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Thailand vs Vietnam

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What are everyones thoughts on ho Vietnam compares to Thailand ? Pattaya and Phuket in Particular.

Have booked my second trip to Pattaya, a few friends have said go to Vietnam.

Can you have as much fun?

Are the girls as friendly..playful?

Massages places offer the similar services ? ;)

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Went to Vietnam recently (Hanoi).  Very interesting city with deep culture.  Not a mongering destination in my opinion.  If going for mongering do a lot of research and you'll find some opportunities, but, not near the same scale as Pattaya.  In Thailand it's part of the culture, in Vietnam, definitely not.

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We were in Vietnam last year, but it wasnt really good.
I come to thailand now for around 10 years.
Vietnam is really different.
It was ok for me, but much to expensive for what we get.
We stay 10 days in HohChiMinh, but better we stay in Pattaya.
There is much more fun with the girls.
Also if you go to Phuket.
In Thailand the hole holiday is cheaper and the girls are much more professional.
In HoChiMinh every day you have specials in some clubs where ladys come in for free.
In this clubs you can find nice ladys for sure, but they are not really professional ...

Sorry about my english ...

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