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Going down the agent route long time, would it be a good strategy?

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I've about HAD it with having to comply to everything government wants me to do or not... 

Its been bad enough in the digitized hellhole that Norway has turned into, which is some of the reasons for me moving here. Got my own company with a work permit, and THEN this virus scare happened!

My plan coming here was to work & build up the company until I could apply for permanent residency, or even citizenship - but the cost of doing that all through a serious depression is just too much of a risk...

Would folding the company and then just going the agent route be a good strategy for the next decades?

Not interested in details on visas really, this is a choice of strategy.

I just want to be left bloody alone, and if that includes doing my online work "under the radar" I do not care any longer at this point if its 100% legal or not! 

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Ask @hamlek by PM.

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Just to add what I personally see as pro & cons:

Doing everything 100% legally

Pros are less of chance of getting into trouble/being deported worst case, maybe less of a cost and having some chance of getting permanent residency a decade from now.

Cons are stress and having to deal with government and RULES - this is a HUGE drag. The other major potential problem is getting pulled into some crackdown or similar.

Using agents

Pros are LOTS of added freedom to get things done, maybe even including neighbouring countries - could simply get the habit of using agents there too. If I choose to go that route, I'd also take as many shortcuts as reasonably safe, the cost of opportunity then comes down to a reasonable level - especially when only working online! 

Cons are possible rise in prices, getting too deep into it with an agent - worst case less freedom and flexibility.

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I like the Elite Visa idea, but I also have a few thoughts.

If your income is in Thai Baht and is deposited into a Thai bank account, I think you must be legal.

If you income is in Euros in a bank at your home country, then I think you should do what is best for you.

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