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.. ROAD RAGE - Thai Caught on Camera, "Mans Up"


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.. check out that first photograph .. this is a Thai manning up .. I suspect, because he did it, lied all over the place about it, got caught on camera in the lie, was smeared all over the Internet, and he lost face .. probably not because he has any real regret for what he did to the victim .. he expressed apologies to the public, but not to the guy he rammed .. mmm .. again .. I am thinking, 'a nation of children.'


.. his likely lack of regret is a consequence of the Thai culture as a culture of 'shame' (where behavior is influenced by an external moral/ethical compass .. witnesses), rather than a culture of 'conscience' (where behavior is influenced by an internal moral/ethical compass .. we know it as personal integrity).


.. if no one witnesses a shame-motivated person's bad behavior, they have no sense of regret, or guilt .. ('ah, what good luck for me! .. sabai, sabai!') .. alternatively, a conscience-motivated person's bad behavior is held in check even in the absence of a cop, teacher, parent, witness .. the consequence is very, very different behavior.


.. stop and think about that for just a second .. (this might make particular sense to you men who have left your valuables out when you leave a hide alone in your room while you hit the bathroom).


.. I always find this stuff interesting .. not because road rage is unique to Thailand, but because it is but one manifestation of a widespread behavior here.


.. those living here see it frequently, and have probably had to deal with it somewhere along the way .. savage Thai detonations, for reasons farang see as moronic, childish over-reactions .. this show of road rage (now gone viral) is an example of this notorious Thai behavior.


.. I've watched Thai behaviors for a long time and studied Thai values as closely .. my explanation for it is:

  • An unbelievable over-emphasis on preserving 'face' as a first choice over and above .. any .. and .. all .. other .. possible .. civilized .. responses; and,

  • Lack of impulse control .. an internal, self-monitoring mechanism for guiding our behaviors, as opposed to external mechanisms .. with no external mechanisms for disciplining behavior, adult Thais commonly resort to childlike, impulsive detonations.

.. 'face' I see as a deviant cultural value .. normal pride, or ego so extreme that it is risen to a pathological illness.


.. lack of impulse control was explained to me a by a remarkable Thai developmental psychologist who has helped me with some difficult situations with Thais .. she explained that humans learn from our parents impulse control, incrementally as we mature .. starting with resisting the urge to shit in our diapers, to effective responses to situations as adults.


.. Thai cultural values do not address impulse control in raising children (especially boys), which explains many of the behaviors we witness here .. think .. 'a nation of children' .. I find that perspective quite helpful when trying to predict a Thai's likely behavior.





Road rage liar faces more charges


Police open door to attempted murder, as DJ begs for mercy

10 Jan 2016

Thai Man-Up.jpg

'I am man enough': Pattarasak Thiemprasert, who twice rammed his pickup into another car, weeps as he fronts the media to offer an apology at Din Daeng police station yesterday.


Footage of the assault, in which Pattarasak Thiemprasert was seen reversing his black Toyota Hilux twice into a stationery red Yaris, triggered online outrage after he initially claimed to be the victim of the attack.


Mr Pattarasak, who also goes by DJ Keng, was filmed immediately after the incident telling bystanders that the Yaris driver, Kavinkan Srireucha, had rammed his vehicle from behind.


He also claimed Mr Kavinkan had got out of his car and tried to assault him before a motorcycle taxi driver intervened.


“Please be fair to me. It’s horrible to have such a person in our society,” he pleaded.


But footage of the incident which soon spread online showed the roles were in fact reversed, and that Mr Pattarasak appeared to threaten Mr Kavinkan with a tyre wrench after twice ramming his car.


He was sacked by his radio station shortly after the clips went viral on Friday. Police have already suspended Mr Pattarasak’s driving licence for 60 days, and charged him with reckless driving.

Road Rage 1.jpg

Crash course: Initially Mr Pattarasak claimed he was rammed from behind, but video showed otherwise.


The acting chief of the Metropolitan Police Bureau, Pol Lt Gen Sanit Mahathaworn, said he had instructed Din Daeng police to review CCTV footage along Mitmaitree Road, where the incident took place.

He said the investigation would be straightforward as the area is well covered by surveillance cameras.


Pol Lt Gen Sanit said a charge of damaging property had not been filed, since Mr Kavinkan had agreed not to lodge an official complaint.


But experts are analysing footage from the scene to determine whether Mr Pattarasak intended to pose any risk to the other driver's life.


"If that is the case, an attempted murder charge will be laid against the truck driver,"  Pol Lt Gen Sanit said.


Mr Pattarasak, 35, surrendered yesterday to officers at Din Daeng Police Station and offered his account of the events leading up to the incident.


Speaking through tears before the media yesterday, Mr Pattarasak claimed he and the Yaris driver had been jostling for space on Mitmaitree Road when Mr Kavinkan showed him the middle finger, a gesture he promptly returned.


The DJ claimed that both vehicles then came to a stop, and Mr Kavinkan got out of his car and knocked on his window.


Mr Pattarasak claimed he did not start the fight, and said CCTV footage would prove it. But he conceded that he was guilty of ramming the Yaris. “I accept that I reversed and hit the car," Mr Pattarasak said.


He said he hoped the MPB chief would give him "justice" based on the available evidence, adding that the assault was out of character. He also urged the public to end their storm of online comments attacking his family and school. “I am guilty. I accept that. I am man enough,” he said.


Referring to social media posts claiming the DJ has committed similar offences several times before, Pol Col Ekarat Limsangkat, deputy chief of the Traffic Police Division, said there were no records of any such complaints being filed.


Asked whether the driver would be charged with making a false complaint, the officer said Mr Pattarasak had only lied to bystanders, and had not filed a false complaint with police.


Mr Kavinkan said Mr Pattarasak had aggressively cut in front of him while driving on Mitmaitree Road, forcing him to veer into an oncoming lane to avoid a crash.


The Yaris driver said he then tried to get back into the same lane, which may have caused Mr Pattarasak to believe he was trying to squeeze him back out of the lane.


He said that after seeing Mr Pattarasak show his middle finger, he got out of his car to speak to the pickup driver.


When Mr Pattarasak declined to exit his vehicle, Mr Kavinkan said he returned to his car, at which point Mr Pattarasak rammed him twice. The DJ then got out of his vehicle, brandishing a tyre wrench and yelling loudly as he walked toward Mr Kavinkan. Several motorcycle taxi drivers intervened to keep the two men separated.


Mr Kavinkan said he decided not to lodge a police complaint against the DJ because he felt sympathy for the man’s wife, who had given birth last month. “I accepted that both of us were guilty since we were hot-tempered,” Mr Kavinkan said.


Department of Land Transport chief Sanit Promwong said Mr Pattarasak also faces a one-year driving ban.


Road Rage 2.jpg

Making a tool of himself: Mr Pattarasak brandishes a tyre wrench as he confronts the other driver.


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mans up as soon as they have a video of it


anyone have a video link?

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mans up as soon as they have a video of it


anyone have a video link?

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.. he is a member of the 'privileged' Thai society, for whom this behavior has historically been accepted .. traditional Thai society, passified and suppressed, is changing, and the privileged cannot stand it .. technology and connectivity are growing more powerful than social hierarchy.


.. I am guessing this guy's survival in the countries from where many of us come would be measured in hours.


.. yet, this outrageous behavior is more common here than most farang visitors would believe.


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