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Violence Against Foreigners up 50% in Thailand


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An Irish friend of mine and I were in a Beer Bar in Samut Sakhon (where I currently reside) relaxing on Friday May 22nd, 2009. Around 1am two young Thais come up to us and whisper, "You must leave with us now." We look at each other like they're crazy. They whisper more urgently, "It is not safe, please leave with us now."


So we leave and walk to the end of the road with them where the street lights actually work. We ask them whatsup, and one of them who speak very good English says, "My father is tough guy, he owns lumber factory. I go anywhere, but you foreign must be careful." We look at each other and are like, "Ok, well we're going back." He says, "Wait, the owner was talking to about what to do with your bodies...it not safe. My father tough guy, you foreign, not safe for you."


I ask him to explain a few more times and he clarified that in FACT the Thai BAR OWNER was talking to his Bar Staff in Thai about the money that we had on us (11,000 Baht) and they were discussing options of where to hide our bodies once they had killed and robbed us.


Called the US Embassy and they confirmed that REPORTED Violence against Foreigners is up 50%.


That is REPORTED Violence, which means that if two Western Men disappeared, it would not be reported as Violence, it would be reported as a Mising Person/Disappearance.

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thats near the mouth of the chao phrayer?


thats a dangerous area for anyone not just us

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If you reside there.best move your ass pal!

11000bt!!! Thats so fucked up. Give some bad ass Thai 5000bt and have his bar burned to the ground and let it be know why-Evil for evil in that situation for sure :P

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I live just down the way from Samut Sakhon, over by DK. I've never had any problems over here with the locals. I'll get the occasional group of kids in the alley's saying yet mang and such, but after a quick alai na, and look back, they are on their way. Mind you everyone in the neighborhoods here know me and my inlaws, so don't know how much of a difference that makes.


I don't doubt what your saying, but if your a local here, people tend to start knowing who you are, and look at you the same as the Thais to a degree. I've had some friends recently visit as well, even going to the Thai only karaoke bars here, we have never had any problems. It does come down I think more to the tourist vs. expat thing I think. If your not flashing money around, its no big deal. I know sometimes people aren't even trying to flash money, but it just gets shown in the process. Next time out, try taking small money in one pocket and big in the other. If your going to carry it all together, put the small bills on the outside.


I personally would be much more concerned with the BIB trying to hit me up for some extra baht, which has been on the rise, then physical violence over here.

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That must've been a night spoiler.


I'm pretty eager/excited to see if it's that bad, when I come back.


Most scary thing is being in the middle of nowhere, when shit like this happens.


What did you guys do afterwards?


Go home? OR back drinking

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I share the experiences of Mr. DT.


After settling down at a place, people tend to start knowing you and look at you the same as the Thais to a degree.

Some of them take care of my house, water the garden and look after my pets while I’m away.

In more than 12 yrs. not a piece and not one baht was gone missing while they took care of my house.


Maybe the two guys were more interested in your 11 K than the bar owner? How did they know about the money?


If I’m going out, I usually carry max 2 K plus my ATM card. This not in fear to be robbed, but I might drop it somewhere when I'm drunk.


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I am in Samutsakhon every year for between 3 weeks and 2 months. I usually go for a walk during the day for exercise. I was told not to walk down one of my usual streets this year as there are now alot of robberies on that street, even in daylight. I was also told that the bad economy has led to a lot more crime, particularly robberies. Since that area is out of the tourist area, I think it is wise to be very careful and to keep an eye on who is around you. You can never be too careful.

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There is a street beside Mahachi hospital where there are P4P girls, but I was also warned that there are not many falang there and it is a dangerous street. The usual, if they are going to rob you, you will be pretty well outnumbered.

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I third the question, how did they know you had 11K baht

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The closest I've come to getting roughed up in Thailand was walking down a random Soi alone in Suphan Buri, a couple Thai's didn't take kindly to a Farang strolling through what was a 99% Thai area. They started yelling come here Farang! I just took off running, they laughed but I wasn't going to risk it. Otherwise I just stay with the crowds and don't stay out after midnight generally which I realize is when a lot of people are just getting started.

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As a good Thai friend said recently in Pattaya, " Not so much tourist now so Thai people must steal."


Happens everywhere. Shit economy=rise in crime rate. Trouble is here, we have no protection from the police. If anything it's the opposite.


Stay one step in front, always looking over your shoulder.

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but so is honey.

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