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Khon Kaen, Udon Thani and Hua Hin TR

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Have to head up to Khon Kaen for a meeting today and will spend 3 days milling around KK and will report back about the place. 

Udon Thani - then heading up to UT for a couple of meetings and stay a full week and let everybody know my thoughts on UT.  

After returning to Patts and a couple weeks in P/I, will head over to Hua Hin for a few days and report back



DAY #1

So alarm set for 4am wake up call, but with the crazy loud music being played now below me, I’m up just past midnight.  In about an hour the crazy thai music will start....thats been the MO this past week.  Staying over at Secrets hotel on the 1st floor and Scooters bar tends to turn up the music even louder after midnight.  Yes, I am aware it is less noisy on the 2nd and 3rd floors, but since I started staying at Secrets Hotel 12 years ago and to where we are now.....I am now old and now my aching knees make it too difficult to walk up them dam stairs....so easier to stay on the 1st floor

Reflection: when I first started coming to LOS over 12 years ago, on my first couple of years, I got around a bit and saw a bit of  Thailand.  Somehow the past 10 years, I’ve almost exclusively been only in Pattaya.  The original plan was to see all of Thailand, but after the first few trips, I ended up not adding stops/destinations and spent the entire time in Pattaya and maybe a minimal time in bkk on the way in or out before flying home.  Tentative Future Plan -  I plan to give it a go and see a bit of Thailand....at least the places that still allow me to find a date for the evening lol!  Unlike my normal friends back home who take sightseeing trips to many exotic places, I don’t mind bouncing around the many wonderful places of Thailand, but there better be a few gals out and about wherever I visit and the begin/end and majority of my fun will still be had in Pattaya!

So when putting the itinerary together I looked over the thai cities and decided that during the first 5 weeks I would add a visit to Khon Kaen and Udon Thani. 

Now the reason I chose KK first was after doing a bit of research, I learned that the nightlife in KK is minimal, so decided to get that outta the way first.  Then once I head up to UT I would have a bit more fun with a few more nightlife options.  Reading up on the different forums, found out that not all boutique airlines fly up to KK or UT.  And importantly that you cant actually fly from KK<UT or UT<KK ....yikes!

After reading a lot of Lottellee Winna trip reports/life reports, realized maybe simplier flying outta Utapao instead of making the trek into Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi/Don Muang airports)

I wanna give a big thanks to the other board members who provided me all this great info and instead of thanking each person every time I used their info and because I am lazy, I’m just gonna just post the photo screenshots from my phone..lol. You ll be able to see where my info came from and which board member supplied the info. btw, if a BM doesn’t appreciate me attaching their info to my TR, please message me and I will remove that particular screenshot.....but remember prior posters....the reason this TR is even possible is the very valuable information you have supplied me!!!  thanks again!!!

Flight Info and which airlines fly where

On the next post I will attach the UT info, just so all flight info stuff is all in one section of my report

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So tried to book Meeow taxi, Mr T and Nam taxi but all 3 wouldn't drive from Pattaya to Utapao so I booked the taxi stand next to the Grand hotel.  Cost 1,000 baht.   

Flight from Utapao to KK via Air Asia with luggage fee was 990 baht





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Nice new Toyota suv arrive about 15 min early, so got in and off to Utapao airport. I used this airport 12 years ago and thought it was dumpy.  As we pulled up, not anywhere the looks it was a dozen years ago.  Although a small airport, very modern, stores up on top and nice clean and modern bathrooms.  Actually probably better than Don Muang or Suvarnabhumi.  Absolutely no line at Air Asia, but the airlines next to me had a jammed line......lucky me!

Quick check in and went upstairs.  It seems all the shopping/stores are only for INTL departures.  As I am flying domestic no access to the shops.  

Made my way through security and wait out the 30 min. until boarding.
Was thinking about getting the dark choc frappy but decided to go for the more sensible fruit smoothy 
Beautiful sunrise this morning.  
My photo doesn’t do justice. 

Plane about 50% empty and quick 1 hour 5 min hop to KK. 

Grabbed my bag and used Grab Taxi as it is so cheap here in LOS.  It took us 20 min as we missed a few lights and had to wait the entire rotation.  I tipped the driver 100 baht.  Kosa hotel is across the street from tukcom mall and the Starbucks is literally across the street.  
It seems that the Kosa hotel rates posted here are way higher than the booking price on line......so best to book On-line!
Grabbed a coffee in the lobby while waited for my room to be ready and getting ready for my work call in 30 min at 10am.  Completed my call and headed outside to walk around my hotel and the Pullman hotel next door.  
Passed by Erics Bar Khon Kaen, passed by My Bar and Club Rad.  
Will check out these and other bars later tonight.  so walked all over as the weather was a bit cooler here than Pattaya.  Saw a lot of city.  It was nice. I think tomorrow though I will rent a motorbike so I can cover more distance.  

Walked over to Tukcom which was almost dead and 50% empty.  Told by a local falong that most of the business moved over to the Central Mall.  I made my way over there.  Stopped at the Starbucks but the line was wrapped around as I found out it was buy 1 , get 1 free day, so decided to skip my afternoon ice coffee.  Stopped by the Boots to grab some supplies and went back to the hotel for an afternoon nap.  








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.....always makes me curious to why my bags get so dirty and beat up when traveling/flying in Thailand. 

Lots of great places to visit here in KK.  Plan to rent a motorbike for #300 baht per day and bounce around town.  

temperature is just perfect up here in kk.  












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Kosa hotel is on the same street as the Pullman hotel.....basically next door.  A few bars all along this soi and club bars around the corner.  

I was originally gonna go to the main bus terminal to buy a ticket to get from Khon Kaen to Udon Thani, but after seeing what the cost was going to be to get from my hotel to UT, decided canceling the bus route and just hire a Grab Taxi to get to UT in a few days out






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Walking by the Glacier hotel, looks like a club attached to the Glacier, may check it out on Friday or Saturday.  

There were quite of few outdoor venues that looked nice.  

In between my hotel Kosa and The Pullman hotel was an outdoor beer section and steak restaurant.  It really had a cool look and vibe. A nightly band every night on stage.   

Walked by the U Bar, a local hiso club, not sure if falong friendly in terms of catching a date, but will give it a whirl on friday and see if anything happens.  

The U bar is on a soi in between the kosa and pullman. a block further down is the outdoor jazz music venue.   Very chill place and great music.  If I find a date one night, will head over there to spend more time.  

After looping all the way around, I passed the Blues bar. Saw a lot of local falongs at this place and advertisement fir english breakfast.   Plan is to have breakfast here later this morning.  

















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Very nice report. Udon Thani has a much Bigger beer bar scene compared to KK probably the best falang catered nightlife in Issan. Nothing compares to Pattaya tho, but its a nice different pace in those city's.

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Day #2 Khon Kaen

Woke up around 3am and made a couple work calls back home and checked both work acct. emails. This having to carry around 2 secure labtops everywhere I go is such a hassle and on top of that having to log-in etc…..takes times.   Along with the personal labtop, I am traveling with 3 labtops which makes it bothersome anywhere I travel….but I can travel & work remotely which is a nice option to have….which I guess most people would luv to have my kinda problem….so I should stop bitching and complaining, lol.  It was a quick morning - work check.  I was done with the emails and had 1 quick assignment completed, I was done in about 90 minutes. 

There are a number of nice things about staying at the Kosa, but two nice things about the rooms themselves, the King size bed and having a shower tub.  Both of the places I currently own don’t have a tub, just really nice walk-in showers.  Although I installed these really fancy shower heads and features along with small enclosed pockets to be able to prop-up my phone so I can watch videos while I shower or turn on my portable blue tooth speaker in the shower…..I do miss a relaxing bath.  I hopped into the tub and just relaxed for an hour  ….very nice!!!  Once done, I gathered a few things, as I have a couple errands to run today.

The first stop was at the motorbike rental place in the strip of shops right in front of the Pullman hotelwww.topcarrents.com    email:  [email protected]     081-320-4348  or 089-711-2829   I had my passport with me, paid #600 baht for the 2 days along with a #1,000 deposit.  Quick and easy and I was driving down the road.  (Photos down below)

My first stop was the post office about 2 blocks away.  I had a few thai holiday cards I wanted to send out and felt more comfortable sending them from either BKK or somewhere in Issan vs. from Pattaya, lol.  Walked in and not a single person there, how awesome was that.  I walked up to the window, but the thai guy pointed to the self service ticket number machine…..so went to the machine, pushed the button for a ticket number….the guy pushed the bell for my number and then walked to the window….lol.   I was in and out in matter of minutes.




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I was hungry so decided to make the 3.7 mile trek to Vacca Italian Restaurant.  It was a very cool morning and it was a very enjoyable ride through the city of Khon Kaen and before arriving to Vacca, I passed a number of large dinosaur statues around the city…..anybody know why there’s a bunch of dinosaur displays around the city of KK?  Arrived at Vacca and parked my motorbike in the back parking lot.  It seems that this is some sort of complex that had a few other shops/venues.  Walked into the place and was greeted very warmly by two thai gals who sat me.  Very nice inside.  I noticed the sign out front advertising – buy 1 pizza get 1 free – Monday thru Sunday 11am-5pm.   I ordered a mango juice and a couple of pizzas.  My pizza was great, but only ate ½ of one and ¾ of the other one.  I really didn’t need both pizzas…I should have had them make me just one…..

After eating and settling the bill, I took off on the motorbike and drove all around the city.  I came across one of the many Khon Kaen Universities around town and stopped to have a walk around one of the campuses….very nice and, yes, the school girls walking around…many of them quite cute.

I came across a small homie coffee shop and stopped to have an ice coffee for about 45 baht.  I saw a SCB branch and stopped to make a deposit.  I used the self-service machine, but still charged me 51 baht just to deposit money into my own accts….gotta luv those banking fees here in Thailand.

“Anybody know if there is a way to avoid, or get these type of fees waived???  I keep a decent amount of funds in my acct. (if I was back at home these type of fees considering the amount of cash I keep in my accts, I would get my fees waived)  .and feel that I shouldn’t have to pay these types of fees even in Thailand.














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Excellent trip report! I think some of us might sample Khon Kean now!

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Day #3. Khon Kaen

So did a little bit of computer work in the room this morning and then decided to go get an oil massage before lunch.  

- Now to clarify a bit, In between the Kosa hotel and Pullman hotel are two parallel soi roads.  

If you are standing at Eric’s beer bar with your back to the bar, then the Kosa hotel is to your left and Pullman hotel is to your right.  In-between the two hotels are both the parallel soi roads.  

The soi road on the right/closest to the Pullman is a strip of stores. The Pomodoro Italian Restaurant is on the left and a bit further down is U Bar/Club.  



The soi road on the left/closest to the Kosa hotel is a strip of stores and a couple of massage shops to the left and 1 massage shop to the right.  

The massage shop on the right was the best looking set-up and the girl working here was nicely dressed in a thai style dress.   If you want a nice proper massage I think this is the one for you.  

Now, for me on the other hand, I was hoping for possible extras, so my choices were better off from the simple set-up massage shops on the left side of the road.  I went to the 2nd massage shop on the left as the girl waiting up front was a bit cuter.  I went in for a 1 hour oil massage for #400 baht.   It was a good oil massage and every so often my girl’s hand was brushing against my private areas.   She asked me if I want HJ and we agreed on #700 baht.   I won’t get into details but it was a nice finish to conclude my oil massage.   If I come back to KK, I will be coming back there.  

After the massage, went back to the hotel to shower off the oil and then headed out on my motorbike to explore around the city.  Today was bloody hot and getting hotter by the minute....a huge difference from yesterday.   I spent about 2 hours driving around the city and came across a parade close to my hotel as I approached my return back to the hotel.  














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Great TR m8, thanks for taking the time. :ThumbUp6:

BTW : Nice bunch of pix.

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- continue -  Day #3. Khon Kaen

Just as I was finishing up my shower, got a text message from the girl on the first night asking me to stop at the mall and have a drink at her place of work/coffee shop .  I text back ok.  I left the Kosa and got on my motor bike rental and headed to Central Mall.   Roads were fairly busy and once I began approaching the mall, it was quite busy.   I forgot today was Saturday....funny how when you’re out and about in another country how you tend to forget the days of the week.  Found a spot close to all the food tents outside as someone else was just leaving.  Found out from my girl who works daytime at the mall that these food tents out in front, show up from time to time and usually last 10-14 days at a time.  Btw, the food tents here are falong friendly, lol.  Many of them are not simple Issan thai food stalls, but actually tasty yummy eats, many geared towards falong type eats.  

Made my way up to the fourth floor and met up with my girl.  I ordered a watermelon and japanese pear/apple drink.  Both were great, but that Japanese pear drink was one of the best drinks ever!!!   Sat down and chitchatted with my girl for over an hour and agreed to meet up with her at Eric’s bar late in the evening.  I stood up to head outta the mall and my girl was headed to go grab some food.  I had some money folded-up and put it in her hand.....she looked at it and kept only #100 baht and handed the rest back to me, stating her food only cost #100 baht, giving me a smile.  

I made my way back to Kosa, but chose to stop a bit short at my motorbike rental place.  Decided it was best to return the motorbike now, so wouldn’t have to mess with it in the morning the next day.  Quickly returned the bike and began walking towards the Kosa hotel.  As I was walking back, came across a homeless guy wearing no shoes, very dirty and damaged feet.  He was selling handmade grasshopper and goldfish on a stick.  He said #50 baht.  I pointed to all 3 and handed him #200 baht.  These will make great stocking stuffers for family back home.  Now, from time to time, I come across these homeless guys selling these cool hand made items.  One time,  a guy made these peacocks out of empty thai beer cans, another time I got spinning wind chimes outta thai beer cans and another time I got bamboo straw animal figurines.  I always luv buying these cool hand made things from the homeless guys.  They are cheap, cool and make really awesome gifts for friends and family back home.  My Uncle will get one of them for Christmas.  He had been a civil engineer with the US Army over 50 years ago, when he help build the many bridges and roads in Thailand.  There’s been a few times during family get togethers, when my uncle has had one too many, he’ll sit and chat with me off in the corner and he’ll tell me how much he enjoyed his time in Thailand many many years ago.  He told me in the past, he met a couple of different Thai gals back in those days and could have easily stayed and married one of them.  We’ll sit off in the corner and I’ll fill him in on my recent Thai holiday escapades and I can see how interested and excited he gets hearing about my travels in Thailand.  He is pretty much the only family person back home I ever discuss what I do in Thailand.  Once back in the room, I shower and take a quick nap....











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- continue -

(Evening) Day #3. Khon Kaen

After my quick nap, shower and shave and head over to Pomodoro Restaurant.  As I approached the restaurant a girl asks me if I want to sit inside or outside, I chose to sit inside and away from all those dam mosquitoes.  There are 3 Thai gals working.  One is a bit chubby, another is just ok, and my gal, who ends up being my server/waitress is kinda cute and really sweet.  After she takes my drink order, she comes to chit chat and help me with the menu.  The menu is quite large and she helps me order a couple of pasta dishes. One is a red sauce dish, seafood pasta.  The other dish that was recommended, was a mushroom cream sauce dish with prawns, made with fresh handmade pasta.    Both dishes are excellent, but that fresh pasta with cream sauce was the bomb!!!

I chitchat with the cute server a bit and we seem to get along quite nicely.  If this wasn’t my last night, I would’ve looked more into the possibilities ;)

I square up my bill, leave a very healthy tip and head out.  My service girl smiles and says to please come back again.  

I attached the bill from Pomodoro Restaurant- it has the item numbers on my bill.  That cream sauce dish was item #112, but remember, only certain dishes each evening has the fresh handmade pasta, so inquire before ordering.  A huge difference between the pre-made noodles and the fresh made pasta!

I leave the restaurant and walk around the corner to Eric’s Bar. My girl, from the 1st night comes right up to me and we grab a drink. I tell her I don’t want to stay long and need to get back to the hotel room to pack and clean-up a bit. After our drinks, I settle the bill and head out, back to the hotel with my girl in-tow.  We both shower and have a very long enjoyable session and somehow I fall asleep....  I wake up a bit and see my girl cleaning up the room and tidying up the the disaster I made in the room the past few days.   I mumble to her about not have to clean-up and just relax and she comes back to bed to cozy up to me.  We both fall asleep.

What a memorable day and great few days here in KK....isn’t life Great!!!







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Great trip report enjoyed reading,thanks for taking time to share.

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Day #4 Khon Kaen to Udon Thani

Woke up next to a sweet Thai girl next to me.  No time for messing around.  I quietly head to the bathroom for a shower. When I step out my girl is starting to stir and asks me if I want to mess around....I say I have to get ready to check out and head to Udon Thani.  She starts to get outta bed and I gentle push her back onto the bed, she laughs and I say I change my mind...I tell her 5 minutes....she says how about 1 hour....she notices I am getting aroused and laughs.   I get off her and tell her not have time to mess around, give her a wink and get back to the task of packing last minute items into my suitcases.  After I finish, we chat on the bed for a few minutes and I send her out first.  Very much enjoyed my time with her.  Much more relaxing and enjoyable with girls up here in Issan.  I gather up my things and use the Grab Taxi App from my phone and book a ride from KK to UT.  It arrives in only 1 minute.  I am loaded-up and heading to Udon Thani.

- side note -   When I arrived 2 weeks ago to Pattaya, it felt like the quietest October I can remember.  Same thing here in KK.   I chatted with a few falong the past few days and they all say it’s been a bit quieter than in the past.  

Since I have now left KK, I will add those cheat sheets from other board members down below.  I’m not gonna sort through them, will just “re-post” all that I have.  And as I said before, if the original poster doesn’t want me to re-post their prior notes, message me and I will delete, regardless, a BIG Thank You to those original posters with the helpful notes!!!





































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Colin back in Pattaya

Hi Todd2rip

Great report, thanks a lot.

You mentioned banking fees. I'm guessing your SCB account is at a Pattaya branch. Thai banks tend to give free services in the same province - so Chonburi for you, but charge various for the rest of the country. 

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Nice report ! Why no pics of the girls/bars? 

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Looking forward to the trip report about Udon Thani.

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