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Warning about Pattaya Beer Garden

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Hi all,

Just wanted to share my worst experience so far in Pattaya. Sadly it took place at my former favourite place. I really can not call it my favourite anymore after todays treatment.


Me and my girlfriend, that also happens to have had Pattaya Beer Garden as her favourite place, decided that we wanted to go and have dinner and a few beers at Pattaya Beer Garden.


We ordered our food and two beers each and since I had finished my second beer before my girlfriend, I decided to take out my vallet and find the money to pay the bin. The check was for 500 baht so I thought I would give 20 baht extra as tip. I shoved the 500 and the 20 baht bills to my girlfriend and put the money in the bin, so show her that I gave 20 baht in tips. After a while the male waiter that had taken our food order came and took up the money and counted them. He remarked that we had put in 20 baht for tip, smiled and put the money back in the bin. Then he left. I was wondering why he had taken up the money and then just put it back again and left the bin on the table as it was clearly ready for beeing taken to the cashier. But I should soon learn the reason for it.


I assumed that everything was in order and me and my girlfriend was walking towards the exit of Pattaya Beer Garden. On our way out one of the waitresses came running after us and claimed that there was only 20 baht in the bin. I thought for a moment that she was joking as the waiter, my girlfriend and myself had seen that all the money was in the bin. I tried to explain to her that the money had been in the bin, but she refused to belive me.


I looked around after the waiter that had been messing with our bin and after having found him, asked him about what happend to the money that I had put in the bin. He was the only one that had been messing with the bin and clearly stated that the money was in the bin, but now he had something compleately different to say.


Now he was stating that there were only 20 baht in the bin. "How the f... can you state that there were only 20 baht in the bin when you was pleased to find 20 bath tips in the bin", I asked him. I was getting furious at this point as I have never in my life experienced such a behaviour. But now the waiter was acting all innocent and the other waitress seemed to just give a f.....


I just had to get out of the place before I would throw the waiter into the sea and found a 1000 baht note that I have to the waitress and followed her to the cashier to get my 500 change back. After that me and my girlfriend just left this place and decided that we would never come back.


I am very surprised that this happend to us as I have always been 100 % satisfied with the service at Pattaya Beer Garden in the past, but if it will be a risk to leave money in the bin as the staff might steal them, then I know about 1000's of other places in Pattaya that I would rather spend my money.


I can only wonder about the waiter as:


Why the fu.. did he smile and comment about the 20 baht in tips in the bin if there was not enough money to pay the check?


Why the fu.. did he not take the bin to the cashier, but instead messing around with the money and then put the bin back on the table?


My only conclusion is that he made 500 extra tonight, and my visit to Pattaya Beer Garden costed me 500 extra because of dishonest employees.


Thank you, but no thank you!!! I will spend my money elsewhere in the future!!!

Edited by Kalle
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Get a hold of the owner, he's a BM here. He might straighten it out.

Eat. Down. South.

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Sorry to hear about your incident there. I for one will never go back there as well.

I read so much here how good the place was so I went there in January one night. It was difficult to get waited on so I just went to the bar and had no problem. A few days later I went back and got a table and a male waiter waited on me. It took forever to get one beer and my food. Finally after the food arrived I had no silver wear or the holder full of the spices, ketchup etc. The waiter would never come around so I had to go chase him down and it seemed liked it pissed him off. So I start to eat my food, chicken, and it was very cold in the middle. I never could get the waiter to come back so I just found a waitress and asked for check bin. I stated to her about how cold the food was and all she said was that she would report it. I waited for the manager to come and see me but that never happened so I just paid and vowed to never come back there.

I've always heard good things about this place but after two trys there I will not ever be back there. I'll spend my money where it's wanted and appreciated. I do not know if that's the same guy waiter that waited on me that waited on you, if it was then he should find another job since he's not honest and efficient. Just my two cents.

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Myself and 2 mates have just returned from a 2week stint and apart from a short trip to Phuket we ate in the Beer garden every day....No probs whatsoever....grub fine, service fine...not ripped off...We really liked the place.

Sorry to hear about youre time in there and if somebody is on the make they need weeding out and sacking.

Like someone said above have a chat with the gaffer and see if you can resolve it cus im sure the guy doesnt want bad press on here.

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I too have been,past tense very happy at the Pattaya Beer Garden in the past however 2 days ago myself and party of 6 where in for afternoon drinks and had a bad experience also.


I know the drinks at 70 baht for a red label and soda are cheap but all of us got only soda with a hint of whisky in our drinks and when it was mentioned to serving staff they where very dismissive and rude to my father who is 70 years old.


Pete if you are reading this you dont know me albeit I have spoke to you when you where slaving over your computer please sort it out for your benefit primarily but the paying public also.



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I would recommend that the owner get rid of male waiters for a start. It seems like male waiters are always worse than females here, maybe they think the job is beneath them and act accordingly.

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Its always better to try to fix a problem the moment it happens rather than reporting it later. A manager or someone had to be on duty to help you out. To me, its a beer garden, I order simple easy to make fast food and beer. Why order chicken? Get pizza or a hamburger, you in Pattaya to bang girls not to eat.

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This is my favourite bar. I have always found the staff first class - and emailed Pete the owner after my last trip to congratulate him on the great staff he had found!


Having visited The Beer Garden on a daily basis everytime I visit Pattaya - it is dissapointing to hear of dishonest service. I will judge it for myself when I return - but we must all be careful with change given and paying our bins.


Dishonest people can be found everywhere in every country - we just need to be vigiliant.

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Me and the missus love this place too and will be in there over the next few weeks.


Its a good place to chill out with a bottle of wine and a good view. I have never had a problem with either waiting staff nor quality or quantity of food. It is exactly as expected...although I never expect too much in LOS..Perhaps that is the clue.


However, it only takes one bad waiter to bring down an establishment. Its a shame Pete's deputy didn't respond in a better fashion....or perhaps they just weren't informed.

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These problems with lower end staff will always exist with such a high staff turnover and low wages especially when the owner isnt around.


But the staff should be trained to contact a manager in the event of any problems such as this one.


Depending on what the manager does, is how the business should be judged.


I do think its unfair that a thread was started opposed to pointing out the member of staff to the manager. That may have fixed the problem rather than losing your favourite hang out.


When i first started going to thai kareokes and we got ripped off a little here and there, i used to walk out and vow never to return, then all of as sudden, you run out of places to hang out, so now I try and fix the issue, even if it means, leaving the correct amount and walking out. However I understand we all get pissed off and do things without thinking, opposed to getting the manager, such as a few months back I lost it in a thai kareoke and smashed a bottle open. I ended up throwing the money on the table and walked out. My "friends" had already ran off. (not forum members)


I certainly dont refuse to go to a place because some waitress is being dishonest once, I would stop going if the manager refused to listen and act.

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Pattaya is a city like no other in Thailand..Full of cash and stupidity..This being said where theres alot of money being thrown around usally by not too sober Patrons this draws Flys like stink on shit...

This with less character then most are drawn here to get in on this cash flow..Many unethical Thais will find work here just to get there foot in the door and become better scammers and con artist....

Always be on your guard here...This is Not the Thailand like we may think...Don't Let a bad experience go away..Business owners Know that Staff can make them or break them...Its very hard for a Farang who is trying to do business here weed out the Bad ones and needs your help as a customer to do this...

His sucess depends on you the customer~~~

No place on the Planet like Pattaya..Don't let your meat loaf

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OP I am sorry to hear what happened, sounds like you got a bad apple.


As others have asked, did you ask for the manager?


If we all stopped going in bars where someone reported a "bad incident" we would soon run out of bars here.

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I just got back from a 16 day stint with a friend of mine and we must have eaten at the beer garden at least 14 of the 16 days a lot of time even twice a day there and we never had any problems. I did however notice that the male waiters had attitude so we always tried to sit at the tables where the females waited on the tables, they were always friendly and very honest. Too bad this experience ruined you for this place as the food is always top notch and the prices are also hard to beat.

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I am very curious. Didn't your date back you up with the waitress? I'm glad you warned us about this. I have taken dates to the PBG, and planned on going there when I return in six weeks. I will now avoid the place.

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I have been here a few times myself and never had any problems with the service or the staff, I'm going back in a few weeks so hope it is still the same. sorry to hear you had a bad experience.

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Not condoning the act, or excusing the theft, or anything like that, but...................you walked away from a bin with money in it???

I would NEVER do that no matter where i was in Pattaya. Rather naive of the OP, IMO



No bad grammer or spelling mistakes here !!!!

Its the all new language i have invented called "Typonese"

Copies of the book and DVDs are on sale and are availible at the main desc at the exit sine

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Hi all,

Thank you for your replies. I am on my second trip to Pattaya as I spent 3 weeks here last summer. This time I have been here for 1,5 months out of my 5 months total stay on this trip. I am sure that I am not very experienced in the ways of how things are in Pattaya and that I will probably experience more similar situations. But this was my first really bad experience and I probably reacted accordingly.


I admit that I should probably have requested to talk with the manager and can only blaim this mistake on the lack of experience in such matters. But I would also say that I am wondering why no manager were made aware of this situation by the staff as they just stood there as they were made of stone. There were 2 - 3 waiters standing around me at the time when I spoke with the male waiter and none made any attempt to get hold of any manager. Also on my way to the cashier where I followed the waither that I had given the 1000 baht note to did anyone seem to be thinking along those lines. There would have been plenty of time for the staff to contact a manager that could come and handle the situation if that was the standard routine.


Hedonist: Leaving a bin on the table when a waiter have checked it and confirmed that there were enough money in it, in addition to that there were probably at least 2 other waiters close by, and less guests than normal due to the music festival and all the stands on beach road, I hardly would call "Naive". In addition the daughter of my girlfriend has previously worked at the Beer Garden and my girlfriend is familiar with some of the waiters. But I guess with such a statement you were present at the time and would know how the situation was like when it all took place?


I am personally sorry to have experienced this as I have had so many wonderful times at Pattaya Beer Garden in the past. I have always been treated politely and the staff has always been smiling and friendly. I have brought friends of mine with me to Pattaya Beer Garden as I really thought this place to be one of the best that I had visitied so far in Pattaya. The food is great and the prices are low. Sitting in Beer Garden and relax with some beers or sit by the seaside for a relaxing dinner has been one of the things that I have missed when I was thinking about returning to Pattaya. That is probably also why this experience got to become so bad for me also. At a place where I have always have felt welcome and I would almost call a "Safe Haven" away from the Jungle on Walking Street and surrounding soi's, the bad experience probably hit me even harder because of this. Any other place that I would not have had any former experience from I would probably have been more careful about the payment. But I guess since I had this feeling about Pattaya Beer Garden I thought about this place as "safe" and acted accordingly. But luckely it is never to late to learn from ones mistakes.


I agree that this experience was because of one person and not Pattaya Beer Garden itself or the rest of its staff. The rest of the staff should not be blaimed for this experience and I appologize if that was the conclusion you made from reading my first post. But a staff member is a representative of the establishment and therefore the establishment will be judged after the actions of the staff member. Luckely I have had wonderful experiences in the past from Pattaya Beer Garden and can say this with some level of certainty. But I can not say if anything has changed in the ownership or the management of the place and can only judge the place after each visit's experience. I really do not think that is up to the guest to demand the present of a manager as I would expect that a manager would be on the spot soon after this experience took place. This is exactly such matters a manager should be present and on the spot to handle in my oppinion.


I read that some have the oppinion that I should not have made this post about my bad experience, but I thought that was why we had such forums like Pattaya Addicts. To share the good and bad experiences so that other may take advantage of the advices regardless if you have spoken to a manager or just a waiter. The bad experience still took place even that no manager was present. And I feel that is more the responsibility of the staff to contact the manager is such events then me demanding to talk with one. I also agree that the situation could have been solved right there and then, but when there are 2-3 waiters around you that seems to be paralized I really do not have the patience to try to involve any more people as it seemed like anyone had a clue of what had taken place.


I also understand that I might have "stepped on some toes" as we all probably have different levels of relationships with Pattaya Beer Garden. I notice that the owner is one of the regulars on this board and since some probably know him and probably frequently visit Pattaya Beer Garden, they might feel offended by me writing this post. That is absolutely understandable and I would probably also have reacted differently and just contacted the owner if I knew who he is. But since I do not have such a close contact I decided to write this warning so that other members of this forum might be aware of the problem.


I am also sure that the owner as he is member of this board would have been on top of this situation if he was still in Thailand. But as I understand he is travelling and probably not even aware of this episode.

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I think this, like so many bad experiences while traveling, could have been avoided...


I NEVER trust anyone, anywhere, at any place in Pattaya when it comes to bins (whats on the bill, or what ive paid)...I check the bill EVERY time it is replaced, right at the moment it is replaced...and, when I pay, I clearly display what I am giving to the waiter/waitress and wait for eye contact and a nod of the head in response (i am very deliberate about this)...then when the bin or tray is returned, no questions remain other than to determine how much of the change made will be given as a tip...as a result, never had any problems.


The OP clearly stated that this was the exception at this place, not the rule. I am sure the owner appreciates being aware of what happened to one of his regulars, I know I would in his shoes...there is sooooo much competition for biz in Pattaya, every body/bin counts...and I am guessing, based on the owner's previous posts, he knows this and will, to the extent possible, take action (either figuring out who this bad waiter is, and/or offering a free sandwich/beer to the OP upon return)...no one in his right mind would go to all the trouble of all this typing without genuine cause.


I am looking forward to patronizing this place myself on my next trip...cheers, alex

Edited by Alex the Hedonist
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Kalle, thanks for the info... I have been to PBG myself and I, like many others on this board, do enjoy the establisment. I cannot say that I will never go there again, but I will learn from your mistake and never leave money in the bin. Its a shame that well intentioned people get ripped off, but that's a fact of life in LOS and everywhere around the world for that matter.

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I admit that I should probably have requested to talk with the manager and can only blaim this mistake on the lack of experience in such matters. But I would also say that I am wondering why no manager were made aware of this situation by the staff as they just stood there as they were made of stone. There were 2 - 3 waiters standing around me at the time when I spoke with the male waiter and none made any attempt to get hold of any manager.



When I read your original post my first thought was: why didn't Kalle call the manager?


You do have a point that the staff could have done so too, the sad fact is: they didn't. I know the manager, and I know Pete, not very well but I'm sure both would have responded to straighten this out and take appropriate action. It's a pity you didn't ask for the manager.


Maybe part of the staff's 'made of stone' attitude was a kind of 'don't rock the boat' phenomenon I've seen elsewhere too. Loss of face, not wanting to cause problems with manager or big boss, whatever. I don't say that it's OK, but it does seem to be the Thai way, like it or not.


It's also sad that based on this incident you would decide never to go back again. After all, you had great times there before. Why deny yourself that pleasure? My advise: go back, ask for the manager and have it sorted.

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I can see a fellow Thai not wanting to lose face or having the "guilty" waiter lose face by running to get a manager to help the farang.


Suppose, just suppose, that the farang was wrong or caused a scene and ultimately became wrong, then the staff that went to get the manager could lose face with the "guilty" waiter, friends and co-workers.


Even if said waiter was guilty, I can see where getting a manager to "catch" them would be considered losing face with both the "guilty" waiter as well as your friends and co-workers.


For all you know, the other workers who witnessed the event could all be from the same village, be related some how or even worse, plotted and schemed to split the money. Nothing surprises me anymore.


Sadly, this is how it is in Asia. Unless someone SPECIFICALLY asks and SPEAKS with the manager and/or owner, you may never see one. It doesn't seem to be the Thai way in low wage service jobs, if at all.

Edited by SoCo MoFo

Eat. Down. South.

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As I read through the initial topic and replys, I understand the thoughts and comments

from everyone and understand their point of view.

Some things I would like to add based on my last trip earlier this year:


Event A:

I had my iphone stolen from a coyotee girl at my hotel.

I was with two other boardmembers that prior night at Club Oasis.

The next day the mamasan helped me get my iphone back and the girl was FIRED.

One of the boardmembers who was with me the prior night

asked one of the managers of Club Oasis if I was going to get

my barfine back, which I did NOT....was given some lame answer.

I also was asked to pay the doorman who took a motorbike taxi to get my iphone

back from the coyotee girl who stole my iphone.

I was also asked from the mamasan to buy her a drink for helping out.


So after the ordeal of getting my iphone stolen,

having to pay for the motorbike taxi ride for the doorman,

buying the mamasan a drink,

and NOT getting a refund for my barfine


I was a bit peeved to say the least and considered never going back to Club Oasis again.

Since the two other boardmembers enjoyed going to Club Oasis, we did end up going

back to the club a few more times during this past trip, but all three of us chose not

to buy anymore ladydrinks - did hand the girls money instead, ended up staying at the

club for a shorter amount of time, and chose not to buy the mamasan anymore drinks, and

basically ended up spending far less money in the club.


Couple weeks later, when I was less upset about what happened and tried to evaluate the

situation of events and really tried to understand EVERYONES points of view:

Myself, the manager, the mamasan, doorman etc.... this is how I feel:


1. First time I had a bar girl steal anything from me, and I definetely got a bit lazy about that over time.

I believe we all should be somewhat cautious about our valuables. I am not any more paranoid than before, but

have gone back to making sure I lock up my valuables....anything I don't lock up, I have to assume

it is fair game of disappearing or that I shouldn't get mad if it disappears....I should know better.

I have learned a valuable lesson.


2. iphone

I never imagined I would get my iphone back.

So regardless of what happened before or how things were handled after, I am very happy to have my iphone back.


3. Mamasan/Doorman

After getting my iphone stolen and still having to pay the doorman for the motorbike ride and the mamasan asking for a drink:

Initially I was very annoyed about that, but realize this is Thailand/Pattaya and I am not back at home.

Mamasans asking for drinks for any sort of help is what they do, also they work to make money any way they can, I have to accept that.

Also, the doorman did do me a favor, maybe in a perfect world or back in the states, the owner/manager would have covered that

cost, but back in Thailand why should the doorman have to pay for the motorbike ride, and I was happy to get my iphone back.


4. Manager/Barfine

I have to say even a week later, the lack of not receiving my barfine back still left a bad taste in my mouth, but

have learned to accept why managers are unwilling in many situations of opening the Pandoras box of refunding a barfine.

(although I have to say that places such as Kinnary, new living dolls, if this same situation occurred there, I know I would

have received my barfine back)



Event B: Secrets Gogo

Early in my trip I was overcharged on my bill, and no I was not drunk or mistaken.

That particular evening the bar was very busy, I was there for quite some time and

spent a fair amount of money that evening.

I did bring it up with the server and the mamasan, but to no avail.

I ended up paying the extra amount and was definitely upset.


1. Since I was staying at Secrets hotel and a couple of the boardmembers would meet

up at the bar either during the daytime or prior to barhopping during the evenings,

I still visited the bar downstairs almost on a daily basis.


2. I chose not to spend very much money during the duration of the trip at Secrets, and

considering most trips I spend a fair amount of time and money there, they ended up losing a bit

of money from me on this past trip.

I ended up eatting fewer meals at Secrets, stiffed the tip on many occassions, bought very few drinks and

lady drinks, and at times had a pissy attitude.


3. I ended up checking out of Secrets hotel two weeks later to go to Ko Samui.

I returned to Secrets after my trip to Ko Samui.

When I returned to Secrets I had a question/issue with the bill at the end of the week.

But wasn't totally sure if there was a problem.

The manager just went ahead and billed me in my favor.


4. I was very pleased that the manager went ahead and listened to me, went ahead and made

this right and overall customer service was very much appreciated.

I ended up afterwords, going back and hand tipping some of the service gals I stiffed earlier,

I stopped my pissy attitude at this bar,


and learned some valuable lessons on this past trip:





We should all get in the habit of locking our valuables.

(IfI was to get a hooker/stranger back in the states - I would do the same thing

If you have gotten a bit complacent about locking valuables - don't wait until it happens to you.




Be aware:

Check your bill after each order

Take precautions to avoid any issues ie..pay bill after each order, etc....

If we all went to half a dozen bars every night

for a few weeks there is a chance

we run into a mistake or dishonest situation at some point - I am now going to assume

it is a numbers game, but will also make sure to protect myself the best I can.

I won't let a bill situation ruin any part of any future vacation in Thailand/Pattaya ever again.




This is a different country, situation, cultural differences, etc...

We are guests of the Kingdom of Thailand, we will find life easier to

learn to understand and live based on how things work there, not from where we are from.

(1 + 1 does not necessary equal 2 in thailand)




I am on vacation, I am here to have fun.

If only two small issues arose on this past trip, I am very fortunate.

I should assume that on every trip, things may not always be smooth sailing in a foreign country.

I shouldn't let small issues ruin my vacation.



*Thai women/mamasans

I am on a P4P vacation

The women are here trying to make a living

I am not Thai

Thai women sometimes drive me crazy YES !


If I had to choose between P4P vacation and a little bit of hassle sometimes or

NO P4P vacation...I think we all know where we will be.




At the beginning I was very tolerant - when I first starting coming to Thailand

then as I became a seasoned traveler to Thailand, I have become less tolerant

now I learned to calm myself and reflect more on the situation in Thailand/Pattaya, the cultural differences,

the fact I am on vacation, etc......

I feel that moving forward I am going to be more tolerant when situations arise, focus on having a relaxing and

fun vacation, and of course being cautious and smarter about things when required.




I sometimes use the excuse of a situation or event to dictate my own behavior.

Since things aren't always smooth sailing on a long vacation in Pattaya sometimes my reactions

to an unfavorable event/results effects my future behavior.

I have come to realize that things that I hate/issues/problems do

occur in Thailand/Pattaya, but

moving forward my future reactions are not going to outwardly punish everyone else.

I am not going to stiff other servers because of an issue at a particular bar,

Maybe an issues is solved differently than I would like, but I wont take it out on the staff, owner, manager etc.

Basically: I am going to take the high road and be more mature about things, I am not saying I am going to be

a pushover, but that I am going to more mature about what happens.


I wish all boardmembers a happy and safe future vacations in Thailand!




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If the PBG owner is a member of this forum, then why hasn't he addressed the complaint yet?

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