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[After Report] Hokkaido (formerly sky river) - January 2020 - Eun Eun

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Person's Name : Eun Eun  

Establishment : Hokkaido (formerly sky river).  

Date of Visit : 01/01/20 

Contact Details/Address/Weblink : https://goo.gl/maps/LD7dgwt3chuedTft7

Hours of Business : 1pm - late

Rates : MYR 358 - AUD 124 for 45min single shot.

Age : said 26 but probably 30

Size/shape : average

Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

Services Provided : BBBJ and FS

Value for money/recommend? : YES

My experience/comment

After last week's amazing experience I was thinking of trying out a different place before I leave KL. After looking up reviews I realised it wasn't worth risking it at a different place. 

Reached Hokkaido without much trouble. But it was quite a different experience today. If I had this experience last time it would be fucked. I think the manager was trying to confirm that I'm not an immigration officer. He was asking for Id and everything. Turns out today there aren't that many girls. The first line up was a lot of Vietnamese girls and a Laos girl. No China girl. Crazy. There were a lot of customers too. So before I could get a smile, girls were being picked up. Ended up seeing so many girls but no luck. Thinking of just getting the tiny cute one and just fuck her even if she is a starfish. Don't really have much Options. Pretty sure coming early the previous day was a good idea

Had a better look at the place and people. It's actually quite well lit. People working are mostly Indianish. Basically I declined 3 back to back line ups and finally was shown the Chinese girls. So an interesting experience. Sticking to the principles rather than thinking with your dick is always the right choice. 
The manager was definitely being a bit pushy this time. I almost couldn't believe it's the same person. When I asked him about what's up with the increased scrutiny, he explained he is just being careful. And he just wants to protect me. I understand that. And have no problem it's just that I can now understand what the other reviewers who said they were denied entry were talking about. It's a real hush hush shop . I guess coming on a busy day vs a less busy day has these differences .

Finally when he brought out the Chinese girls I found one was smiling at me . This is pretty much the single most important factor . I rejected pretty much every other girl. There was a Vietnamese that was smiling but she wasn't the best looking. Probably would have gone with her if everything failed. 
I just wanted to cum and after last time it had been building up inside me. Also as I was leaving kl soon this was my last chance here. I was to say the least quite desperate. 

She Did not know any English. But really surprised at how well she managed everything without it. 

She had a tattoo on her stomach. So my guess is that was a baby mark. She said her age is 26 . I call bullshit. But she looked good so didn't matter. 

Gave me a routine catbath, first time I'm getting a catbath. Not something I want to waste my time on frankly. Then she gave a really sad dragon service. Again first time the hot cold stuff is complete crap. I literally went limp. So she moved on and gave a nice bbbj . Put on the Dom and we went into cowgirl and fucked for a while. She was really good at the moans and I must say I almost believed it was real. But I'm not stupid . Then moved on to missionary and she was all for hugging and fucking. Which is something I missed last time. Then she tuned on the moaning and I just went to town fucking her. It was fun actually. Really good experience. Not fakish at all. Had some time till the buzzer went off so we tried WeChat translation chats. Was too slow so moved on to Google translation and it worked for the most part. I think she would do well if she learnt a bit of English. Good potential. She said the same story. She is here on the tourist visa . Going back tomorrow for Chinese New year . She is trying to make some money so she can start a business. She works as beautician or something. She was referred by a friend who works here. Asked her if she has thought of coming to Australia. For some reason she needs to go back home every two months so she can't go to Australia. Not sure if that's actually valid. But this is what she said. She said she is from Hunan.

Kept an eye on the time. Buzzer went couple of minutes before 45 mins. Acceptable I guess. 

Chilled out for a while afterwards. Got chatting with the guys servicing drinks. Also got a good look at the clientele. All asian men. There were a few rich kids too. Looks like this place mostly caters to locals. I'm sure they have regulars. Some definitely seemed so. Most of them ran off after the deed. Quite interesting to observe them.

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