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George Fox

Apocalypse Now HCMC

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George Fox

This trip report is a bit dated, April 2017. But I figure old punting stories (war stories)  and pictures of naked girls never gets old.  I we to HCMC in April 2017,  The hotel I stayed at Saigon River Hotel  was  Ok just a place to lay your head down at night. Plus side, rate was reasonable and a short 2 block walk to Apocalypse Now.  





I dropped in Apocalypse Now pretty early. Only a sparse crowd. There were a few guys shooting pool and a couple of FL hanging around. I notice right from the beginning there was a lot of security guys out front and inside. I thought this would be a deterrent for the FL. A pretty hot early thirties FL with a ponytail and tight jeans was shooting pool.  She kept making eye contact with me.  I hung around watching her then moved on.  A few FL started to roll in.








A few minutes later ponytail approached me.  Her name was Gi, fairly tall about 162cm, nice body. We exchanged pleasantries.  We walk into another room away from the DJ dance floor. We grab a seat and I order drinks for both of us.  She is not forthcoming with her intentions, she was a bit coy.   I start to interview her, I get the feeling she is a harden FL.  She then opens up and says there is a ST room close by for 600 VND. She quotes me a ridiculous price  if my currency calculation was correct  $300 for FS.   I immediately decline and start to get up. She offers to pay for the room. I declined that offer too. I made an excuse I forgot my condoms back at the hotel, which was true. As I get up to leave she grabs my arm. Her mood quickly swifts to  desperate mode. I became a real turn off. She then demands that I tip her, I no way I bought you a drink. She says, “ i talk with you, you need to tip me”. I finally walk away and leave the club. Although, I knew I would return later.


I walk back to the hotel to get my condoms.  I freshen back up I had sweated while at the club  and the walk back.



As I’m walking back to Apocalypse Now I see a hot girl in a red dress sitting out front of a very discreet hostess bar. Called Loungethehigh, I walk up to her, she says “bj club”.  I take a look inside. About ½ dozen girls are sitting around, some pretty cute. There were a couple of pool tables one in front room and one in a back room. The place looked to have potential. I made a mental note and left. Red dress door girl said as I was leaving FS available in ST room.




Day time shoot  




I returned to Apocalypse Now, the place is jamming for a Friday night.  A good vipe, the place has filled in with more FL. I’m hoping crazy Gi has found some poor punter and left.  I get a rum and Coke.  I start talking with a cute FL, about that time crazy Gi walks up to me. She says, “ we go now”. I tell her I’m not going anywhere with her and to leave me alone.  She has now turned into a stalker. She walks off. The cute FL doesn’t have much to say, there was a language barrier. I cut bait and move on. The place was packed with FL, it was easy to keep casting. One thing about the FL in Apocalypse Now they all seem to dress very nice.  Some did not seem as approachable, they did not make a lot of eye contact like the FL in LA Cafe Manila.


As I cruise around  I spot a big tits girl with a mid drift and tight jeans. She is sporting this wild hair look. I try to start a conversation, she is not giving me the time of day. About that time the stalker Gi comes up to me again. I totally ignore her. As I’m trying to rap with the big tits girl, I look over her shoulder and see a very energetic girl standing at the bar.  She has a beautiful smile and is giving all kinds of eye contact. I cut bait with big tits and walk over to the smiling girl.


Her name was Victoria, 25 yrs old, ~ 160cm, wearing a nice white dress with nice accessory jewelry. Her English was excellent, she works in a call center for the American Home Shopping Network. She has a great attitude, we hit it off right away. She was all touchy feely with me. I told her about my stalker, she laughed and said she would protect me. I bought her a drink, did a quick interview. She quote 1.5million VND ($65.00) ST FS “ whatever you like” or 2 million VND for LT.  I said done deal. I tell we have to leave separately due to the stalker. I said you go left I go right, meet at front door. By the time I returned to AN I was in an out in less than an hour.


Back at the hotel, we shower separately. She tells me she only goes to AN on the weekends twice a month, only goes with foreign guys.  We lay naked next to each other in bed. She has a flawless beautiful body, no tats, no baby damage, nice B cup breast. She starts off giving me a BBBJ, spitting on my cock, DT and sucking my balls. She really gets into it with the eye contact and dirty talk. I’m about to explode just from the BJ.  I slip on a condom and have her climb on top in CG. She rides my Lil Bro enthusiastically. She continues with the dirty talk, before I can slow her down I cum in the condom. She disappointedly ask  me “ you cum already”.  I shamely say yes. She says, I wanted you to cum on my tits, I love the feel of warm cum on me titis”.  I said “ if you can make me cum again, I’ll pay you the LT price” I would tip her 500,000 VND. She said sure.








During my refractory period I whip my Lil Bro back into shape. The older I get my refractory period gets longer and longer, Victoria made this period short this time. She lays back and rubs one out on herself. We mutually watch each other masturbate. Lil Bro returns back to life thanks to my daily Cialis. Victoria starts back with the BBBJ, more spitting and DT. She is behaving like a horney nympho. She works Lil Bro back hard enough to don a condom.  I put her in doggie and pound her nice white ass. I have more control of my pops while in doggie. I remained in doggie until I was ready to cum again, I pounded for 10 minutes, spreading her butt cheeks to see her nice tight ass hole. She allowed me to finger her ass, but no cock penetration allowed.  When I was ready to cum again, I flipped her around and jack a nice money shot onto her beautiful breast. 









Victoria, 25 yrs old, no kids

Service: FS, BBBJ, DT, dirty talk

Body: 7/10

Attitude: 10/10

Repeat: hell yes, disappointed I did not get the opportunity to do so

Damage: 2 million VND ST, 2 pops.









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Good TR, no problem taking the girls back to this hotel then.

Been HCMC a couple of times now once on my own when it just didn't feel right in the place I was staying and some of the quotes were not what I was looking for but have to say I did enjoy my time in the bars.

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Just got back from HCMC recently. Definitely a different scene. Apocalypse now had some talent and they dress well, but they do quote a little high. Pretty much business minded and different than the Thais of course. Would not mind going back, but I would get on social media prior next time.

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Good reporting........ anymore Vietnam info????


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Thanks for the above posts and info , its helping to decide my itinerary for Vietnam trip first 3 weeks of March . This may include a little trip back over to Cambodia to do Siem Reap area. I did phnom penh last March and can highly recommend that location for a few nights. Cheers

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Would not mind going back, but I would get on social media prior next time.

What do you mean by this?

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In HCMC there are many possibilities in every area. You can go to clubs where you can easily score, free or not. You can also just go to massage salons and look up for more possibilities then just a massage.. You can just go to a local restaurant and if you stay outside the tourist area they will show a lot of interest in you also in a big city like HCMC.. They will look at you, smile at you, ask your number.. Just know that English is still a big problem in Vietnam so you will have to use google translate many times. You can also go to the karaoke is best if you can go with Vietnamese people you know or get to know. You can ask for girls at the counter and they will gladly call some girls the so-called 'taxi' girls. They keep your company singing together, drinking together, touching is possible as well as kissing in the karaoke on the spot having sex is strictly forbidden by most off the places!


You can agree with her to go to your hotel never pay more than 1 million Vietnamese dong. If you go to Bui vien street there are also many possibilities both free and paying .. You immediately recognize the bars with the girls at the end of Bui vien it is quite the same as the so-called beer bars in Pattaya. The girls ask between 1 million and 3 million for a few hours .. If you negotiate well you can get them for the whole night. If you continue to the end of Bui Vien you can go to the right there you will find Rain bow bar and happy bar next to each other! Both are or were English owners and have girls at your disposal that you can take along, prices are different to how you look and act, the girls already present from the afternoon. This place is cozy and cheaper to drink than in Bui vien itself. If you go to Vietnam and you have time then focus mainly on social media. Westerners are really popular for Vietnamese girls and they are touted as idols for some they will be super happy to meet you and talk to you too Tinder is a good solution for meeting girls .. Do know that Vietnamese 'normal' girls are not fast going to bite for a beer or a coktail .. In Vietnamese life you often go on 'first date' by drinking a coffee .. Invest a little of your time and you will quickly get a hold. If you want to stay locally, Lam van Ben is top notch and not far from the tourist attractions! Lam van Ben is in D7 and there are also 2 bars with girls on that job where you will only see Vietnamese men and you will therefore get the full attention on you.


Clubs with a lot off freelancers:

Apocalypse now

Lush (must go on tuesdays it's girlsnight and fullll fulllll off top models)!

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