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Political Threads - No longer allowed on the Forum

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Political Threads – No longer allowed on the Forum


We have been having a discussion between the Mod Team and the Forum leaders.


When PA was first created, it was with the sole intent of being a place for interested persons to discuss Pattaya, Thailand, and Asia in general.  It was never intended to become a soapbox where people could press their own political ideologies or leanings.


As the Forum has grown, there has become an ever-increasing slant towards Political discussion, with the unpleasantness and vitriol that such debates always incur.


Members may not be fully aware of the amount of work it takes to control such Topics, as the work of the Mods is generally occurring in the background.  However, it takes a great deal of time to vet these threads, removing offensive comments, stopping online fights between Members, keeping matters on track.


This not only limits the amount of time that the Mod team can apply to their real purpose, which is to keep the Forum a friendly place to be, but also detracts from the overall feel of the Forum as disputes between political adversaries tend to spill across the rest of the Forum.


Accordingly, as of immediate effect, Political threads are no longer permitted on PA.


We will accept the posting of Threads that relate to Current Affairs.


Current Affairs in our terms means a newly occurring general issue of news that may be of interest to some Members. 


It does not mean anything related to a political issue, the rehashing of old political issues by posting something ‘new’, or any other means of dragging politics back onto the Forum.  We are not interested in continuing to discuss elections, political leadership, or any matter related to a political party, person, or affiliation.


Whilst we will Moderate “Current Affairs” threads to remove offensive comments in line with Forum Rules, we will otherwise not interfere. 


If a Current Affairs thread is dragged off topic or politicised in any way, that Topic will be closed, leaving all inappropriate comments in place so that Members can see and understand why the Topic has been closed and who is responsible.


As is normal, ONE thread per Current Affairs item will be allowed, duplicates will be removed or merged with the original.


There will be zero tolerance for any BM who continues to try to push political debate on the Forum.  There are other places for those interested in politics to express their opinions and harangue their opponents.  

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