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Getting Thai lady Aussie Visitors visa by non Aussie


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Im a USA citizen and this is how I got a 3 month Australian visitor visa for my Thai lady,YMMV. I had 2 failed attempts before visa grant. A lot of the following was not done until 3rd try.

First you register your thai partner on the immi website. https://online.immi.gov.au/lusc/login
You lodge your application online,its faster than paper app.

Gather the needed docs. Photo the following.
Passport data page
Passport photo 3.5x4.5 cm, >70% face and shoulders filled. Ears must be showing.
Thai ID
Name change/divorce certificates with English translation, if applicable.
Photos of all previous passport entry/exit stamps and visas.

I included the following.
Travel photos with me and partner at known foreign landmarks.
My passport photo page and Thai tourist visa.
Photos of her home,showing reasonable living conditions. Car out front may have helped.

I uploaded a Financial Guarantee statement,accepting all financial responsibility
for her expenses and return to Thailand. I included my passport number and visa grant number with signature.

Next, I wrote a letter to the embassy detailing the itinerary with copies of receipts showing everything paid in full. I also explained we only wished to visit short term,and that I live in Thailand 6 months a year. She also cares for her 85 year old mother. Include photo of her with mother.

I provided 6 months of MY bank statements showing all support to her and trip expense payments. Last 6 months of her bank book pages. We didnt do land deeds with translations , but could help in your case.

We were going on a cruise,so included photos of visas from other countries on the itinerary that required them. These were New Caledonia and French polynesia.

We also had travel insurance for her ฿1.5m coverage for ฿850. It was required for Polynesia visa. I think including it for Australia visa helped. Its not required however.

The visa fee is $145 AUD. Once submitted Thai partner must submit finger prints at AVAC in Bangkok or Chiang Mai. Depending on which center you selected in the application. It must be done within 14 days or they close your application. Biometric fee is ฿850. VFS Global is the AVAC in Thailand. You get the appointment there for biometric collection.

I didnt bother with premium service. DIY saves money. They dont keep the passport. No labels are placed in it. Visa comes as an email that you print and keep with you. All nationalities except NZ need prior approval to enter Australia. USA ETA was $20 AUD. Took a day to get,good for one year, 3 months per entry. My ladys visa expires the same day mine does,though were granted 2 months apart.

We were granted visa within 24 hours of biometric collection. Her visa is good for 3 months per entry until Nov 2020. Multi entry.

They want evidence of Thais return to Thailand.
Employment letters or business licenses will help. Also, proof of return from other western countries will help,such as UK or Schengen countries. Entry/exit stamps from asia countries wont help much,as most are visa exempt visits.

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congratulations and enjoy but I suspect it was your money and sponsor letter that did it.

suggest you keep total control of the money and say everything is expensive, if she discovers $1 is 20 baht and OP shops and the reject shop and very drinkable wine starts at 100 baht/ bottle, fruit fantastic and Coles meat counter mau mau  and suitcases of clutter await but some decent cooking for you.  Remember the chillies.

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