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Best Internet Sim For 7 Days from BKK Airport


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On 08/02/2019 at 12:30, west3 said:

I’ve paid for the 30 day package from dtac now. I did it in person and didn’t use the code, but the code should work just as well.

Worth noting that if you choose to do it in person, it matters which store you go to. I first tried at the Central Festival dtac store and the guy was very insistent that the 30 day 10mbps package didn’t exist. He even showed me their printout page of packages which indeed showed every package of length/speed, except the one I wanted. He was either a good liar or truly didn’t know about it.
After that I simply went back to the Central Marina mall dtac, and it was no problem. Their printed page of packages does show it. Not sure why the stores have different things.

Long story short, anyone looking for unlimited data packages from now on - look into dtac.

Exactly the same happened to me at central. The guy claiming there was no 10mb package. 

Also first claiming they had no 49 baht sims. Only when I threatened to walk away, he just "found" 1 last 49 baht sim. 

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I've been getting the portable Wifi's at the airport.  Have I been wasting my money?  Would an internet sim be better for a 10 day stay?

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4 hours ago, dade7812 said:

Thanks a bunch


Alternatively, if you pick up a Truemove H card(or anywhere else) at the airport for 49 baht and just need a certain amount of data for ten days, Truemove H might still do 5 GB over 10 days for 100 baht, 10 GB over ten days for 150 baht or 15 GB over 10 days for 200 baht; http://packnet.truemoveh.com/campaign/97


You might be able to apply the packages without going into a 7/11 by clicking through on the orange phone icons below the barcodes.

Good luck.

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