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Need Advice on EVA Air from LAX to BKK


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I am going from LAX to BKK on EVA. I have to change flights in Taiwan. However, the layover is only 45 minutes. Is this enough time to transfer the luggage from one plane to another? Perhaps someone who has made this flight will know. I am afraid that my luggage will not arrive in BKK when I do.

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While the potential for problems with baggage is always there, I have flown that route on Eva, no problem.



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LAX to BKK via Taiwan


My layover was longer so I cant answer that question but I can share a story about the check in for EVA at LAX.. I wanted to carry on ....but said they had to weigh the bag..... they weighed my bag and told me I had to check it. when I was sitting in the terminal I noticed people getting on the same flight with tons of carryon i was a bit peeved on the way back I told them I was not checking any luggage so I just carried on less time in the LAX terminal....but waiting for my luggage in bkk delayed my mongering by about an hour


you could always bring less and try carry on not sure how much you are bringing


45 minutes may be enough depending on the time of day


have a great trip

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Anything can happen. But if EVA let you book with this short of a connection time then you are probably OK. I cam imagine there are dozens of people doing this same connection every day. Usually for international flights they will wait to take off until all the baggage is loaded(unlike US domestic carriers) who don't care.

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If I am not mistaken, if you ask them to check your bags all the way to BKK, it should not be a problem. A friend of mine just came over to Patts and visit last month. He flew that route with EVA. He had checked luggage and all showed up in BKK. I am not sure if he had to recheck his baggage. I think it was checked all the way through.

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If its part of one trip and you luggage and you is booked to go all the way then it should be fine.


I think they changed the rules recently so that there had to be a minimum 30 mins for any connecting flights.

I guess to allow for luggage transfers and lateness.

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Your luggage should be fine. I fly Eva on that route to Hong Kong about every 90 days. Your luggage will be checked through to BK. I have never had a problem. Taipei is pretty nice airport to transfer through.

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Do you book this flight as a single flight through EVA air? If EVA booked it for you as a combined flight with a 45 minute layover, then odds are your luggage will get to the final destination (barring the standard odds of lost luggage).


I have flown LAX-BKK through EVA several times, I've always had a 2-3 hour layover in TPE, so consider yourself lucky for having a short layover. EVA has never lost my luggage before, and always provided me with a pretty good flight. Good luck, safe trip.

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