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Topping up a DTAC prepaid account online

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I use DTAC because my card's validity is extended one full year at every topup. I keep my phone used in Thailand on roaming while back home to know who is trying to reach me. I never use it to make calls because of the high roaming charges but prefer to call back from a home number or send an SMS. Still sometimes you are tempted to answer a call and that costs money.


Topping up a card while in roaming status can be a problem. Some people are smart enough to buy a topup card before they leave Thailand, or they buy one from a sleazeball internet reseller at inflated prices.


DTAC mentions the possibility of topping up by internet banking from an account at Kasikorn Bank, but their instructions are wrong. So I emailed Kasikorn customer support which was quick in responding, but they apparently were not accustomed to all the questions. So after every failure we communicated again and learned in the process


So the procedure is as follows


Log on to your K-Cyberbanking account at http://www.kasikornbank.com/portal/site/KBank/?


From the menu on the left select Bill Payment twice


Click on the green icon at bottom center "new billing template". You can later save this template for future



Now you need to fill out the template form correctly (see below) or you will get error messages back


For Billing Name you can use as it seems an arbitrary name for future reference

Under Category you have to select the line containing "Bill prepaid topup"

On the line "Company" you need to select "Happy (prepaid)". The default "DTAC" will not work

The Account line is easy, as you probably have only one account number to select

Phone number, obviously, is the string starting with 08

Amount: I tried 600 baht and got the shaft "wrong amount" by email after the payment seemed to go through. Then I changed to 300 baht and it worked. Maybe you can only use the values for which you can also buy topup cards


If you have done everything right you get a positive message online followed by an email from Kasikorn




Maybe this will help some board members to keep in touch with their sweethearts



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I use DTAC, thanks for the info

I lost the Great Shopper "Joe"

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Kbank is the best Thai online banking, and maybe even the best farang friendly bank. That is a pretty good option if you have online banking.


If no inet banking, there's always the top up via Paypal option at thaiprepaidcard.com.

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This is the easiest and quickest route. I use all the time with no problem...


Thai Top-up


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