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Latest Topics

  • A question for Sie
    We all know how popular a fantasy for men is the idea of lesbian sex. But what if the tables are turned, do women feel the same way about gay sex i.e. Two men having sex?

  • LightHouse Raid ?
    Not there but seems to have sent a few scattering from other bars who were worried they might not pass the piss test.

  • just some items I might need

    Do they sell western type laxatives at boots or anywhere? Where can I get a passport wallet not to expensive. 

  • Beach Road is super barren these days

    I did on long walk around Soi 6, 7 and 8 before heading down beach road towards Walking Street. The girls were a lot more aggressive than usual which to me signaled a change in seasons, and I'm not talking about th...

  • Get used to the heat : any tricks ?

    One of my main problems in Patt is always to get used to the heat. 

    And in fact I never do.

    It's a bit like running from one piece of shade to the next one.   I sweat so much that some girls th...

  • 1st of march 2016, wry smiles for mongers in the uk

    :Think1:Today the 1st of march 2016 will have pattaya mongers in the uk having wry smiles and wandering thoughts. All over the country mongers will see something that only they will understand.

    What may you as...

  • Good to help...or too soft?

    I had some business at the British Embassy in Bangkok yesterday, and as I am waiting to be admitted, I see a falang girl (hippyish about 30 crying). She is telling the receptionist at the gate that she needs a repl...

  • Fifty Pound Notes

    I don't think I've seen this mentioned elsewhere so apologies if it's a repeated question. I was planning on using a Revolut card this trip but they appear to have blown this out of the water with a £500 a month li...

  • Lottellee guide to What's Hot (and what's not)

    Just back from yet another great week in Patts. Here is a Lottellee Winna personal guide to What’s Hot (and What’s Not).


  • Rimming on the rise
    Hi all, a couple of weeks back from a 5 week trip to Pattaya. Also 5th trip had a fantastic time probably best trip yet ,yes agree with the Stick on beer bar service thread .But apart from that loved it.


  • Amazing country, how can anyone not like it

    I go to movies with two girls weekly.  They are both lesbians, but not with each other     They asked me to find a good girl.


    Last year, after lots of hard work, got a 19 ye...

  • Ninja BBQ Buffet up on 3rd rd

    Thought about putting in a different sub forum but considered it worthy of bigger audience.


    My Girl asked me if we could go to this place along with her sister. First time in 2 years shes ever...

  • Taking care of the blind...

    Hi guys, it takes a bit to get to me, but yesterday I was humbled almost to tears, my missus and her friend had organised for 4 of us to attend a school for  the blind to help at lunch time, I thought this mea...

  • Women!


    Had a deluxe BBBJCIM, shower with the gal, 90 minutes of bliss, I am sweet talking her, she loves the compliments, she showers me again, I tell her she is the best massage girl, and I conclud...

    ive heard that there was a program on both bbc and australian tv about ladyboys in thailand .scott a guy that married a ladyboy is the main charector in it

    i would like to watch it so if anyone can tell me the name...

  • 2 more foreign jerks

    eastern bloc would be my guess


    So I walk into a gogo last night, one table open    [i now know why]  and two late 30's  drunken fucks sitting next to me.  As I sat...

  • BKK-DXB, 3rd 'busiest' long-haul route in the world

    I'm surprised to see this as I wonder who the 'typical' traveler is on this route? Don't most Europeans fly 'direct' to BKK?

  • Pre-Arrival step by step guide for newbies
    I'm just preparing for my next trip and lost of things I've done have saved time and money and will make things easier

    Maybe it's common sense everyone already knows , maybe it's been posted many times before , b...

  • Girls photo Hot or Not?

    Hot or Not?



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