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Who has it harder when relocating?


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Who do you think finds it harder to adjust to moving away from their home?


The farm girls who love their families so much they do what they do just to provide for them?


Or us westerners who move to get away from what family we have?


I was thinking about this last night and trying to see who has a harder deal.


When moving to a new country, the Thai girl has in some ways made a great choice, she is moving to, in most cases a first world country where you can even put toilet paper down the toilet! They will be taken care of well, they will be loved, but they will be leaving behind everything they have ever known. All their friends, family, their cuisine and climate, so many factors you have to consider before removing a girl from her home country.


Now, the westerner who decided to move to Thailand, moving to country where only small percentages speak decent English is always going to be tough. Mix that up with the heat, the food and the unsanitary conditions and we are taking a huge step back from a life we have led so comfortably.


There are many more factors for either side, but in all honesty, I personally think we have a harder time trying to settle in Thailand.

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I put toilet paper down the toilet all the time, but I use a minimal amount since I usually spray my a-hole rather thoroughly with the sprayer first


I think it depends on the person, cause essentially the move is so similar


if the TG moved out of necessity to support her family, I think it would be tougher on her


but if she really likes the person who is takin' her, maybe love , then it's different


there are also the Thais who move to go to University or even move in with relatives abroad


I talked to some Thais who lived abroad in Uni and I think the move was easy for them

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I think it depends on the person, cause essentially the move is so similar


Totally agree. If you move because you want it you can adapt everywhere I think. Most

of us move because we love the food, the climate, and ofcourse the girls so that makes

it much easier.

If, in the case of a BG, she moves because she needs it, it will be much harder for sure.

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yeah, it's like joining the military and prison


you live pretty much like a prisoner in the military, but you volunteered and some might love it


don't know many who love prison, cause they were forced to go, but it still has similar facets to the military




just watched the Last Castle with Redford yesterday, in between s******', LOL

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Got to be much tougher for a Thai girl We can basically have everything we want that we’re used to back home.

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I think the hard part of a major move for a Thai girl might be a lack of human interaction. Unless, of course, she's able to make friends with other Thais. Imagine a Thai girl in a suburb of just about any US city. Sure, she may have the creature comforts, but I think she just might feel out of place and lonely, at least for a while.



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.......and she starts s******g your mates for extra money to gamble with. 5555!


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I think that we have a harder time...My wife and I have been back in the states for 3 months now....my wife loves it here.....dont know for how long though...I want to go back to Thailand....and plan to do so....my wife would prefer to stay here. She has met a number of Thai women working at rest/Thai stores....etc she told me that "Thai people in America not friendly" so I think she will eventually miss her homeland...I know I do!

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until she finds another TG to gamble with, LOL

You are so right. :wacko: If you have to marry it's best if you both stay in Thailand.

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Anyone else have any thoughts on this subject?

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I would love to marry a thai girl, however there is no chance with my current job that I would not be able to live in thailand. So I think i have to do some research around the area for thais or plan on trying to get some of there familiy members over. I am sure they would love to come and I do not think it is two hard for them to get visas

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I cant comment on the move to and from LOS but as an expat I have my own vision of what happens when anyone decides to be an expat. In my experience there are three types of situations that occur


1. Move to new country---lots of visions of the new place, hopes and dreams, and after about 3 months you fucking hate the place and run screaming back home.


2. Move to new country---ditto above. But seem to suffer through it all in the realization that this is not the place for you. Eventually return to home country and almost never return to the new county again.


3. Move to a new country---ditto above. But this time something clicks. You just find that the new place suits you. Sure it is a major change from home---language a big factor--but you dont suffer through it, you actually enjoy it. And over time it becomes your home. In a way that your place of birth never was or could be.


My personal experience--your mileage may differ


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I think its harder for them simply because of money, we have a big advantage in thailand, we can afford to carry on living like a farang and try and surround ourself with a farang way of living. We can afford to get all our laundry done, house cleaned etc etc


they have to scrape the barrel in england, and do everything themselves, plus no one knows thai in england, at least here people will know a little bit

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My feelings tell me that it`s very hard on the girls to come over here. We know what to expect when we are moving over there. We have been on holiday there and we know what are gonna find there. Offcourse is holiday different from actually living there, but the girls don`t know how life here will be like. Sure you can let them come over here for holiday and they can make more money here than they can in Thailand, but in the long time things will be harder for them then for us. They will miss their families more then we do, because we all know how important the family is for Asians. I see it here with a friend of mine, who married a Thai woman. Her son did come over after a year, which was already a big improvement for her. Lately they where on holiday in LOS and she met her family. After they came back and I asked her if she didn`t rather want to stay in Thailand she said yes. This is only one example, but I`m sure that there are more girls like her. Even when they choose for love and money for their family, it still would be easier for us to relocate. Our problems might be, that we have to reach a certain age, before we can relocate. We have our work here which brings the money. If it was up to me I rather would like to find a good job in Asia to start a life with my girl over there in stead of living and working here. This is another problem and another chapter I know, but look at members like Bryan, who managed to get work and a good life with his gf in Thailand. :Hug1::Whistle:

I appreciate what he managed to achieve, not only for this board, but also the steps that he had to take to reach this far. I wish you all the best in the Land Of Smiles mate!!



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If we go there financially dependant then its got to be easier for us. If we have to live on 30k a month then maybe a different matter. The Thai girl that moves is totally dependant on us for everything really, wheras in Thailand we still have our independance.

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