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I enjoyed samui

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I have recently been to Samui . I decided to stay in Lamai a little bit more laid back.  Got a decent deal on Lamai wanta resort on the beach with a pool and central to the town.


There are plenty of beer bars  a couple  which are fun and Tinder is the social media app to pick up working girls compared to TF.


Apart from Bars ect Lamai is a pretty cool place. Rented a motorbike scooter for a couple of days to explore.


Will try to write some sort of trip report 


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My trip to Samui was from Bangkok and took Air Asia to Surat Thani as it was a very cheap flight.  I don't have a huge amount of baht on my trips so try to save where I can and I don't mind traveling in Thailand.


Then transfer to a bus and onto the ferry.  Sure it may not be ideal but the difference between this option and direct with Bangkok airlines is a couple of nights accommodation so for me personally it is the preferred.



Anyway, I was dropped off at the hotel Lamai Wanta which is on the beach but my room was further back in the resort but still a pretty cool place.


As it was late afternoon I did hit the beach for an hour and ten out for some food. Plenty of options and I ended up getting food in the nightly food market which is situated beside a load of beer bars.  You can eat at the beer bars if you want obviously buying a drink.  It was low season so I was the only client and had the attention of the girls all 3 of them that night.  It was fun usual conversations you have with these ladies.


Stayed for about 2 hours and went for a walk.


Lamai is pretty laid back and pretty decent price-wise IMO.


I found a pretty cool bar with live sports and cheap cocktails for around 80 baht so ordered a mojito and explored tinder.


I managed to swipe at the right time and a pretty 35 year old connected with me. Told here where I was and he turned up maybe 30 min later and she was nice . We had a couple of cocktails at the bar and headed back to the hotel.


She had asked for 1000 st and happy with that and a couple of cocktails.


Her name was Nam or Bam I can for some reason be clear on that but slim figure and pretty face.


We spent a couple of hours in the hotel and sex was great.  She gave a great BJ and no problem when I came all over her face.  

Later  I walked her out to the road where she had her bike parked near the beer bars.


I was only there for 3 nights and wished in hindsight  I had seen her again to be honest but with a short time I did want to play elsewhere.



I will follow up on the next day soon

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Dr No

Nice, I’ve always enjoyed Samui. It’s nothing compared to Patts for P4P but there’s some nice girls there. 

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The resort was very comfortable decent bed and room and as I am not much of a breakfast person I was happy to see a kettle and coffee in the room which is pretty much all I need to start my day.  


I had a balcony so enjoyed the coffee to the resorts garden view with some colorful birds.


After I strolled to the beach sat on the lounger reading a book for an hour or two.

Took a swim and went back to the room.  It had started to get a bit overcast so I decided to explore.  Not too fay away was a tourist attraction Hin Ta and Hin Yai


Basically a cock and pussy in rocks.  It was a couple of k away so I decided to walk.  I do walk a bit when on holiday.


usual tourists around but glad I went see the pussy photo.


Stopped on the way back for some food and a few beers in a small restaurant.


There was a big market that night I found out so I ventured to it.  It was pretty busy with tourists but the street food was excellent and great value.


I decided to stop for a massage on the way back as there was a number of places dotted near each other on the way back.

I chose the one I did as a rather large breasted woman caught my eye.


Usual curtained table but there were no other customers at the time.


The massage was great and she must have been a good 45 min in when she offered a handjob.  I ask for a blowjob which she agreed and I asked her to show me the puppies which she happily did. Oh I still dream about them.   Big and soft.  She stood to the side sucking my cock while I played with them.  She gave a good blowjob but she kep stopping to say ok every so often. Kind of puts me off a bit. when I did come she pulled away quickly and jerked the last drop out..


I paid 1000 in total for massage and Bj and left . 

I am not that young anymore so that was enough for me for the night.


Stopped off for some cocktails at the place I found the previous night before heading back the resort.


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The next day and unfortunately my last in Lamai was very relaxed. The sun was out. I am one of those guys who does like to sit in the sun.

I read books so I get a sunbed under an umbrella and read a book.  I am not one for drinking on the beach but for some reason this day I did


It was pretty early around 11 am when I had my first beer but got some lunch on the resort around 2pm.  However, I still was drinking.  The beach here is very clean and they have the roped off swimming area straight out front. They have the usual Jetskis which I hate . Noisy and annoying.


Maybe the beer helped that part LOL.  Finished up late afternoon and went for a shower before heading out for food.


There is so many places to eat here so I just went to one that looked busy.  I do like thai food when in Thailand so I tend to go to a restaurant that is just Thai food. It is a bit more expensive perhaps that pattaya but still very good  20 or 30 baht more for a dish.


I went for a beer in an Australian bar one of these big sports bar type places as they have some sport on tv but I had one drink and moved on.  I did find another beer bar area just off the main drag with a number of bars. They were very quiet. I think most of the tourists Chinese and some Russian tend to go to the restaurants and or markets and strole around. Very understandable I would do the same if I was on holiday with family..


So I had most of the attention in the beer bar complex fighting for my business.  I stopped into the first which had 3 ladies in their 30s I would guess and we played some pool and I had a few more drinks.  They do like their games in these places as the connect game came out.  I guess it takes keeps them busy or else they would just be on their cell phones. I never won a sing game of pool or connect for 2 reasons. 1. getting drunk but the second and real reason is they are just too good.


I eventually moved on to another bar which had a few more girls and another customer. A french guy.  He was holding court in this bar and I think was happy to have someone else there to take some of the girl's attention.  


The girls here were pretty a bit younger, 24 they told me, but knew how to play the game with lady drinks.  I don't mind getting a drink or 2 but they were asking for another drink before I had even finished my first.  So I decided to move on again as this for me is not really acceptable. They knew I was a bit drunk and tried to take advantage


The last bar was pretty much the same but the ladies were not pushy.  Asked the usual questions. where you from how long you stay etc.  


Drinking in these beer bars is very easy and at this stage, I was really beginning to feel it especially when I started to see 2 pool tables when I know they only had one when i got to the bar. The ladies here were very caring and offered to take me back to the resort.  I did take them up on the offer and one of them helped me back.  I am not too big a guy so it was not if I was too much of a problem.  She got me back to the room and I asked her to stay but she said you drunk you sleep.  She was probably right because I doubt I could even have got it up let alone do anything.



Next morning I got up with a hangover so straight to 7/11 for the  ELECTROLYTE HYDRATION powder which is so good when in southeast Asia.


I had booked a package from an agency to get back to the airport in Surat Thani. They pick you up at the resort transfer you to the ferry and then bus you to the airport.


Overall Lamai is great, fantastic beach great food and some nice girls to be had. (just dont drink too much) 

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I've stayed at Wanta before. Nice pool, but bit pricey for the quality of the room.

Lamai is great though, has some of the best restaurants on the island. 

Lots of hidden nooks and crannies to find beer bars, takes some exploring to sniff them all out. The soy behind McDonalds is always really quiet, but has about 5 beer bars and often you can find a gem hidden away in there.

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Mick Pattaya

I have been reading up on Samui a bit, so thanks for sharing your mini TR. I see you spent your time in Lamai, wonder whether you ventured into Chaweng, which seems more livelier of the two.

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3 hours ago, Mick Pattaya said:

I have been reading up on Samui a bit, so thanks for sharing your mini TR. I see you spent your time in Lamai, wonder whether you ventured into Chaweng, which seems more livelier of the two.

Chaweng has a weird nightlife where it’s empty one night and packed another, really no consistency. Plus there’s this shift at midnight when places like Green Mango close and everyone heads to the bar on the next street over at the end. It’s definitely the liveliest nightlife venue on the island, but expectations should be tempered.  Oh, and it’s probably the most over saturated Muay Thai advertised area in Thailand. Trucks driving around with speakers blaring day and night. There’s even a guy that goes up and down the beach in a boat blasting that shit. Couldn’t wait to get out of there. That’s what makes places like Lamai and other quieter parts of the island so appealing. 

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