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Long term accomodation ( connondrum) thoughts please.

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Hi members.

I'm looking at becoming redundant quite soon from my job of 31 years.

I plan to spend a fair bit of time in Pattaya.

Money will be tight for what I wish to do.

I'm a golfer and this is not cheap I know.

Looking at spending a couple of 3 month stints over there, in the next year just to see how I might

Handle living on the quiet side .

I've been here many times and 2 months is my longest time.

Staying in a bit of comfort at around 1000 baht a night accomodation.

I'm looking at renting a condo for 12 months in central Pattaya just so I can leave my things in one place.

Looking I can see places at between 7 and 15 thousand a month which is do able either way , the less the better.

One can't book short term accomodation on booking sites for any more than a month, so going that way is

Beyond me. If anyone knows a way please help out. Say 3 months I can pack my gear and travel.

So if any of you wise fellas can help with giving me tips on places with contact info for either way I could go I'd appreciate it.

Remember 12 months or 3 months either way is fine.

Thanks again.

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Lots of options depending on how 'Central' you want to be.

Anywhere on a baht bus route?

Only between Central Rd and Beach Rd?

Happy to rent a scooter? If so, further out OK?


You'll have more cheaper options outside the very centre.


Would you consider a guesthouse or do you want to stick to a Condo?

Do you want a pool? Do you need good wi-fi?


Sorry. Lots of questions :-)


I'll post some links a but later once I find my lists on my iPad.

"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."


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In the small soi that  runs from Buffalo bar on third road to Soi Bongkot there are quite a few places in the 10000 a month range. Quiet at night but close to Soi Lengkee etc.

As much as I love all things Australian, I got to get me action of the asian persuasian.

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One option would be search to Airbnb. Put in dates covering a whole month and then contact the owners/agents and ask what discounts would be available for a 12 month let. They will probably point you to other possibilities too.


You can also look at: http://www.benchmarkthailand.com/

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I'm currently a big View Talay 6 fan; mostly because of the location and also it feels less like a hotel or guest house because the condos generally have regular kitchens, etc.  I've had good experiences with Cando Property (offices there in the building).  Rune (Andy) is great and has a very helpful and professional staff.


Your situation brings to mind a little strategy that I thought of trying out when I am ever fortunate enough to simply stay in Pattaya for an extended length of time.  The idea is to compose a list of contacts for agents that rent/manage condos (like Cando, Honey's, Dreamwatchers, etc.) and contact them close to the time you need a place looking for discounted pricing on available time slots that may otherwise go unfilled; like deep discounted air fares.  I doubt you could stay more than a couple of months in any one spot, but it might be interesting and you might get to stay in some really nice places very cheap.  Limiting your belongings and establishing a trustworthy reputation with the agents would be a big plus.  Anyway, just a thought.





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On you budget I would look for a guest house that will store your stuff when your not around.


That will actually increase your nightly budget as you wont be paying for the times your not there.


I stay for around 4 to 7 months per calendar year and do so at a hotel, what I pay per night, although relatively high, is just though for when I am there.


Worth a thought maybe

In the beginning was the word and the word was "In" :ThumbUp6:

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