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Advice on anyone currently living in Jomtien Complex, Jomtien

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Sure would appreciate it if anyone has any information for me.

Just signed a lease on a condo in Tower A Jomtien Complex, rent is very reasonable, apartment exactly what we want.

We will pay water bill to the juristic office there, cable is included.  Electricity I will arrange for PEA for monthly automatic deductions from my bank account so I will be paying the actual rates.  I have done this before in the previous building i stayed in.

Question arises on the internet connection.  There seems to be an outlet like a phone jack in the living room.  But no one, the owner or the agent can tell me if the cable is there already from downstairs to the apartment. I have asked the agent to talk to the juristic office in that condo guilding about it as they should be in the know.   In my old condo where i stayed, I checked with 3BB and they said they bring in their cable to the main cable room that buildings have downstairs.  It is the owners responsibility to run cable from downstairs to the unit.  Then 3BB will come in and hook up the model and get the internet running.

I would think that since Jomtien Complex is not that old a building, the internet cables would have been pulled to each apartment at time of construction.

If anyone living there currently can tell me their situation, was the internet cable already pulled to the unit, if not did you have to pay for it or the landlord. If you did, who did you contact to have it pulled to your unit and how much did it cost you?

Your advice/opinion/information is highly appreciated.


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