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Shopping, shopping, shopping to turn up an ex-pat kitchen

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I made Chicken Piccata tonight. This was the first time I had ever made this dish. At the 11th hour we picked up a dinner guest. I usually do not like to experiment with guests, but everything was already in the fridge. Given that the recipe was from Alton Brown, I was confident it would turn out well and it did. I got almost amazed looks from the GF and her friend.


If you decide to give this a try, read the recipe carefully. It says buy 4 chicken thighs and then gives you a recipe for 6 thighs. Also, the capers are drained, but not rinsed. 

Some pics:

Nearing the end of the cooking


On the table served with steamed broccoli


Close up of the entree




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I finished up the weekend cooking with another Italian recipe. I first saw "Pasta alla Norcina" on an episode of America's Test Kitchen about 8 years ago. I tried it and have been making it a couple of times a year ever since.

Pasta alla Norcina.pdf

This one requires a food processor, but one could get around that by mincing the mushrooms. The recipe calls for cremini mushrooms. I have never seen those in the Pattaya area, but Portobellos (matured creminis) are not hard to find.

This is a Northern Italian recipe. "Little Italy" on Second Road in Pattaya serves a pretty good version, if one wanted to taste before putting in the effort. Also of note, there is some discussion in the recipe about making a homemade sausage. I have another recipe that I will be doing in a few weeks that speaks further to that.

A few pics

In the pot




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Wondering if you made the pasta or was it store bought? I will experiment making homemade pasta.  I read once you tried homemade pasta you won’t settle for store bought.

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15 hours ago, expatdude said:

What kind of wine do you use may I ask?

When cooking with a white wine, I usually go with Pinot Grigio. I will also use a Sauvignon Blanc at times.

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15 hours ago, Cheetos said:

Wondering if you made the pasta or was it store bought? I will experiment making homemade pasta.  I read once you tried homemade pasta you won’t settle for store bought.

I have heard that homemade pasta is worth the effort, but have never tried.

I am using DeCecco these days and I buy it from Lazada. Several years ago I read an article comparing pasta brands. DeCecco was well regarded, so I gave it a try. I like it. I buy it from Lazada because they offer many pasta types (spaghetti, linguine, pene, shells, orecchiette, and others). I usually keep 4 types on hand. I keep them in large glass jars in a dark cabinet.

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I did see that Punch and Judy are selling their own hand made pasta, will try it soon, when my pasta stock is finished.

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There will be just one entry for this weekend's cooking report. Sunday will be a repeat of Kung Pao, which was posted about earlier in this thread.

Tonight's entree was Phily Cheese Steak Sandwiches.

Philly Cheese Steak.pdf

I had made this recipe several times in the US. It turned out to be more of an adventure here in Pattaya.

  • The Strip Steak was fattier than I was used to seeing in the US and required more trimming. I have noticed this several times with beef purchases. Not the biggest of deals.
  • I could not find White American Cheese, so I substituted Provolone which turned out not to be a good choice. It does not melt as well as some others and it took an extra 10 minutes to work it into the beef. Also, not the biggest of deals.
  • I had a problem with the Air Fryer because I had plugged it into an outlet that does not always work with the 2 prong plug on the AF. This led to opening up a basket of cold fries. I had to hustle a bit getting everything to the table hot. Live and learn.

I bought the hoagies (not really hoagies, but close enough) at Harry's Bakery on Sukhumvit. The place has a fantastic smell. I noticed another Harry's on Boon Kachana on the way over. I asked the lady at the counter about this and she said they had 4 or 5 places. There is also one on Thepprasit as well as one over in Pattaya. I like this place and the hoagie substitutes were very good. The GF also picked out a few other items for breakfast this weekend.  

Other than the above mentioned distractions, the food turned out pretty well. The GF and our two Thai dinner guests all seemed to enjoy it.

A few pics.

Served at the table.


A plate.



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On 10/10/2020 at 01:37, ChiFlyer said:

I am pretty sure, but not certain, that I have seen Tahini paste at Villa Market. If you can wait, I will be there next Thursday and can get back to you.


@jimboh I was in Villa Market today and did spot Tahini Paste. It is in an odd place. It is in the first brief aisle just as you enter the store next to the mountain of Cheetos etc.



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