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    So, what is the correct rate to pay now? in Bkk i have yielded to B2000 st. In Pattaya with a super horney girl I can get  the same for B1000. Via Thai Friendly i can get a super hotty for B!500. What should I...

  • tom hardy
    Fair play.great actor.legend.not bad.prefered kemp bros.each to thier own.get a chance watch dead mans shoes brilliant.gary stretch boxer acting.

  • Sim cards
    Where can I get a SIM card. I only purchased one 4 years ago at the airport. I only need to make a 2 minute phone call 1 time at the end of the month. I will be calling America. Any cheap sims out there.

  • Walking st barfines
    You guy were not lying about the barfines, they are all over the place and outragious at that. I told the mamasan i windmill that the barfine at baby dolls is 400 after 0130. She did not believe me, so she spoke to so...

  • Bareback anal

  • DLD, con and pro
    I read and weep about the double lady's drink scam now seemingly prevalent in the bars of Angeles.


    I much prefer buying two lady drinks for bargirls in Thailand. It's like getting two girls for the price of o...

  • How much English money can you take through airport?
    I'm going pattaya in July for 3 months and wondering how much English money you can take with you in your hand luggage?

  • two mates jast back .

    2 mates just back i week in patts 2nd week bangkok, they could not belive what the bar- girls are asking punters pay. bar-fines 500-700 bhts s-time 1000bhts -1500bhts, l-time 3500bhts -4500bhts these bangkok girls...

  • A girl doesn't remember me
    I went into Alcatraz looking for a girl. I did not see her. After sight seeing inside, I left and I saw the door girl I barfines last year. I asked her if she remembered me. She said no. I told her I remember her beca...

  • Thailand has equivilents in the Philippines

    Pattaya in Thailand closely resembles Angeles City in the PI


    Similarly Bangkok resembles Manila.


    Well I finally found the Koh Chang equivalent.


    The nam...

  • ktk regent suite
    Booked the executive suite. Was £41 a night for 12 nights in July. Shold of maybe waited !


    Anyway has any stayed in the executive sweet as how is the hotel In general?



  • The Penthouse Hotel Soi Pattayaland 2
    Back in the late 90s/early 2000s when Soi Pattayaland 2 was the best nightlife street in Pattaya, the Penthouse hotel was the original sex tourist hotel with its own go go Catz then renamed Kitten Club. The rooms had...

  • Can you ever get sick and tiered of eating donuts?
    Have you met guys like this?


    You own or work in a donut shop, so at the end of the day, you don't want to see, eat or smell a donut anywhere? Happens often.


    I think the equivalent happens to bar owners...

  • What's the hang up with loving a bit of cock?
    I've been reflecting about the many guys I've met in Pattaya / Thailand and although virtually all where heterosexual, many did enjoy the occasional ladyboy, but it's always "hush hush.". Especially in a place like Pa...

  • "Couch to 5k" (C25K) apps

    Has anyone tried one of these?  


    I'm curious to hear success stores...and even more so, stories of why you quit/it didn't work/etc. (app reviews are full of "sunshine" stories of people go...

  • Mama Mia .... WTF ... Big Chang mate!
    At the moment I'm back home (land of OZ) and I've caught up with a few mates I haven't seen for a while ... Well guess what, their spunky Soi 6 or bar girl girlfriend or wife has turned into one big Chang - elephant....

  • The price hasn't changed in 400 years


  • iBar - Ground Zero

    Come May I will be hitting iBar for the sole reason of taking down scores. At 39 Im not too big on the disco scene anymore and have avoided or only dropped by iBar on previous trips. I will spend my time between LK...

  • When Your Wife & Girlfriend Meet

    So, I'm at the Naklua fish market with my long time, and bump into one of my short times. ( what are the odds )


    She is a chatty cathy. Calls out my name, runs over, big hug and kiss. How are you? What you...

  • Same same but different
    I spoke to my mate who has never been to Thailand. He likes to listen to my stories from Thailand all day long.


    Last time I mentioned him famous "same same - but different" phrase. I explained to him how I tr...

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