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“Rhino” and “butterfly”

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I’ve got a TG in my Facebook that each time she goes to Ibar to work she says something like “this night i’m going Rhino” in Thai. 

 I’ve done a little research and it looks like Rhino (แรด - raaet) is a way to say butterfly but to women.




I think in this page explain that female rhinos fight with other female for the male in mating season and that’s the reason why “Rhino” has that double meaning in thai.


I’m not a wildlife expert so I don’t know about this :Dunno1:


I tought it’d be interesting to make a thread about it. My big question: is it a offensive word?

I know Butterlfy is not offensive and you can joke about it but i’d be careful with Rhino-แรด-Raaet



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Posted (edited)

Depends if its offensive, i saw Ladys wearing T-Shirts which had a Big แรด at the front. If you say it to someone you barely know its much likely offensive, if its a lady you know well and say it for teasing her not so much.

Whatever, you should never use the  word อีแรด with someone, its the same word but very derogating. Like "Slut"

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she is saying she go fuck and be a slut ... be careful with words like this out of context and with people you not close ...

you use these words with a motortaxi guy ... and some unfriendly "you" and you will be punshed....


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