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"Procedures" to do before/after act for maximum safety?


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Hey guys,

Prior to doing the deed are there any particular things you do to ensure safety - wrapping up is of course the most important. Screening the lady is important as well. I have browsed and noticed people get their lady to have a mouth wash/brush teeth - or take shower. What about afterwards? I read that a guy washed their junk with betadine after doing the deed and doing CBJ. Personally, i am more into DFK and BBJ, not necessarily FS.

Are there any tips/tricks to ensure maximum safety?

Appreciate your serious answers.. 

Thanks :)

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I am not a doctor, but from my understanding, if you are unfortunate enough to be kissing someone with HSV and they are shedding, no amount of stopping to rinse your mouth out is going to protect you. If you are getting BBBJ from someone with active HSV, you stand a very low chance of contracting it unless you have some sore or other wound, like nicks from shaving or a pimple or something. Still, it doesn't hurt to thoroughly wash up after you're done.

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Always use condoms for intercourse 


Gargle with listerene 

Urinate straight afterwards 

Wash with an anti fungal, anti bacterial body was.. Eg tea tree 




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1.  Thoroughly inspect the genital area and mouth for any strange lumps, bumps, warts, lesions and/or smells. 

(I cut off a session before, because a girl I previously fucked had some strange lesion close to her asshole that wasn't there a week before.  If I had not closely inspected, my balls would have been slapping against that lesion and I may have ended up with herpes or genital warts.  Check for abnormalities in the light!  If the girl won't let you, they may be trying to hide something)

2.  Use a latex condom with extra lubrication for vaginal and/or anal sex.  (Oral sex is much less risky, although it is possible to contract some STI's via oral sex) 

3.  Remove condom carefully without touching your urethra.  

4.  Wash your hands thoroughly in the shower.  

5.  Wash your genital area thoroughly and urinate in the shower.  

6. Rinse and repeat.  

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Fire Hose

Wire Brush


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Before oral sex and DFK, you should always check your mouth to see if you have any open sores, cuts or bleeding gums, if you do stop!  During, don't swallow the fluid/juice even though it's tasty, just spit it out!  Afterwards, rinse your mouth immediately with C-20 antiseptic mouthwash! 

Remember that bacterial STDs can be cured but if you're infected with viral STDs, you'll have it for rest of your life!

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Hang Loose, mongoose!

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