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Sanya Apartments

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Hello fellow BMs..


Thought it was about time I contributed a little to the forum and a good start is a hotel review. 


Me and 2 friends staued at Sanya Apartments (very close to the Tuesday/friday market in Soi Buachow. 

We checked in on november 19 and stayed for approximently 1 week. 

We had booked three of their apartments number 12,14 and 15. 

Due to the APEC summit in Manila we were delayed almost 24 hours and of course we informed Sanya about that before our arrival. We did not have to pay for that first night since we were delayed. That was a very nice Touch.. (We booked from the 18 november. 


Anyway, We arrived like 10:00AM and was greeted by one of the staff telling us we were very welcome to Pattaya. She said she knew we had been heavy delayed in Manila and that we were probably very tired so she asked us for our passports (that she took copies of for registration) and handed us the keys to our apartments and told us to go for a rest. "We can fix the payment in the afternoon was her last words. 


She then called the "bellboy" to help us with our luggage and trust me he had to work hard with that since my dear wife had filled our suitcases back in Phillippines with stuff she needed here in Norway. 


Made a deal with my two mates that we should meet at the bar/reception at 17:00 and went straight to bed. (as a little sidenote, they had already turned on the aircon for us so the rooms was not hot and humid. Very nice!)


At 17:00 we met at the bar/reception and payed our rooms in advance. (We were offered to just pay a deposit but settled the bill at once) We payed  790THB per night inclided electricity. 

(They also offer to pay electricity per meter and then the price is 690THB per night and electricity is charge at 8THB per unit.) We were given a beer on the house while paying and told that they would keep a tab for expences during our stay that was to pay on departure. 


So here is my verdict of Sanya Apartments...


Bar/Reception area:


A very relaxed and laidback area. You can sit there and relax, have a beer or a drink. Play some pool or just watch the life pass by. They dont have their own restaurant but they offer some light food for example Gulash for I think 69 or 79THB served with some bread. One of my friends is Hungarian and he liked it very much and so did I. They also served the typical Pattaya Breakfast for around 100THB.

The drinkprices was very reasonable and the service was above average. They kept a bin for every room so when you ordered something they always brought you the bin so you could keep track on how much you had to pay on departure. 

We spent a lot of early evenings there having a couple of beers and some drinks and every now and then either Sanya herself, her husband or the staff brought us a drink on the house. I think my final bill after one week was around 2000THB. 


Apartment 14 (The one I stayed in)


First of all, Sanya Apartments DONT HAVE AN ELEVATOR!!!! So if you are fit as me (185cm/145kg) the stairs up to the 3 or 4 floor can be a challenge. But just do what I did, take it slow and remember to let the LB or GG walk ahead of you so you can enjoy the view hehehehe.. 

But seriusly, the apartments look EXACTLY as they do in the pics and videos on their website. It is spacious, and very nicely decorated. No frills and no luxury. But you get your large bed with two bedside tables, a closet and a huge livingroom with sofa, socatable and TV. BTW bring a HDMI cable if you like me like to watch a movie from time to time. The free WIFI is very reliable and I had no problem streaming movies thru Popcorn Time or Smartflix. I even had some "facetime" with the wife. 

Smoking is allowed in the rooms and besides the sleeping area and the livingroom I also had a small kitchen with microwave, refridgerator and waterboiler. There were also some drinks in the refridegaroer prized like 7/11 and familymart +10%.

The apartments were cleaned every day and everything was kept tidy. 

The bed was large king size and very comfortable. 




Sanya Apartments is staffed 24/7 and there is CCTV in all public areas. And it is up to you if you want your LB/GG to leave their ID at the Bar/Reception. It is very LB friendly and I never had any discussions or issues with the staff what so ever. 



So I strogly recommend Sanya Apartments to anyone visiting Pattaya. It is a good location, fair prices and good service. 


Sorry for not having any pics but have a look at their website,




the pics dont lie. And if you have a questions, send me a message and I will try to answer. 





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great review, thank you :)

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Yes a very good review and a great price.

I may consider it for the next trip.


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Nice guys.. maybe an option.. could be a good option there is no joiner fees if you like a lot of extra company like me...


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Thanks for taking the time to review m8

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The Sly Fox

One time about 10 years ago I drove my car down to Pattaya and stayed at this apartment. I parked my car on the huge piece of vacant land opposite the apartment and went out on the tiles. Next day I got up around midday and went to get my car....Uh Oh...was market day and there in the middle of the market surrounded by stalls was my car. Took a while to get it out of there...lol

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I can speak highly for their hotel near Walking Street a bit up from Secrets and Babydolls. I stayed there for two months last year and will be staying for a month this summer. Very good rooms and reasonably priced given the location. Its a no-frills hotel but well worth it for location and quality of room. No elevator so if you have mobility issues I would not recommend but they do have a room on the ground floor. Never a problem with bringing a girl or two back to your room. A few times for whatever reason my girl didn't have an ID, so just told the staff to chill and they chilled, when I brought some rando beach road or Walking Street freelancer that was my first time with her I would give the nod to the late night boys and they would get their id or jot down their info.


Pharmacy and laundry right outside the door. What I really like is that I can pick up a beach road honey or Soi 7/8 or wherever along Beach Road then hop on the baht bus and hop off around the corner from Walking Street entrance and walk back too my place with no eyes on me. Excellent walk of shame hotel. Two small soi's to get to hotel from Walking Street so easy to bring a girl back without your other girls knowing. Small chill bar in front to wait for your honey ko. Free wi-fi and in-room safe, hot water shower and large closet, this hotel is truly a gem. If you want pool time just walk to Mike Shopping Mall and use the large pool on the roof.

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