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Krav Maga Self Defense Pattaya Workshop 14-15 March 09 Sat Sun Martial Arts


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Krav Maga Pattaya Seminar Workshop 14th-15th March 2009 Saturday & Sunday 11am-4pm both days.

The Pattaya Krav Maga Self Defense Workshop for Adult Beginners is on THIS WEEKEND 14 Mar 09


You will learn Tactical Krav Maga Self Defense over a 2 days x 5 hours daily Krav Maga Instruction in Pattaya Thailand this March 2009. Saturday 14th March Sunday 15th March 09.


(10 hours total krav maga training over the weekend of 14th to 15th March 2009 Sat/Sun 11am-4pm daily.)


Saturday 14th/Sunday 15th March 2009 with Krav Maga Pattaya Thailand Self Defense Martial Arts.


Krav Maga Pattaya Combat Workshop is aimed at adult beginners or those with some martial arts experience regardless of style who want a "fast track" no nonsense course in simple, easy to learn & do & lethally effective self defense as self protection to protect themselves & their families from violent attackers, muggers, robbers, street thugs, or rapists.


(BEFORE YOU ASK! ** 53 years old nor 78 years old is NOT TOO OLD to learn Krav Maga, we have 2 students who rip it up & both are almost 60 yeas old & my oldest & within this own abilities one of the best Krav Maga students I ever had was 75+ years old, a former Court Judge in Dublin!)


So do not let age be a stopper & come on down!

50, or 60 or 70+ years of age or whatever you are, your "bad back" & "oh I'm too old I got no energy" is not such an issue when it comes to horizontal work outs with the "young ladies" in Pattaya, you probably would beat me by 10 laps in the "horizontal work out Olympics", :10: so stop making excuses & get down to this weekends krav maga workshop in Pattaya.


Self Defense Krav Maga Workshop THIS WEEKEND is on offer at one of the best prices ever just 4897 Baht which gets 5 hours on Saturday 11am-4pm & Sunday 11am-4pm, with plenty of breaks in between & the times on offer will not effect you weekend party.

(Advance booking & payment needed, but full immediate refund if you cannot attend).


Krav Maga Pattaya Self Defense Club is based at www.Kombatgroup.com Martial Arts Center which is on Soi Khao Talo (Kombat is just off small side street Soi 8 which is, off Soi Khao Talo Pattaya Kombat Map )



Krav Maga Pattaya seminar this weekend 14/15 March training times are:

11am-4pm Sat & Sun 14th - 15 March 09 is the times of March Pattaya Krav Maga Self Defense Workshop, which also leaves you plenty of time to enjoy pattaya beaches, night life, or go to Pattya Shooting range to shoot a few rounds.


Krav Maga Pattaya 14 to 15 March 09 weekend 10 hour krav maga thailand seminar we will teach you krav maga to fight attacks such as :


*Krav Maga defense basic strikes & dirty shots

* Escapes Krav Maga style from grabs, chokes, bear hug attacks, & headlock

* using everyday objects with krav maga as improvised weapons for self defense.

* krav maga self protection psychlogy & awarness & avoidence of trouble.

* basic tactical krav maga weapons self defense fighting knives, stick, baton or gun.


Check you on youtube.com see Username: KravMagaThailand

Krav Maga Pattaya Thailand Video Training



You can see photos, videos, info, & write ups on Krav Maga if you scroll back through the pages on the

Krav Maga Thailand Blog




In the workshop you get self defense krav maga training of 10 hours this weekend 14 to 15 March 2009 Pattaya Krav Maga Thailand Seminar is offered to you for the best value fee ever, only 4,879 B which due to very limited places on this krav maga seminar must be booked & paid inadvance when you book & pay in full by evening Friday 13 March 09.


We accept "walk in" students on the morning of the seminar, registration by 1030 am & the fee for unconfirmed "walk in" bookings is 5,500B


All krav maga seminar Pattaya March 2009 trainees will get a Krav Maga Certificate of completing 10 hours of Tactical Krav Maga Self Defense training.


Please email me via www.kravmagathailand.com for details & to book right now.


EMAIL Gerry on [email protected]


Phone 0852883709 (+66852883709International) leave a voice mail message if no answer or SMS Text your name & message to +66852883709


P.S. This is a once off special offer price & workshop for 10 hours high quality Krav Maga Self Defense Reality Based Martial Arts training with Tactical Krav Maga Thailand.

Grab the deal, & contact us right now to book.


The Krav Maga Seminar is in Pattaya Krav Maga Base Kombat Muay Thai Kick Boxing Gym Pattaya MMA Mixed Martial Arts Pattaya Center which features a full UFC cage, 4 rings, self defense kit, & all the facilities you need to learn effective defensive tactics on this combat fighting Krav Maga Pattaya 14th to 15th March in Pattaya Thailand.


If you live in Pattaya we have regular ongoing Pattaya Krav Maga Adult classes, please contact us for details.


Get you free martial arts self defense ebook krav maga go here



You can read online a brilliant self defense free e-book by UK Legend Street Self Protection Expert

& Former Conventry Nightclub Bouncer Door Man Martial Arts Expert Geoff Thompson, follow the link below

& online you can read free his 147 page amazing book, which is a "bible" of self defense

called Dead or Alive




Any questions please email me or phone me re the Krav Maga Workshop this weekend, or if

you want to come to our regular Krav Maga Pattaya classes which work out about 170 B per class for ongoing

training. Also I offer private one on one Personal Training with Kick Boxing Fitness Training (no contact no injury guaranteed), its mostly boxing at your level of fitness, using kick boxing as the work out exercise.


Warmest Regards


Gerry Tactical Krav Maga Self Defense Pattaya Thailand


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Pattaya Krav Maga Self Defence Reality Martial Arts Thailand Pattaya Bangkok Krav Maga Courses Seminars Lessons.


We had a small keen group of adult beginners who wanted to learn self defence skills with krav maga on last

weeks krav maga workshop in Pattaya , so everyone got tailor made individual training & everyone did well.


There is now a repeat of this Adult Self Defense Krav Maga Pattaya Workshop in 2 weeks time end of March 09


Pattaya Krav Maga Self Defense Workshop 28-29 March weekend.


28th - 29th March 2009 Saturday Sunday 11am - 4pm both days is next Pattaya Krav Maga Seminar, aimed to

train Adult Beginners who want to learn the 1st steps in gaining Street Self Protection Skills with Tactical Krav Maga.


Please see for more details http://kravmagathailand.blogspot.com

or go email Gerry info[AT]kravmagathailand.com or check www.kravmagathailand.com

Pattaya Krav Maga Self Defence Thailand Bangkok Pattaya Martial Arts Website for contact details & more info.


Email me (email preferred initially) or call Gerry details on above website, & I shall be delighted

to answer any questions.




Gerry Pattaya Thailand Tactical Krav Maga Instructor Self Defence Reality Martial Arts Bangkok Pattaya kravmaga

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