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Your best Baht Bus story, scam, adventure, annoyance?


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So we hop a Baht Bus from Jomtien to WS with the usual afternoon traffic and crazy moterbikes zipping around everywhere. I happen to glance down through the back window and notice the driver is not only “steering” with his knees, he has his head down and is intently concentrating on some mesmerizing task that requires not only both hands, but apparently his full, undivided attention that couldn’t be bothered with such distractions as actually looking out the windshield.


What is this urgent, fascinating task you ask? Apparently he decided that driving through heavy traffic was the ideal time to roll a cigarette.


Oops, we hit bump in the road and he’s spilled his tobacco.


He now has his head down BELOW the steering wheel while he meticulously picks up every precious shred of brown heaven.


Eventually satisfied that he has retrieved all his precious puff from the seat (but not before also carefully inspecting his shirt for any strays), he resumes rolling his cigarette. At least at this point he now has his wrists in periodic contact with the steering wheel while he completes the process and lights up with a true sigh of satisfaction.


Finally a brief glance forward to confirm he hasn’t hit anything too large yet. Life is good…


Meanwhile I’m frantically looking for a parachute :001_Sawasdee:



Perfecting my ability to "let that which does not matter truly slide"

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lmao and u got photos aswell n1!

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My one was trying to get a private hire back to the Sabi Resort hotel with my girl. A few baht buses there with the drivers just sitting around talking. (just up from the JP Bar on the main road) . Had done this trip a few times before for 100 baht. My girl does the haggling and gets into a right shouting match with one of the drivers who's sitting on the back of his bus. Apparently he wants 150 baht. So he gets off his bus and my girl and him are standing toe to toe having a right go at each other in Thai. Then he does a right hook to her chin. My can this girl take a punch. I dive in as she's about to rip his heart out and he's ready for some more. Learned later on he said she sells her pussy for money and she came back with something about his mothers pussy. To cut the rest of the story short went to tourist police who weren't much help and also reported the incident to a baht bus type supervisor (she had taken his number) . Deceides she needs to go to hospital. At the hospital the baht bus driver and some of his family turn up. My girl and the family chatting away in thai and one of the family gets the biggest wad of money out i've ever seen and gives her 1000 baht. They leave we then pay for the medical treatment 1300 baht !!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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look at this one, 10 stitches in the head




Great link to the news story. One can't help but notice that there was no mention of the BiB detaining any of the baht bus drivers that ganged up on the farang.


Perfecting my ability to "let that which does not matter truly slide"

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