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Latest Topics

  • Australian age pension changes

    Hi there, What do you make of the rule that you  have to return to oz and live there for two years before you can apply for age pension, even if you've worked there all your life. I think it sucks considering...

  • Hotel Recommendations?


    I am planning my next (2nd) trip in June, and I am looking for any advice and recommendations that all you beautiful experienced people may have. I stayed at Penthouse for my cherry, and while nice...

  • What to do with extra days!
    Have paid £150 in change of booking fees to give myself an extra 3 days in paradise!.. Due to work days changing.


    But I am thinking instead of staying in Patts after two weeks I can maybe use the extra days so...

  • Pre-exporsure prophylaxis of HIV(Truvada), Anyone takes it and anyone has a trusted source for it in Pattaya?

    Hi mates, I was inspired by the other thread on the other mate's exp with STI


    Whether with condom, or not, there is a risk of contracting STI while we have our dose of fun in Pattaya. While vir...

  • 3rd Place
    Pattaya and Bangkok seems to be the top 2 when it comes to sexy girls and mongering.


    Besides those 2 what would come in 3rd place?

  • 3 brits killed in vietnam
    Reading about 3 brits killed whilst climbing a waterfall in vietnam. Thoughts go to families.

  • Great headline - says it all
    From Thaivisa:


    Phuket Officials Confirm No Troubled Waters for Bridge Players

  • How stoooopid of me
    Hi *Face Palm* and *Self Eye Hab*,


    I forgot to bring my Shoes Balm Wax(Neutral Wax) to Pattaya. Any idea if there are shops that sell shoes cleaning products.


    Thank You,



  • Two trips within 5 months ....got STD's both times

    Fuck , fuck fucking fuck ....what a fuckin idiot , just came back from my trip a few days ago , and as soon as I get home , I start getting the symptoms , and I already know what Iv'e got.


    Go t...

  • An oscar for the revenant ? your joking arent you ?

    Never have i watched a movie and listened to so may grunts, groans, snorts,shrieks,howls, albiet i did look convincingly cold....Oscar :SoWhat1:  .

  • TIMBER!( forest all down)
    Well member I've bit the bullet & brought a trimmer to do the job, but I've dropped a Bollock!! My pants keep sticking up the crack of my arse&round the front I have to keep checking my flys it bloody freezing...

  • How many guys like "your" girl's Line posts?

    I had this question because I have a few girls I keep in touch with from my trips. We exchange line IDs, they call me teerak, i often take them multiple days LT... I know what their career is and i know there are m...

  • why do BM's hide their faces

    just wondering, i look at shit in advanced, BM;s bleep out their face, but have no problem posting girls with a face

    bit of a double standard?

    if you are gonna scream that white knights ruin the board...

  • Who The Fuck Does He Think He Is? Russell Brand

  • pissing on the taxman

    The IRS decides to audit Grandpa, and summons him to the IRS office. The IRS auditor was not surprised when Grandpa showed up with his attorney. The aud...

  • Philanthropy... ?

    We're all dirty philandering buggers, but we're also movers and shakers, with money...


    So who is giving a few quid to who?


    I'm giving £20 a month to medicine sans frontiers...

  • super girl are idiots

    So I have a couple of girls I know work there.   I went to see one in particular last night.  The best seating is the benches and table to the left and right of the front door.  The rest of the...

  • Go and Feast your Peepers on #140 in Champagne

    My Girl has the Painters and Decorators in and didn't fancy going out. We had stayed in the previous night so didnt fancy it again so thought I do a local run on my own.

    Shot through into Soi Diana and sat a...

  • 10 Days in Pattaya - What Areas are the Best for Mongering?

    I have been in Pattaya many times, but generally stay on Soi 13 or at Flipper. I have 10 days to try someplace different, probably staying 3 days at LK Metropole, but am looking for input on areas that are not so p...

  • Chumphon
    Its 0530 here and I just walked on the beach... totally cool "travel moment "...as it is undeveloped ... with just beach and coconut trees, and of course the small pier !


    Anyone make any trips to Chumphon pro...

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