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Free Video Editing for YouTube Videos

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Might not be the most accurate forum for the post, but figure its more related as a service related to YouTube then a business.

If anyone is interested in editing for their videos then pm me as I'd do it free initially for 1-2 videos for a few people (as long as it isnt ridiculously lengthed etc). I'm not really interested in cash right now, but if it became a consistent action for someone then i'd likely charge. But until then I'd be willing to show what I can do sans payment.

I've been editing for 25 years, using the full adobe suite for the last 15 and can do sound editing as well. Things like improving or adding pacing, transitions, f/x, graphics etc are no problems. I also have a collection of unlicensed music too for soundtrack use without YouTube copyright issues.

The biggest pain would be transferring data via dropboxes etc, but besides that I would only need some direction on the style and aesthetic of the video.

So PM me here if youre interested. Thanks.

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