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Where to Live IF you Want a House?


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I've been coming to Thailand over 15 years and Pattaya at least 10 years. In Pattaya I've gone through multiple phases of accommodation.

At first I opted for guest houses affording maximum flexibility. I'd slip off to a quiet island with a beautiful girl half the time. This flexibility was nice but guest houses can be scarce in high season and the amenities can be thin.

I was pleased when I switched to renting a condo. Much better amenities. More room. The ability to cook. Frankly, the cost was comparable to a guest house if you looked around. Yes I might end up paying for a bungalow and the condo if I slip down to Koh Chang or Koh Sammet but I was on holiday. A kitchen, pool, sauna and motorbike made for a more enjoyable holiday.

Location changed over time as well. I stayed near Soi Bukahao for the longest time. Preferring something quieter I began staying at Pratumnak which is my current preference. Usually, a condo facing Koh Lan on a high floor with a motorbike to get around.

For some time I've been working on my company to free me from a desk with the objective of continuing to work for a US based company but living in Pattaya. Per the sage advice here, I'd no intent to buy immediately but rather rent for a year and look around. I have been wondering about what to rent and where. That's my question.

I read of so many guys in condos wanting to get out after a bit and have the space of a house. I've no experience in renting a house in Pattaya. Where is a good place to look? What kind of prices should I expect. If I want a pool should I be looking for a housing estate? I'd prefer to stay on this side of Sukhumvit but maybe not. I'll eventually need a car to get around and that will change everything. If I can't have a view of the gulf I'd like a nice garden. I like to grow vegetables and grill. What areas should I check out on bahtsold?

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When are you looking to do this ?.

There are many options for you all will have pros and cons The first thing you must do is decide a max monthly price you are willing to pay.

Then you can make a list of properties that are of interest  to you with plus and minus of each to help you decide.

Remember to factor in the car parking how...big, covered ?.

Normally the further out you go from centre Pattaya the better deal you will get.

I also like to grill and am trying to grow some veg.

If you have any questions I am more than happy to help you call or PM me.


if you are Looking to rent an apartment in a condo take a look at my website.





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I have done the same. Worked my company so they would let me work from Thailand. I have found an older house but still in good condition at The Village (3th road): 3 big bedrooms, 2 bathrooms for 15k. One bedroom for myself, one for a huge computer desk and one for guests. The office bedroom can also become my bedroom if I have 2 guests staying over. :-)

There's also a (small) communal pool.

It's quiet there (good for work) and only a short walk to Buakhow.

Not sure if the price is too high, but if I look at Prathumnak I will only have a 1 bedroom condo for that price. But the amenities and the view will be better. On the dark side prices are cheaper of course.

I found it by just walking in and looking at for rent signs. One of the older inhabitants saw me and called me over and said that he would be moving out and if I wanted I could take it. He's moving out to a smaller, cheaper house also in The Village.

No garden though, but a patio, good for parking my bike.

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Have a wander around the villages behind Lion Pub ...Suk Sabai etc.

I'd say decide on location before price or you will be swamped by DS properties.

Not many houses inside Suk have significant gardens though.

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Thanks for the feedback.

I'm encouraged that you're finding places that close in and quiet. On BahtSold I saw a number of places in housing developments between Thepprasit and Pattaya Tai. I thought that was not bad as far as location went.

I'd like to be around 15000 but the odd thing about making a budget ahead of time is that so often in Thailand it seems that budget can limit you. I've not been anywhere where prices are so variable. You can find something for 10k or 15k that is essentially the same. 

I like the idea of walking the neighborhoods but just need to narrow it down. I was considering Naklua at one point but just have no idea if they have houses up there for rent. Jomtien seems a bit far now but maybe I'd appreciate it more if I lived there and grew tired of the nightlife.

I do know there will be trade offs but if I give up the gulf view I would like to get just a bit of garden space to work in. You can only do so much with containers.

I would like to find something furnished for the first year until I decide where to settle. I'd like some space to park a car.

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