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Jomtien - New Restaurant - Three Angels in VT2A

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I have no equity interest in this restaurant nor am I a manager.

Also, be well aware that this is not a sexual adventure establishment. If you walk in the door leering for pussy, you may well get hit with a frying pan.

Some friends of mine recently opened a restaurant called "Three Angels" just inside the entrance to the VT2A complex. I suggested that "Three Demons" might draw more of a crowd, but that was not well received. :)

The menu is Farang breakfasts and Thai food, so far. There is a discussion going on about adding more Farang items for lunch and supper. The main cook is quite accomplished and ran a successful place in Korat for a number of years. The place is kept very clean and the first week of business has been very good with many compliments. One of the "Three Angels" is my GF.

There is a Line Chat Group about the place. If you would like to be invited to the chat group, send me a PM and I will invite you. My add to the establishment is advertising and communication only.

The current menus - more to come on that.





A few pics of the Farang Breakfast offerings









Suggestions are welcome



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Any new additions to the Jomtien dining scene are welcome esp at VT2 condos.

I think it’s best sticking to the thai dishes n snacks as those pics above won’t entice many farang for a bfast there….don’t look too good from here…..just IMHO.

Hope it goes well in the future.

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You cannot escape the spell or the lure of the Thai darkside Kyrano!!! Posted Image



A quote by Oscar Wilde " A cynic recognises the cost of everything, and the value of nothing"


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Agree with stickyfingers above. You get what you pay for and the prices are low  but hot dogs and pressed ham are a no go for me. 

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Every hole a goal.

Condoms kill boners. Save the boners.

Stop the Vagilantes.

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The breakfast items are a recent addition to the offerings and are off menu at this point. I myself am not a Western breakfast person, so I probably should not have mentioned those items as much as I did. The breakfasts shown cost 100 baht. They are actually selling well, though this is obviously not the Casa Pascal buffet.

There is a new coffee machine (espresso and others) and a burr grinder. Beans are ground at the time of an order. The large cooler is well stocked with beer and wine coolers. Boxed wine is available as well. The wifi (CAT fiber) is scheduled to be installed this Friday.  

The restaurant is not air conditioned, but there are ample fans and in general there is a nice cross breeze due to the way the restaurant is laid out. This is a small place with only four tables.

Hours are 7 AM to 8 PM.

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