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[After Report] Hokkaido Spa Kuala Lumpur

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Person's Name : FiFi
Establishment : Hokkaido (formerly sky river)
Date of Visit : 26/12/19
Contact Details/Address/Weblink : https://goo.gl/maps/LD7dgwt3chuedTft7
Hours of Business : 1pm - late
Rates : MYR 338 - AUD 118 for 45min single shot.
Age : 25..ish
Size/shape : slim and tall
Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese
Services Provided : BBBJ and FS
Value for money/recommend? : YES
My experience/comment:

The place used to be called sky river and there are a few scattered reviews on the internet. Lots of conflicting reports too. Just want to set the record straight here. I’m a south asian and I felt really welcome and everyone was polite, so there is clearly no race based bullshit going on. 

Some of the highlights of the place 

This location is located right behind Fahrenheit Mall. Unmarked door with a buzzer. 
Its a pure fuck house, no massage or spa at all.
Free Drinks 
Shower in rooms
PRC girl 338 for 45min single shot.
Thailand, viet, load 228 for 45min single shot
Cash OR 6% extra credit card charges
Girls are on 30 day tourist visas and can be taken out
pay in advance.
Now going to in detail report

I wasn’t quite sure about the place and was quite nervous actually. I am used to everything in open thailand and not used to the hush hush business of a place like kl. 
Took the brave step and despite feeling really nervous and really really worried I just went and buzzed the door. 

It opened up and I was relieved. Walked in and I was really surprised by how clean and well maintained the place was. It almost felt like the reception of a good hotel. There was another gentleman waiting there. 

A very polite man started explaining to me how this is not really a spa. I told him I understand and I’m aware of this. I also told him how I have looked up stuff online. Pretty sure this helps in avoiding them trying to fleece you. Quite funny to think someone coming in thinking this is a real spa. Told me the rates of the girls and they matched the rates mentioned on the internet. 

I was offered some free drinks and I choose the green tea. It was pretty loaded with sugar. Not surprising for malaysia :D

Another old white but really fit gentleman walked in and I witnessed the same explaining while sipping my tea. It was actually quite relaxing environment. I should have spent a bit more time there but my cock needed some action. 

So the line up was in a smaller room and the other gentleman and me were both there looking at a lineup of 6 viets, 1 laos and 4 PRCs. I have a simple rule let the girl choose you. So there was one PRC girl smiling at me and the laos girl seemed almost scared. PRC girl was my choice, would have chosen the laos girl if not for her. I have never had a PRC girl so I was excited. 

The other gentleman decided to wait it out. He wanted some thai action. Which I must say is never a bad choice. 

The PRC girl was tall and slim and really stunning looking. I was really surprised at how beautiful she was. She was really fair skinned and pretty much the most beautiful girl I have fucked till now. 

She mumbled an English name which obviously she isn’t used to it yet. 

Went into the room and it was quite clean. The lighting was dim everywhere which I kinda like. Little bit sleazy. There was air condition and a shower. 

Asked her if she knew english and she said little. Frankly her english was more than good enough for a session. I asked her if she would allow a few pics but she refused. She was hairy down there which I don’t mind but would prefer a clean pussy anyday. She also wanted to use her own Chinese condoms, “HA” condoms. Was worried it would irritate me or be too tight like the nightmarish thai ones!! But turned out alright. She said she came to Malaysia a month ago on tourist visa and has to go back in a week. Sounds legit. 

She gave me a shower, really rubbed my cock clean. I’m generally a clean person but man she really worked the soap on my cock. She then took a shower herself. Gave her a few kisses on the lips before starting. 
She started with a BJ for about 5 minutes may be more. The blowjob was awesome. Like I couldn't believe a cute girl like her was sucking my cock. I so wanted to just fuck her mouth but don't think she could take it. I asked her if she can deep throat. She said no. She was pretty much fisting the base of my cock to make her work area smaller. But she was genuinely trying her best. She tried different ways of licking and was looking up into my eyes while doing so. This was probably the best part of the whole session. 

She didn’t want to give deep kisses or allow me to Touch her face, pretty sure because of makeup. It’s really annoying thing. Ruins it for everyone. She seemed ok with touching her hair but not pulling them. 

Then she wiped my cock and her mouth and proceeded to put the HA condom. Then started fucking her in missionary. She was instantly trying to get me to cum quick. I literally laughed at her attempts. Poor girl had no idea what she signed up for. I wasn’t going to cum that easy. While I was enjoying fucking her I had to keep changing the way I was holding her. She seemed to be getting hurt by the way I was grabbing her, especially her thighs. I told her to call me “daddy” , “daddy fuck me” . she really took to it but started saying “daddy cum” :Laugh1:.
I could see in her face that she was getting impatient and wanted me to cum. The funny thing is that is what was off putting for me and I wasn’t going to cum that way. 

I felt pity on her and asked her to get into doggy. This is when I realised while she has a cute ass, very tiny and smooth, I wish I had a thai ass instead, I would cum right away. 

I fucked her hard in doggy and she was really cooperating by looking at me in the mirror and making noises. But something wasn’t right with doggy, may be the height mismatch or just her not getting into the right position. It wasn’t really working. So we got into missionary again. Then gave her a good pounding and she was looking so bored now, it was almost funny. It kind of got me into fucking her harder but she wasn’t able to take it. So offered me to finish by handjob, I didn’t mind that. 

She really worked on that handjob. It was pretty good actually. Generally I don’t want handjobs as I feel it’s pointless to pay for it. But man she had skills. She kept going on and on and I was enjoying it but wasn’t going to cum anytime soon. At this point I was feeling something in the condom caused this. I have had this happen to me before. Frankly I didn’t mind. It’s a lot better than finishing early. Finally she just gave up and said she is tired. 

It was really cute because she genuinely tried hard. We still had some time left so asked her to lie with me but she wanted a massage. Very cheeky of her but I didn’t mind. I was pretty happy and content. Massaged her hands and back for maybe 5 minutes and then times up. Quick shower and exit. The guys at the door and lounge were really polite as well. 

I could have stayed at the lounge a bit longer and relaxed but I just wanted to write this after report :Dance1:. Thanks everyone who has reviewed before me for giving the right info. 

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On 26/12/2019 at 16:29, fawksguy818 said:

I wasn’t quite sure about the place and was quite nervous actually. I am used to everything in open thailand and not used to the hush hush business of a place like kl. 

i like the business in KL no time wasting around drinks, ladydrinks, BF.

Just a line up, choose the girl, go in the room and fuck her.

I been in KL and visiting many different places, it was fun.

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