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Applying for Tourist Visa online from London Embassy


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I tried searching 'SETV' and also this specific forum without success. 

There was a thread where a member advised how to apply for SETV online through the London Embassy. It covered creating your account, what documents were required and how to resize files for uploading to the website. 

If anyone can identify the thread and post a link or provide a clue, I would be very grateful.   

TIA,  bangna

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Can't recall that being posted here, I followed a very detailed and useful post on Thai Visa, maybe search there? My main difficulty was getting the uploads down to the required size, just a question of try and see if it works. Overall took a lot more time that the old system, but that's progress for you :)

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Don't know for the thread, but the Thai online site for Visa is  https://thaievisa.go.th/

It's now used by China, France and UK (at least) and other countries to follow soon...


Edit: The Thread ma be this one :



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That website process seems a bit of a joke and unlikely to be used much.  There's a lengthy account set up process and scanning and uploading all your relevant documents, all of which just generates an appointment within a 1 hour timeslot at your nearest Thai consulate that it looks like you must physically attend.  


If the evisa process requires you to physically attend a consulate, why bother with all the online stuff?  It would be simpler to just go along to your nearest consulate holding the paperwork as you have to do now.  In the nearest Thai consulate to my home, the tourist visa process takes about five minutes, which is a lot less than all that messing around scanning your documents would take.

There's also a risk that if your paperwork isn't sufficient to get the visa you want, the online system will keep the payment you've made, whilst in person in the consulate you don't hand over your cash until the process is being completed by the visa officer sitting in front of you.


I had the impression that the Thai evisa process might be like the USA permission to travel process, ie the online stuff completes the process which is evidenced by a printout you make and an entry in the USA immigration computers.  The requirement to physically attend a Thai consulate makes the Thai evisa process IMO pointless.

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Thanks guys, it is indeed possible that I saw a thread elsewhere.

My last holiday, September 2019, I chickened out and did 30 days, 1 week in Vietnam and then a further 30 days. I'm still debating whether to apply online to London, go to the Consulate in Cardiff or have a week outside LOS again for my upcoming trip.

Edit: found the thread on TV "My guide to online e-visa applications via London Embassy"

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That sounds like the one I used. Followed that and it was relatively straightforward, if a bit time consuming. Living close to the london embassy I elected to get it in person there. Two minute wait on arrival - at the time I went the "1 hour appointment window" didn't apply, processed in another two minutes, picked it up the next day. Much quicker than the old system.

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ive done the evisa twice now and elected to apply by post each time.it was a massivelesson in how to use a computer for me.

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Largely pointless if you still have to either post documents or physically visit the embassy.

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Just finished my e-visa application to Thai Embassy London.  The site froze a couple of times during the process, I opened a new page, logged out and back in again to carry on.

During the document upload stage, I noticed the size allowed was larger than the original 200 kb stated, could have saved myself a lot of effort reducing file sizes. Required upload docs: passport biometric page, photograph, signed declaration, air ticket, hotel booking. bank statement and confirmation of citizenship, I copied biometric page and countersigned " I confirm I am a British Citizen with  permanent address in the UK ". Payment is £30 for single entry visa.

Confirmation and receipt is a 4 page document to be printed, you will need the page with barcode for the application. It is also sent via e-mail. 

I decided to have the passport / visa returned by post and observed they only require confirmation with barcode, passport, £10 and return address, I filled in a Royal Mail Special Delivery envelope for the return.

For hotel booking, I supplied booking confirmation of 2 nights in hotel, I will then stay at my regular guesthouse but her confirmation is a smilie face :)  via Line message, I didn't think that would be acceptable. 

Expected turn around time is 3-5 working days.

I will update once I receive passport with visa.  :Cross_Fingers:

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Posted passport, barcode and £10 on Tuesday, signed for Wednesday morning. That afternoon I received an e-mail requesting copy of bank statement with name and address showing balance greater than £500.  I receive bank statements by post, only the cover page has name and address also opening and closing balance.  I originally sent a copy of page 3, showing all transactions for the month.

Sent this on Thursday morning and passport was returned by post on Friday. Received Saturday morning even though Special Delivery does not guarantee Saturday service.

Note, the Thai Visa website CHECKING STATUS tab is updated at each stage.

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