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Posting of Private/Personal info' - Policy Change

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With the widespread use of social media by Thai ladies to promote themselves and to make new contacts these days, we have been taking a look at our policy on the the posting of private/personal information.


Until now, we have restricted the posting of links etc to profiles on dating sites, and did not allow other social media site details to be placed on the Forum.  With the widespread use of sites like FaceBook amongst the TG's, this has become a less appropriate approach.


In these days where almost everyone has a smartphone, the girls have become savvy with using social media to find and maintain a customer base.  Most run multiple profiles to keep a divide between their work contacts and family, and are knowledgeable enough not to put in view personal info' that they don't want everyone to see.


Accordingly, we have revised our Policy on the posting of personal/private info' to the following:


  • It remains forbidden to reveal the identity of another BM on the Forum, and this includes the posting of links to any social media page belonging to a BM.  If a BM chooses to Post details of their own social media page etc they are of course welcome to do so.


  • We will relax the policy on publishing links or info' related to social media pages belonging to TG's where the link relates to a social networking site.  Accordingly, this means for example that posting links or info' related to a TG's FB page is now allowed, along with the previously accepted links to dating sites such as TF and badoo.


  • It is still not allowed to post details of a TG's personal contact details, and this includes 'phone numbers and communication apps such as Line etc.  If they have these details posted on their social media pages, then they have made their own decision to publish contact info', however it is not to be reposted separately on the Forum.

This slight change should make it easier for BM's who wish to pass on contact information for girls, which is a frequently asked question on the Forum.  Specifically, FaceBook is a very popular site amongst the TG's and has no membership costs as many of the usual dating sites do.


If at any time a BM is unsure whether the info' they wish to Post on the Forum falls within these boundaries, please contact a member of the Moderating Team for clarification.


We expect BM's to continue to show respect when posting details about any person onto the Forum.  Any malicious use of the social media Policy in an attempt to cause upset to any person with be dealt with appropriately







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