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GoGo bar for sale Soi LK Metro



Restaurant For Sale in Pratumnak



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Wildcats Agogo joins the PA card scheme - 15% off drinks bills



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Mizz Thai is a new dating concept website to find short term travel companions



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  • Tsunami warning issued for Japan after 7.3 earthquake


  • Why are Thai tides irregular?
    In a beach town like Pattaya I always like to know when low tide is, because it's much easier then to walk along the beach which'll be hard pressed-down sand, and sometimes the beach looks better at lower water i...

  • 3 nights in Bangkok what hotel guys ?

    I plan to have 3 nights in Bangkok, can any of you guys recommend a hotel for 3 nice nights that will be comfortable have a pool & of course will be good when we take back our female friends.



  • Tourist vs. Expat Mongers

    Most mongers here are Tourists. Tourist Mongers and Expat Mongers are two different kinds of animals.

    Not often can Expat Mongers be found on WS and Soi 6 etc. They have their own "places". Since they don't...


    Am trying to find a amazing love story...comedy or tragedy , with a TWIST for the climax.

    We are not interested in porn , (so hold the comments that you will star etc.)

    We can write it into a script ,...

  • bangkok room with a balcony

    hi dudes   :hello09:



    im planning my first trip to thailand in January,

    this forum has been very helpful and provided very interesting reading


    i wa...

  • Fairtex Express vs Fairtex Sports Club and Hotel

    Trying to work out what the difference is between these two places.


    They appear to be in roughly the same place on the map, but one is rated higher and costs more.


    Could an...

  • New member- Access Inn
    Hey troops, I'm a new member love reading all the threads and hearing the story's and advice being given.


    I was in Pattaya 1st last August and just loved the place (OK the bars and women). I'm coming back in M...

  • Pattaya is my WestWorld
    Watching that show after returning, couldn't help notice the similarities including those in myself with some of the lead characters. I won't say any spoilers, but there's very much an element of feeling alive in Patt...

  • Nakhon pathom
    Hi all,


    I am up in Nakhon pathom (long story). I'm at a loose end today, might go and play pool in a bar. Anyone know where they are? Have any recommendations? I know there is not a lot here. Thanks,

  • Dewalt skill saw.
    Missus just sent me a pic of the saw that I took over for her Dad 8 years ago.

    The old boy is a carpenter and I send him and take him stuff every time I go.

    Still going strong although the voltage converter sh...

  • GoGo bar to play with pussy.
    Well 6 nights here and had pussy play every night.


    Windmill and Babydolls goes without saying.


    Others and great fun.


    Electric Blue, great girl loads of play and a little inside not pestered for...

  • Luxury bath tub in the boonies....BLISS!

    I do get bored showering all the time,  when i built this place i refrained from installing a bath..don't ask me why, So i later improvised by using this large wash tub & being a slim jim..my butt fits in...

  • Sydney - Phuket: No Direct Flights?

    Does anyone know if tehre have been some route chanes across all the airlines ? Looking for fares last week from Flight Centre, Jetstar, Qantas, Cathy and others, and for the period in February I want to go, there'...

  • Eastiny Plaza hotel - Soi 8

    Have just booked this hotel for 10 nights, a Deluxe room for nearly THB 11.000 - this is a good price i think?

    Now I haven't been able to find much about this hotel in here that is of newer date, so could an...

  • oral cancer/where do you cum topics

    For you guy who were on chemo or are on chemo where do you guys cum. All reports that I read state that you should were a condom during sexual intercourse which is a giving. They advise not getting a woman pregnant...

  • Do's & Dont's for Jetlag: What are your tricks?

    Hey guys!


    Will be in Pattaya next month...This will be my first short duration trip. I will only be on the ground for 15 days. In the past when I was younger and with less responsibility I woul...

  • Best fast but cheap way from BKK Airport to Pattaya ?

    Should I take the train in to the city before catching a bus or taxi? I don't need to be mega cheap charlie but I want it to be efficient. Only have one small luggage. One time I got on a really bad route to Pattay...

  • Big Thumbs up to Ruby Club

    We hear a lot of shit stories about bars ripping customers off, bin padding, bad bar-fines / runners etc., but possibly for every reported negative...

  • And Now for Something Completely Different - Funny Youtube Videos - The Som Tam Chilli Challenge!

    Lets have a some comedy on the forum - post your funniest Thailand/Pattaya videos from Youtube - 


    I like this one - 



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