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Stayed two nights at Rivana boutique by sandara


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Rivana boutique by sandara is a nice little hotel on soi lenkee. Turn right just before Retox. Unfortunatly they seem to have a joiner fee policy. No big deal for me since i only stayed for two nights and usually just visit short time bars.


Nice place but ask about policy for taking lady to room before booking.

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Ha! I stayed there on my second trip to Patts about five or six years ago, and they told me the same thing about a joiners fee upon arrival. I told them I wouldn't pay, and would go elsewhere if that were the case. In the end, they backed off, which was lucky for me because I had prepaid on Agoda and wasn't going anywhere! :GoldenSmile1:


Maybe a different ownership group now, but I remember it being a family operation back then, and the woman managing the place ('Penny") was a real micromanager and kind of too much into the guests personal business. It felt kind of uncomfortable there, actually.


I also remember nicely appointed, but cramped rooms.


Also, beware , there are some credible sounding reviews on trip advisor claiming theft from the room safes.

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I stayed there in 2012.

The manageress back then was nosey, bossy, over familiar, and interfering. From what I read in various sites,she is still there.


Although I did not have anything stolen from the room safe,I have seen many reports of this happening to others who have stayed there.


It should also be noted that the Vogue hotel is directly opposite the place,and there is a lot of noise from tour bus parties staying there as they leave for their daily activities in the mornings,

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I had money stolen from the room safe here a few years back, never went near it since. Just recently found out about others also having money taken from the safe. A hotel that doesn't address this problem doesn't deserve any customers. This would explain why they felt the need to change the hotel name from Sandara to Rivana boutique. They also had the nerve to accuse the girl who stayed with me of taking the money which was impossible as it was taken while I was out. The next day more money was taken again when I had no overnight guests.

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Sounds like well worth giving this one a big miss!

There's no such thing as free pussy!



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I just want to let you know that no money was stolen from me. Noise from tour buses? Maybe, i can sleep anyway.

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rlin the (OP) I stayed at this hotel back in 2014 (it was called the Sandara back then not the Rivana) and money was stolen from my safe deposit box. I wrote a review of this incident on this forum about it.



I have visited Pattaya many many times prior to 2014 when this incident occurred and visited Pattaya and other locations in Thailand twice each year in 2015 and 2016. During more than 30 trips to different cities and locations within Thailand and to the city of Pattaya I have never had money stolen from my safe deposit box nor had any serious problems while staying and traveling in Thailand or had any personals items stolen from any hotels that I stayed at.



I have stayed at many different types of  hotels and in different locations in Pattaya ( I havbe stayed at the Areca Lodge, Tim’s Boutique hotel, Montein hotel, August Suites, March Suites, Nature View, Mecure hotel, Pattaya Bay Resort, Dynasty Inn, Sandy Springs, LK Metrople on Soi Diana, Empress hotel in North Pattaya, Boomerang Guesthouse and many other small hotels and guesthouses that have changed names or closed.



I have stayed in several different condos in Pattaya, Nakula and Jomtein and never had money or any other items stolen. I am happy and lucky to say I never had any serious or bad experiences at any hotel or otherwise.



The only one I had a bad experience with is The Sandara which is now named and called the Rivana which sits in front of the Vogue hotel.



I consider myself well travelled, experienced and knowledgeable and I feel that I utilize good basic common sense and good safety rules.



I have not stayed at this hotel since this incident and never will and in my 5 visits since this incident (staying at several different hotels in Patttaya)  I have never had any items stolen or had any incidents nor problems in Pattaya at hotel’s or anywhere else.



This forum provides a very good solid, dependable, real time, source of information to all member s and with this information each person can make their own choices, decisions and conclusions.


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