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Established in 1991, Tahitian Queen 2 (TQ2) is located on Soi BJ (opposite Polo Club), just 10m off Walking Street.


We are an old style GoGo Bar that plays Rock and Roll music at a level that doesn’t assail your hearing and allows you to talk comfortably to your friends.


In an entertainment area that predominately features extremely loud techno music, our guests view TQ2 as an oasis away from the din.


TQ2 is a place where you can sit back, relax and talk to your buddies (or your telac) without losing your voice, and where you can listen to some great Rock and Roll music whilst drinking some of the coldest beers and full measured spirits in town.


This is also a bar where you can expect NOT to be hassled for lady drinks.


Some people have said they feel a bit intimidated when they walk into TQ2 because it has the feeling of a hangout bar where everyone knows everyone else. Don’t worry we pride ourselves in making our guests feel welcome. Remember all our regulars were once new to the bar.


Some people say they feel the girls ignore them, but the bar’s “no hassle” policy ensures that you’ll be left alone unless you CHOOSE to call over a girl. If you see one you like, just smile (or talk to one of our friendly waitresses) and indicate that you'd like her to join you.


Also don't be put off if when you and your friends come in during the early hours and the bar appears empty of other customers. We’re primarily a late-night venue, but you'd be quite surprised how much fun you can have with the girls when no one else is in the bar.


Whether it's Classic Rock or Heavy Metal we have some of the best Rock n Roll music in town. If you have a favourite request feel free to ask our DJ to play it for you. If he has it, he will, and the chances are good that on your next visit he'll play it again for you without asking.


We open nightly at 8pm. So if you find yourself in Walking Street come on down to TQ2 and I and all the staff at TQ2 will do our best to make you feel at home.




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Must admit that whenever I have been into TQ2 I have always had a great time. One of the best places for a party also



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nice place, love the music...just havent been impressed with the lineup most days (maybe im in too early...and i tend to like the younger, farm fresh girls)...any chance you could post some candids of the current girls...G rated of course...might raise interest a bit...i know that seems to work for other venues posting here.


Cheers, Alex

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music at a level that doesn’t assail your hearing and allows you to talk comfortably to your friends.



That alone is a great reason to check it out my next trip this year.


Perfecting my ability to "let that which does not matter truly slide"

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i Fing love TQ2 this place might not have the stunners as some other places but the enviroment inside is just balls to the wall partying! Me and my M8's go there every night when we are in from work. We always finish the night up in TQ2 i just love the rock they play the have it all from Heavy Metal to slow rock i love it!

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I stopped in the night after last and was hoping to kick back have some drinks and listen to some good rock. I wasn't enjoying the Pop music that was being played as I was expecting some better tunes. Had my drink and left. You might want to let the DJ no you are marketing the GOGO as a place that plays rock. If you would like I could hook up my I-pod and show him what real rock-n-roll music is like 55555++

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Always found this go go to be OK - definately more intimate than other Walking Street establishments.


I've seen a few lookers in here but never that many - however the girls I have taken from here are not the usual 2000 baht short time merchants and are more realistic in their pricing and their services.




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Been a few times and the place really is an oasis of joy. Great music, great service, prices are ok, not too many stunners, but the atmosphere and the music are making it a really great experience. Will hit it again soon for sure

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i tried to bone a lady in the bogs, but she wouldnt let me! the dj was egging her on. This is totally irrelevant, however TQ2 is one of the places where it can get mental quickly without being told off by managers/owners.


RIghtsaid is a good host

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Been in this venue a few times and although I am into R&B and a more soulful vibe this place rocks in all the right places. The girls are not the best looking, but if you wanna fun night with girls that have a great atittude then this is definitely the place. Was in there when they had a party also and if I were to host one I would certainly consider this place for sure

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Ahhh TQ2.


The night there with BigJimSlay will go down as one of the craziest nights.



Ring The Bell x2

Hit the Gong x4

Drop the Dynamyte x2

Pull the Horn x13 (Yes, 13, not a typo.)

Bin: 24,000 Baht


BigJimSlay: (I think I have this right)

Ring the Bell x6!!!!

Horn Pull x7

Gong x1

Dynamyte x1

Bin: 42,000 Baht.


Things got outta hand quickly :)







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