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My Day Out at Green Valley

Tuna Town

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Played here in March.


Green Fee 1350 baht.

Caddy/Cart Included

Few Hundred Baht for Golf Society Comp

Arrived early and was again waiting on the guys from the Travellers Rest Golf Society 


Tee off around 10:30 around in about 4 hours as playing in a 4 ball today with 2 Koreans and an Englishman


Not my first time playing here as this was the first course I played in Thailand in 2015. Details of that day on the course are sketchy but I can recall who I barfined and what we done that night with crystal clear recollection  for some reason555

I remembered lots of holes with trees on either side on the back nine and recall I hadn't played that we'll around here as the conditions were a complete new experience to me 


The practice putting green was hit whilst waiting at the first tee and I was off in about the 6 group of 10 

As for my golf game I play off 12 so with 90 off the stick around there I was slightly less than pleased particularly hitting one OOB on the 18th which turned my score further South than it could have been


Highlight of the round was the way I played the 3rd hole. A par was achieved to a hole where you have a significant hit over a water hazard and a fairway littered with bunkers everywhere. After a long wait to tee off a lot of negative thoughts had come into my mind but I dispelled them to put one on the fairway and then proceeded to hit a great iron shot up the top of the green to a back pin position. 2 Putts and I was off with a 4 

Unfortunately at this time we were greeted by a bit of rain for the next 2 holes with the next hole being a pretty miserable experience in a golf cart with no windscreen getting absolutely saturated and cold. Not much can be done about it but I ain't a fan of golf in the rain in general but this looked like a passing shower and that was all we got for the rest of the round 


Lowlight was the Tee shot on the 18th. My bad shot with the driver is a hook that starts left and goes further left. I don't do it that often but do have it in my repertoire and it turns up randomly . Unfortunately it turned up on a hole with OOB to the left and I had to play the Provisional when my ball was found OOB. Ended up with a 7 on a Par 4 which just soured my score from a ok to less than ok 

30points in Stableford is ok but it should have been better.

As for this course I haven't played all of them in Pattaya so can't give a definitive answer but this course I would rate as one of the toughest in the area .

Reason I say this is there are a lot of tiny greens where a good shot goes over the back as the green is small and unless you know it you are not gonna hold the green. There are also a few holes with downhill slopes on them where it is nearly impossible to get the ball to stop. One hole all four in our group played short shots onto the green from in front and we all ended up over the back. All of us played different shots. Mine was highest with a bit of check spin and it still didn't stay on. Also throw in around here there is always some danger lurking around even if it is subtle.

It's a great test of your golf game though and I do rate the course highly 

The establishment has 2 other 18 hole course at the same facility.

St Andrews 2000 and Silky Oak 

Coming in for a shower I was almost taken out by a subtle step from the cubicle where you store towel and watch phone etc down to the shower area. Floor was a bit slippery and I luckily held my balance instead of sending my naked fat arse through the shower wall.

After driving back to Pattaya it is pushing 1600 so I handed my card in at Travellers Rest. I didn't stick around for the presentation as I wanted to go do some other stuff.


This was the last time I played with a Golf Society in Pattaya and going forward it isn't something I am gonna do much of. I may play with one of they got a great price at a course I want to play but other than that I don't see the need for me to use them regularly 

Unfortunately the Travellers Rest through doing a good job at running their days are getting such a huge turnout of 40plus to continue playing with them is gonna take up most of my day. Getting back to SOI Backhao area at 1500 to 1600 after golf is not what I want to be spending my time on holiday doing.

I could play with a smaller group but the problem I see with them is they still tee off way too late with most teeing off between 0930 and 1130  which then puts you in the heat of the day.

Going forward I be hiring a car and driving myself to the course. Making your own bookings isn't hard.  Email works and some courses have LINE accounts you can make bookings on. Can even call the golf course if required 

The guys paying 250 comp fee 300  for transport to play with a golf Society let me just point out you can get a car in Pattaya for around 800 to 1000 baht a day pretty easily. Having a set of wheels allow you to go where you want when you want as well 


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Thanks for the report and the pictures.

Just curious, did you try to barfine the caddie with number 69?  555

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1 hour ago, cbmgolfer said:

Thanks for the report and the pictures.

Just curious, did you try to barfine the caddie with number 69?  555


I am social with the caddies as we go around and am willing to take one for the evening but I ain't pursuing it that hard. If it happens it happens 

I did get an offer from one about 5 years ago which shocked me as I W asnt looking for it and I had to decline anyway as I already had a prearranged date for the night and have regretted it ever since 

Also my caddie this day was a more mature lady so it be on par with screwing a TG from a legit massage shop who has met "The Wall" and lost the youthful look Thai women have

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Played it today and got lots of rain.  Stopped for a while when it was heavy and still finished at about 4 hrs.  IMO the course isn't in great condition these days with too much of that crab grass growing into areas around the greens.  But I always have fun there and todays round on a weekend was 1500 baht which included cart, caddy and 100 baht drink voucher.  

Most important - I won the 6s and pocketed 200 baht.  Which was WAY more satisfying than the 2s and 3rd place money of about 1200 baht.  LOL



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Played here in June

Green Fee 1300 baht.

Caddy/Cart Included


Tee off around 9:30 around in about 5 hours as playing in a 4 ball today with @TimboJones @Robbie Jones@1080B

We did have a rain delay of approx 45 mins to 1 hour on the 6th hole when the heavens opened and it poured with some thunder n lightening so we got to spend some time at an old unused toilet drink shop which had about 8 tonnes of pigeon shit on it 

Whilst catching up with @TimboJonesand @Robbie Jonesin May for a weekend bender on the Gold Coast with the SCM lads and discussing our upcoming trip the idea of a golf day was suggested. As I had a car booked and was planning on playing golf it was only then a matter of finding a course and making a booking and organising some rentals for the boys to use on the day 


Being that we had a 3 I figured we should make it a four just to round things out so had invited my good friend and Heavens Aboves favourite customer @1080Bto join us 

Picked the boys up bright n early around 8am and headed out to the course. One of the main reasons I played at St Andrews the day before was to tee things up so everything went smoothly today.

I arrived and the caddy I had organised for @1080Bwas in attendance. He had asked for one who was good to talk to and looks weren't of value. I had spoken to the caddy master the day before and asked for the caddy who speaks the most and doesn't shut up. He had recommended no 59 as liking to talk a lot and Nui kept @1080Bgreat company all day 

As for the golf well what happens on tour stays on tour etc. @Robbie Joneswas not in Thailand and was in fact in Rockhampton Australia and was at The Isuzu Ute National Conference as the shirt testifies to. I am according to Robbie the 19th best Isuzu Salesman in Australia as I regularly appear in photos with him at Isuzu conferences 

As for my golf game I play off 12 so with 89 off the stick around here wasn't the worst all things considered

The Jones Boys golf is a work in progress and @1080Bhadn't played golf in 15 years before this day  although he has the basis for a good swing and should stick to golf as I have suggested to him so the first hole was a cluster fuck with balls going everywhere from all of us 

Took a few holes for me to realise I need to play my own game as I was starting to let the chaos around me rub off on my shots 


Highlight of the round was the way I played the 16th hole a par 3. A birdie 2 was achieved which was not far off from being a 1 

When I played this hole in March I had thinned the tee shot so was keen to put in a better performance today.

Teed off and smoked it at the flag. Now from the tee block it looked pretty damn close to going in. Up at the green I found it about 5 feet past the hole. The Pitch mark was about 4 feet in front of the hole. Doing some simple line drawing from where my ball landed to where it finished it must have rolled an inch or so wide of the hole or bounced over the hole above the ground. It was damn close either way. 

Rolled the putt in for the first birdie of the trip

The other highlight would be my second putt on the 5th which I rolled in. Had managed to take a divot with the first one which only went about 6 feet as I was watching one of the boys take about 20 shots trying to get the ball out of the Greenside bunker without success. The divot taken was because I was pissing myself laughing at the time as I tried to putt. I did well to compose myself and 2 putt from 15 feet after repairing the damage 

Lowlight was really my putting for the day. 37 putts just is way too many and why my score today was not in the mid 80s 

The day out with the boys was fantastic and the night out we had that night was even better 

As for this course after last trip I have decided I am playing this course every visit from now on as I want to get a course that I "know" and can challenge myself on. This time around I didn't find it as hard as last time as I knew where I was going this time and I wish to continue to expand on this knowledge over time 

It's a great test of your golf game and I do rate the course highly 




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Only 1 photo of the course as every other photo taken had one of the boys in it and we were allegedly in Rockhampton Australia so they can't be posted 



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I was in Rockhampton in June last year and June this year.

Looked the same to me and rained both times.

Thanks for inviting me and take care of all of the little details for me @TunaTown - you did such a great job organising.

All I had to do was turn up on time and swing and miss the ball. The second part I found much harder than the first.

I have my next game booked with you and the boys already -  16 June 2037 in another 15 years.

It is worth noting the Nui, #59 was great company, an amazing help on the greens and funny as fuck. As it turned out, she was also the best looking so go get her guys.

While the 3 monkeys in the back "looked" as if they couldn't play golf - a closer inspection proved that we couldn't play.

The course was a little bit challenging - every green was elevated meaning uphil, downhill and sideways puts and the greens were  protected by lots of bunkers. There was also a bit of water around but any half decent golfer playing off up to 25 wouldn't have to worry too much.

All in all, we all had a great day except for the locker room nightmare I'll leave for others to describe.

This being Pattaya, I should mention that @TimboJonescouldn't make lunch 40 minutes after returning to Pattaya. Not because he's a sloth, but because he had to get his train to the ST station and he is nothing, if not good at that.

@Robbie Jonesand @TimboJonesboth improved throughout the round but in their defence, Robbie is a very good car salesperson and Tim gets his ST to the station every time!

Thanks for the game boys. See you soon.

Edited by 1080B
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The golf course at Rockhampton are amazing. Looking forward to playing again in January but this time it will be actually in Thailand. @Clem Fandangohas foolishly offered to be our "Pro" and will probably regret for the rest of his life.

Thanks for the report @Tuna Townand the feedback @1080B

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The locker room nightmare @1080Bis alluding to

Well after golf we go in for the shower as you do. We were in there showering at the same time as a bunch of old guys pushing 80 

Most people in the locker room look down and don't pay much attention to what is going on around them as fat wrinkly men get dressed or undressed 

Well let's just say @1080Bhadn't got that memo and had his eyes drawn to all the cock on display.

Poor guy came out of the locker room unable to speak for about 20 mins ( which if you know him is a surprise because he ain't short of a word or a thousand) and he was as white as a ghost and totally shocked and traumatised by what he had endured in there 

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1 hour ago, Tuna Town said:

 he was as white as a ghost and totally shocked and traumatised excited by what he had endured in there 

Fixed it for you    😜

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21 hours ago, Robbie Jones said:

The golf course at Rockhampton are amazing. Looking forward to playing again in January but this time it will be actually in Thailand. @Clem Fandangohas foolishly offered to be our "Pro" and will probably regret for the rest of his life.

Thanks for the report @Tuna Townand the feedback @1080B

I’m tapping out after reading this haha.

Look forward to it.

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Played here in October

Green Fee 1300 baht

Caddy/Cart Included. Played on there promotion Wednesday day 

Had booked a tee time during the week from Farangland via Email and got me booked in for an 8:00am tee off

Arrived after a 40 minute drive from my condo at Pratmanak and was delighted the Caddy Master remembered me from past visits.

Went in got dressed and paid my money and went out to the area you meet up with the caddy and no sign of her. After waiting a bit headed back out the front to find my Caddy I had booked hadn't arrived yet 

Have her to 15 mins after 0800 and then asked the caddy master to disregard her and give me a new caddy off the bench 

Headed out on the course and Tee off and around in about 2.5 hours as today as it was just me and my caddy.

Played here last trip so am familiar with the course and am building a good understanding of the course as it is the one course I plan to play each trip 

As for my golf game I play off 13 so was not happy with 93 off the stick around there

Highlights of the round was the Pars I got on all 4 Par 3s on the course. A rare feat to do. Gave the caddy the 100 baht on the 16th if I sunk the putt for Par so even if I missed it she was getting it. End of the day the 4Pars were pleasing 

Other satisfying efforts would be the Par on the 9th where a belter of a drive onto a fairway that slopes left to right severely saw me in a great position on the fairway 120metres out . 9 Iron on and two putts for the par. Well played hole


Lowlight was the brain fades on the 1st 2nd 7th 10th 12th 14th 17th 

Let's call it correct

More Brain Fades by an Idiot

What can I say I just pissed shots away on these holes. With chunking chips and pitch shots on 1 and 2 two shots in the bunker on the 7th, the habitual blading it out of the fairway bunker on the 10th where a 50 yard bunker shot turned into a 50 yard shot from behind the green after I absolutely knifed the fucker to oblivion 12th chunking pitch shots 14th teed off into the drink which was not even in the picture until I tugged it hard left and it hit a tree which wasn't in the picture and ricochet in to the Water . Even followed it up on the 17th with a great drive and then chunking wedges and pitches for a double just to celebrate in style

Just more useless golf that is killing any chance of a good score.My ability to be finding ways to squander shots today continued and is really hurt me 

My putting I was a really disappointed with. 35 putts today and I just wasn't on my game with it again 

My driving continued to improve but still with a few tee shots that are harming me 

Well let's just say my golf wasn't great today. No excuses a mixed bag of champagne and shit where a potential good score was blown

Nice quality golf course that I would thoroughly recommend. It's approx 40 mins from Pattaya. 


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