a 3rd person joins the room ( VERY VERY likely) then they will charge 500p additional ........as i will NOT need a rollaway bed or use the sofabed (or whatever) WHY this CRAP ??


My question from those who have been couples bringing someone back OR guys bringing two or more back there DO they enforce this? What suggestions to avoid ?


If they DO enforce i will likely cancel

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PBR just replied if a couple check in and THEN want to bring back another guest they will be charged 500p for "amenities, and breakfast" even though I had told them i don;t want it ..


so othis place MAY go on the UNFRIENDLY (for mutliples) LIST



I have told them to reconsider or cancel my booking .... walk the talk

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i bring 2 girls one night in my first trip in february and they dont charge me. but i was very friendly with all the reception girls and they like me! :10of10Score:

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The problem that I faced was getting back to PBR late night, coming from Walking Street.

It was a hassle , coming from South Pattaya, it made me feel as though the hotel is somewhat off the beaten path.

Then there is the noise that is created dfrom all teh construction around PBR.

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Im staying there now and havent been disturbed by any construction noice the last 8 days(have room facing 2nd road/Avenu Mall) Their TukTuk and SongTaew service guys are great, i slip them 20-40 baht and they drive me almost whereever i want unless too far and same with pick up + they have the free transfer and pickup at 2nd road & Soi Buakhaow.

Im a big fat bastard and the walk from here to LK Metro aint long (shortcut to Soi Diana) and walk thru Mall to 2nd road in short and easy, to go home from WS area - just grab a SongTaew at start 2nd road and jump of at the mall. Location was my biggest fear with this place but i love it now and will surely stay here coming visits as long they have free rooms.


*Edit* Dont worry about the extra joiner fee - ive taken 3 girls to the room 1 time without extra payment needed and 2 girls at 2 diffrent times without problems.

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I just got back from a week trip and stayed at PBR. The staff is awesome and the hotel is nice and clean. Getting to and from 2nd road as most have mentioned was very easy. Plus in the mall there is a Starbucks, McDonalds, Movie Theater, New York Deli and a few other stores. The hotel also offers complimentary breakfast. I only made it there twice due to late nights on the streets. I would definitely stay tere again simply because the staff is so freindly and its easy to walk out to 2nd road to get a baht bus...ENJOY!

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