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A review of Pepper and Salt Restaurant, kind of.

Rick Blaine

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After finishing a few errands last Saturday, I suggested to the Ms. we go to a new place for us called Pepper and Salt located on the Dark Side where I don’t usually go.  (I should get out more)  For clarity, I’ll point out that this is Pepper and Salt and not Salt and Pepper which is  a different Resto.  Details on Trip Advisor.com below:
We arrived at the resto. shortly after 4:00 P.M. and as Ms. B guessed, we were the only customers in the place.   We’d agreed previously to eat inside but as it turned out, outside eating would have been fine as well.   There's plenty of good outside seating available.
After we selected our table, the not overly friendly  but very professional waitress approached us with drink and food menus.    I asked for a few minutes to scan the menu and she stood  back  unobtrusively.   
When I indicated we were ready she was there immediately.
We chose to  split an ordourve of beef satay (200 THB) which was excellent.  As soon as we sat down a basket of bread was placed on the table as well as a tray of butter and some kind of  salsa spread . I think the restaurant has a bakery as well but I’m not sure
For drinks Ms. B.  had a coconut shake which was  very good, we  shared it a little bit, and I stayed with my usual bottle of water.
Ms. B ordered the pork chop with bone in which is how she likes her meat selections.  I was surprised to see her (290 THB) order  was for two pork chops.   It came with potatoes  (her choice of side) and potato salad as well which is standard for  their entrees.
I ordered the lamb shank (495 THB) which was a first for me.     It was incredibly tinder and I throughly enjoyed it.     My side was French fries which were nicely cooked and crispy.
I’d read  on one review a complaint about service being slow and the food taking a long time to arrive after ordering.     I didn’t find this to be the case at all for us.     We were in no  hurry and found the progression of food to the table to be just right for us.
There's a selection of Thai dishes as well as Falang meals.    I asked  the Ms. if she saw that and was somewhat surprised she opted for a Western type meal rather than a Thai dish.    She said she'd be happy to order the same again which is her seal of approval.
The interior is modern and where we sat there was a complete bar with seats.     There are actually two separate parts to the interior of the restaurant separated by a door.   I hadn’t planned on writing about it so I didn’t look closely but in my minds eye  the section we didn't sit in  looked nice.    I did see that a musical group was just setting  up as we left  around 6 P.M. so in the evening there is live music.
Pepper and salt is not cheap eats per se but it offers value for your money.     Our total bill was 1105 THB without including the tip.   
We had no issue with parking at all.   While we parked in an empty  lot  on the opposite side of the street there was actually  available parking on the street in front of the restaurant as we left.
The only dark element to our visit was when we left, a group was attempting or should I say struggling  to get one of its members up the five steep entrance steps in a wheel chair.    There was a man at the back of the chair and two women at the front pushing up.    I genuinely wanted to offer to help but  for some reason I had the distinct feeling I might be considered a meddler so I didn’t.  I try to listen to my inner voice.   In hindsight I'm surprised the staff weren't helping, but maybe they'd already offered.
Thailand is a long ways off from being wheel chair friendly. I know of one very good  small restaurant chain in my home country that ended  up closing  one of five  locations because  there was no known way to make the particular location  compliant  with wheel chair requirements due to lack of space needed.  
Nobody won when they had to close.


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Thanks for the review. 

I drove by this place once while getting an auto registration with one of my TF girls. LOL

It perked my interest enough that when I got back home, I found it on Trip Advisor and saw the reviews were fairly good.

I just had not had a chance to head over there for a meal.


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Good review!  When I eventually make it back to Pattaya, I'll try to eat at Pepper and Salt.


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Yes, not far from popular Siamburys. 

Have used P & S for many years, love the place. Only been once during Covid, look's like it has changed hands-was a Dutch guy, think his name was Bob, nice chap, that had it and was the chef, and didnt recognize any of the staff.

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