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First time in Udon Thani!

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Hi all!

Wondering about UD. I'll be in pattaya for a week (cambodia before that) but thought about changing air before finishing in BKK. 

How's the nightlife and the girls there? I'm sure it's no Pattaya and that's really what I'm looking for but I'm pretty young (32) and do prefer my nights not to end at midnight. 

How is the club scene? Are there some action to be had after midnight or 2am? I'll unfortunately be there at the beginning of the week and not during a weekend, is it still worth it?

Are there some young hotties in the Day&Night complexe or in the other beer bars? Or is it mostly older gals who retired from their Pattaya days?

What about students in the clubs maybe :huh:?

Just pondering if allocating 3 days there is worth it.


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I was in Udon a few years back and there is some beer bars if memory serves me right not too far from the train station.  Day night complex had a mixture of young and old but not very many at least when I was there 

It was not busy and you can have some fun with the ladies.


No idea about clubs but you should be able to find them.  The market by the train station is very good with some great food options.


I was only there for maybe 3 days but enjoyed it.  

Go see for yourself the people are friendly 

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