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Google Adsense does not work in only some pages of my website

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I have my website built on wordpress and I have been using google adsense auto-ad and manual ad.

the problem is that auto-ad and manual-ad both are working well except a few pages which do not show google ad at all.

In the beginning, I thought this might have been due to page error, html or css error so I delete that page and re-made the page again, but still the same and now I have about 6 pages that do not have google adsense.

Can anybody help me with this?

I also asked this questions on google adsense forum, but nobody answers....!


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Not really enough information to form an opinion w/o one looking at your site and code. 

You've already tried the obvious, ie "What is different between the pages that display ads and those that don't?". How about copying a working page to the nonworking page location and changing the content as a test?  

Hiring a WP expert or programmer on Fiverr or Upwork might be a quick fix. Good luck with it

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This is due to a scripting error on the pages in question that is conflicting with the Google AdSense code. 

Once your site is approved, no pages are blocked so there is an issue on your side most likely a slight code syntax error. Do those pages in question have a special widget or other variant other pages do not have?

For more information, please read this article, Wordpress or a 3rd party plugin is your issue:


If no help can be found in that link, perhaps your theme is causing the issue. Google the following:

Google Adsense not working THEME NAME

Google Adsense not working PLUGIN NAME

Google Adsense not working Wordpress

Google Adsense not working HOSTING PROVIDER

If none of this works contact your hosting provider 

But read this Google Adsense guide carefully first - https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/1208336 as it could be an issue with your browser or other OS related security issue.

I hope this helps as I have no bearing in the form of examples to go by. Cheers and good luck!



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You may find it is something as simple as Adsense not having any relevant ads to show on those pages.

Other people in other countries may see ads - you may not.

The above is the most common reason for ads not showing on certain pages.

Give us the page url where ads not showing and people can tell you if they see them

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