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One night in Vientiane

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I guess a lot of you have done the cheapest and shortest notice visa run you can do - Vientiane, Laos. I've done it three times now and have had some interesting experiences. Although the night life scene has limited clubs, there are quite a bit of quality girls on a good night. I usually start at the rooftop bar overlooking the Mekong (the only one). First time I went, I just drank and partied a lot. Second time I went, another guy on the visa run and I ended up going back to the hotel at the end of the night, together with his fluent-English Laotian lay for the night and her friend who couldn't speak a word of English. His lay said her friend wants to come with me, but she looked kinda scared so I just let her sleep in my room. I went down stairs to a communal area and partied some more with some Filipinos also on the visa run. Ended up getting sucked off by one on a shared balcony. The next morning I waited with the non-English speaking friend while her pal banged this other lucky bastard a couple more times. We ended up in the pool and she actually had some great tits and warmed up to me a bit. I was piggy backing her, she wanted some selfies and we exchanged Line. The next couple weeks she tried to start a Line sticker relationship with me due to the absolutely zero English (or Thai). Third time I had my first experience with pay for play...

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