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Room for Rent

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A large 45 m2 studio room is available at ThaiThai Kitchen on the 3rd floor (top). Rent is 10,000 a month plus electricity. 

This room is in an outstanding location in soi 15 behind The Avenue in Central Pattaya. Walk to Walking Street 12 mins, Central festival Mall 10 mins, LK Metro 5 mins.

Very private on top floor, empty lot opposite and fast 50mb/sec fiber internet. It has a Thai restaurant right downstairs just across the street from a 7/11 and drug store with Villa Mart Supermarket 300 metres away.

Apply at ThaiThai Kitchen



2019-04-08 21.01.32.jpg

2019-04-08 21.01.16.jpg

2019-04-08 21.01.38.jpg

2019-04-08 21.01.44.jpg

2019-04-08 21.01.53.jpg

2019-04-08 21.05.28.jpg

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