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Weather Reports

exile aberdeen

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Seen loads of different reports at the moment on the weather.

Just wondering what it is like at the moment, a few reports have been saying rain but really hot :Grin3:

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well it pissed down yesterday at lunchtime for over an hour 2and1/2 inches flooded everywhere but soon dried out when rain stopped

any holes a goal

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Yes its hot and over teh next month will get to be VERY hot. For the next month you will have rain every few days - like 1 out of 3 or 4. It will be heavy and last about 2 hours.

Then we get into 6 months of wet season. the first half of wet season is HOT and wet, the second half of wet season is Hot and wet.

Rain is as usual about 2 to 3 hours per day.

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Sounds similar to June time when I was over last year.


Thanks for the info!

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Unseasonal rain causes road chaos


Around mid-morning on Wednesday much of Pattaya and its immediate environs was subjected to an un-seasonally heavy downpour which led to traffic chaos, flooded roads, and electricity blackouts in many parts of the city. Our journalists happened to be out and about in their motor vehicles and recorded plenty of footage of the heavy rain. None got out of their vehicles to obtain a more natural feel of the power of the elements, but you can't really blame them. City employed electricians however were not so fortunate. With a number of areas subjected to unintended blackouts caused by the storm, they had to actually get out of their vehicles and attempt to restore power to homes and businesses.

The rain had cleared by the early afternoon and power was restored to the vast majority of the city by mid-afternoon and traffic returned to its normal chaotic state, rather than remain in an abnormally chaotic condition.



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Just some friendly advice on looking at weather reports and going.....just do not do it.....I have found that when I check the weather for both LOS and PI this time of year into Sept/Oct it will usually say rain/thunderstorms everyday and what happens? Niether....check out the percentage for rain it should usually say 40%...its just that it can rain at almost anytime.....I noticed even though weather reporting is not concrete back home, it definitly is not for LOS (regardless of who is reporting).....just do yourself a favor and go with the flow of things and not watch the reports because its like your holiday anything can happen.


To get better ideas of rain and different weather look at annual rainfall for Pattaya or whatever area you are looking to travel to in LOS.

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Heard from a friend who works in Odey Palace and she said it smashed it down last night for quite a while. Her actual words were "last night have big rain" lol


Always interesting to see the aftermath so if theres any pics from BM's, stick them up.

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curious to know.


last july/august i was in los and spent and few days in bkk and 3 weeks in pattaya. it seemed to me that it rained more in bkk than in patts.


can anyone confirm if this is normally the case?

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Rained for a lot of yesterday but mainly light with one heavy down-pour. Today is cloudy but no rain yet. Fortunately today and yesterday have been a bit cooler than what it has been.

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