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Patong sucks right now! I’ll stick with Patts in future

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I actually enjoy both Patong and Patts. Nad i try to spend at least couple of night at Phuket everytime I visit Thailand.

What is still good @ Patong?:

- Illuzion Club and Freelancers - hands down best club in Thailand

- Bars at Tiger Complex - many friendly ladies and "lady drink" is a big beer in many bars there

- Soi Seadragon A GoGos - but I hate "pay after each drink" policy


What is bad @ Patong?:

- Prices - expensive food, drinks, lady drinks (standard lady drink 240THB, sometimes 250 or even 300)


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On 15/02/2020 at 12:48, tamarind said:

Many say Phuket is paradise lost. I know one person who used to be a diving instructor there. HE was there now in january and said that he thought it had become expensive and a "shitplace" compared to before.

I was there unitll christmas last year. It is more expensive than pattaya. Meet 4 girls there, 3 BG and one FL. All was memorable experiences. One even came second time she was with me. Prices vary. Its more expensive around Bangla but i managed to just say "1500" baht and she said yes. She was a dedicated women :)Barfines seem to be 500 in bars. One of the girls was a gogodancer and i meet her in daytime for lunch and then headed to my hotellroom. The girl that liked me the most and even suggested if we should get serious aftwerwards only wanted 2000 LT. She worked at the OTOP area. Which is calmer. But she complaiend that phuket right now was "very quiet". Many of the girls i talked too said that.

In gogo-bars the hustle was intensen. The women come and sit in your knee and dont leave you until they get thier drinks. Prices are high for being Thailand. Many gogos was quiet. Suzy wongs was the big exception. I liked godess lounge the most. its on a sidestreet too Bangla, not soi seadragon.

Godess certainly not the biggest one, but there was a stunning young Philippina(Mother thai,Father Phils) who would go short term for 4000b(total BF/her fee) with only pushing one drink(350b by time you/her drink it) and heeding her timeline - had to happen before 3am.  Her name Mill or probably Milk.  As others have said there plenty of Fucking options in Phuket; however, if you there for less than 2 wks it takes you some time to figure out.  It will be 8 days for me, leave tomorrow and sort of figured out a schedule that works for me.  One of the best fillers a 30year old small girl from close to Bangkok; very cute, no kids no thai husband; had a western Eu sponsor for quite some time - 1500b; great fuck, will stay hours, does not go to Bangla.  Does not or did not give me any phone/line contact details, not on TF, but seemed to be able to consistently find her in same area and was great backup.  

From a Fucking perspective though there no comparison with Pattaya as if wanted to work this hard could get fucked in Canada.  However, now that have it bit figured out wish I was spending bit more time. If anyone needs more proof on difference between Pattaya and Phuket fucking all you have to say to any girl in Phuket that starts her drink hustle on you that you spend long time Pattaya and you certainly get the weeds walking away in a hurry - they obviously all know about Pattaya mkt differences.   Think once you had trapline figured out Phuket not such a bad place.  Had great. relative bargain hotel in Phuket that would have no problem recommending to others wanting to try out the scene - Summer Breeze hotel - less than 700b/night, noticeably better service than something similar in Pattaya, great food, perfect location for me - Soi Sansabai, just off non-beach end of Bangla.

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On 16/02/2020 at 06:31, sodapop curtis said:


Checked out goddess as well and wasn’t impressed the night I went there. Set up is unique but the girls were not the best on that night. Maybe a one off and it was a fairly new gogo.

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Not the prettiest women but the there was some energy from the girls and a warm welcome. At least when i was there. The one that later came to me hotellroom was not the prettiest but loved her petite thaibody and warm eyes :):):)
And she was dedicated in bed. I was happy.

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