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Living in Vietnam

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Hello all!


Gooooood Morning VIETNAM!


Hanoi is hardship duty! I am finally home after living in Vietnam for nearly a year. Primarily in Hanoi this trip. I intend to post most recent to the dim past.


I am a 55 year old white guy and have enjoyed life in Asia. From a basis of having been married to a Hong Kong Chinese (Cantonese) for 22 years, 10 months, 21 days, 4hours. I know a little bit about asia and asian women. God help us all!


Most recently, I have lived in the Tay Ho section of Hanoi. A private estate, 6 bedrooms, 5 baths and a pool.


The great part was that the tennis courts were only two blocks away. But Hanoi weather sucks, hot and humid and hot and rainy. I played tennis every morning from 5 to 7 AM, then swam in the pool to try to get my core temperature down. Breakfast was prepared by the maids, ($100 per month each) which included a Heineken.


Then to work. The problem was that the others of the company that lived at the house had a different agenda than work! They were primarily Viet Kiew. This means those that left VN, fled to the US and returned to do business after 1997.


These have families at home in the US, including children. They also have families here in Hanoi, with children. Interesting.


Even when they have families here, they have girlfriends as well. So the estate featured hot and cold running women. One Cambodian on the team had 4 girlfriends in one day. He was unable to participate in company meetings. The senior executive on the team, who has a family in the US, and a family in Saigon, had two GF here as well. Except, these were not KTV girls, they were models! Who participated in company meetings. One day he showed up with the pair. Both wore transparent tops with no bras, and short shorts...


obviously the company no longer exists. in any case, the team was upset that, as the only single guy in the team, I did not participate in the activities. I am more private and interested in mutual fun and pleasure than in the heat of the moment. (I got that out of my system a long time ago.)


So, for those that have read this far, now the juicy parts.


In hanoi, there are not that many fun places to pick up women. The easiest are the KTV clubs that are usually part of hotels. In Vietnam, the women cannot come to your hotel room. They would have to pay the front desk at the hotel where you stay and leave their residency permit. most girls will not do that. the benefit of having an estate is that the girls can come with you and stay overnight without any hassle.


so, at the typical KTV, the Mamasan will parade 15 girls at a time to your private room for your review. When you pick one, she will pour your drinks, bring you fruit and prompt you to sing VN songs... Which of course, you have no clue how to do.


The clubs close at midnight by government order. In some cases, you pay a fee to the hotel, they provide a room, illegally, and your date and you can go to the room for a couple of hours. The girls are uptight and demand use of a condom.


You take a shower with her, she will wash you and herself. Then to bed. Typically, she will give you a lousy blow job. I find that this is the time to take control. I like to give them a sensual massage, getting them in the mood. VN women tend to get very wet pussies when you treat them correctly. This is because VN men have no sense of foreplay. When they are sufficiently lubricated, i like to lick their pussies until they cum repeatedly. It is easy then to fuck them no condom. In one case, the girl recognized that I was bare back. She asked if I was fucking her no condom! I told her yes and that I intended to cum inside her! She came immediately, triggering my cum. As we sorted out body parts, she shyly asked if I could get hard again. I responded by entering her still throbbing pussy, throwing her on her back and pounding the shit out of her. She came twice and i dumped another load in her!


Our time was up in the hotel, and I took her back to the estate. She stayed the night and I dumped in her 4 more times. She left with me as I headed over for tennis. Her cost for the evening, $35 USD.


I guess that this the correct time for a new chapter.

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